Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Mrs Trellis and tax-planner  Blodwyn.
Thanks to the internet Mrs Trellis's
Tax affairs are now "Off-Shore"
For as little as $250 you can opt out of being a tax-payer. All it takes is a $100 company in a tax-haven like Delaware, or The Channel Islands, or Cayman and other Pirates of the Caribbean island hideaways - and a few dollars for a dummy director and dummy invoices; and pay no tax. Additionally - if you are not American - buy another citizenship and have dual nationality for tax purposes. Almost all top people do it - and pay hardly any tax. You can do it just as easily. Here is how an ordinary lady resigned from the taxpayer community:
Mrs Trellis of Snowdonia, North Wales, United Kingdom, writes:

We Welsh can teach the Greeks a thing or two about evading avoiding taxes. My nephew’s cousin, Blodwyn, is a really, really, really clever FCA (CPA) in Bangor, in a lovely little house by the Menai Straits, and she bought me a £100 Isle of Man Company for my birthday. My sister-in-law lives in Douglas on the island and we pretend I am tax-resident in the Isle of Man at her address. So, for my £27,000 a year job at BBC Caernarfon, Blodwyn makes up the invoices from my Service Company – Trellis Media Enterprises International (IoM) Ltd – sends them by E-mail to my sister-in-law, who posts them to the BBC “For Services Rendered” and they pay it into my “off-shore” account at Barclays, Douglas with no deductions at all.  I’m much better off. And the nice man at the BBC said it costs them a lot, lot less to employ me hire my services. It’s champion. Fortunately, Blodwyn’s brother-in-law’s second cousin once removed is head of our local tax office – and, nod, nod, wink, wink – he’s partially sighted in his left eye; so he never looks at my clever wheeze.  While only the posh Greeks can get away with it – even ordinary Welsh folk like me are now off-shore, just like the big companies and MPs. I can’t imagine why anyone pays tax these days.  

Mrs Trellis, Trellis Media Enterprises International (IoM) Ltd.
C/O Mrs Serena Kelly, 17 Harbour Road, Isle of Man, Europe.

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