Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Based on forecasts of the Internet, increasing surveillance and as supposed futurists, for years we have advised adventurous clients to move their money on-shore, as global tax authorities circle tax-havens and tighten the net. The second part of our daily gloomy mantra has been “…and move to higher ground.” 

Nobody has moved their money on-shore and only one client family has moved to higher ground – above possible sea level rises due to global warming. Our persistent, prophetic, truly wise advice has been largely ignored, and even cruelly mocked.

But our reputations may be saved by today’s report from MCCIP, The Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership, which charts the 200 miles northerly migration by fish to escape warming seas. Canadian and Scandinavian fisheries report cod shoals moving north – and Mediterranean species are being fished off southern England and Ireland, 200 miles from home. Ally this news to last year’s remarks by that most diplomatic, non-controversial, and widely loved observer, David Attenborough, that the Arctic Ice is melting rapidly, and the mockery may turn to wild applause – or at least a grudging acknowledgement. 

When the seas warm-up - the ice melts and sea-levels rise. The immediate impact and process is mapped in my E-book, OUT OF THE DEPTHS, available for a risibly small price from Amazon-Kindle.

Will the second part of our Cassandra-like advice – “Move your Money On-Shore” (before the taxman gets you) be confirmed by events? I think so, so act on the advice now.  Sorting out The Money-Economy is a pre-requisite condition for building the marvellous future promised in AD2516-After Global Warming, where 11 billion souls have great, long lives in a world that functions without money. Also, as it happens, available from Amazon-Kindle for a mere peppercorn. Buy now to avoid disappointment.

Two hundred miles north and south is the distance that climate scientists calculated 20 years ago that the deserts would migrate as the world warms; swallowing Spain, Italy and Southern France – some USA States and South Africa. Intelligent cooperation over water, and trickle-irrigation will avoid disaster – as long as the mad Money-Economy is fixed.

9 May 2012.

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  1. and read POLAR CITY RED, by American sci fi cli ci novelist Jim Laughter, it's about life for survivors of climate chaos in 2080 AD when BRitain is no more and the Lower 48 states of the USA are under water. google the title. pure fiction. for now. hehe