Monday, 30 April 2012

My Boy The New Messiah - Maybe!

Observations by an insightful parent.

We have friends from South America staying with us – two parents and two teenagers, a boy and girl. Within five minutes of arriving the young man set up his mobile phone, hooked into a PC tablet for power, and was ever after immersed in texting to friends thousands of miles distant. His father, an educated, thoughtful business man and political figure said that even if his son’s messages were intercepted, the surveillance officers would not easily understand the conversations because that age group abbreviate, use slang and no longer apply grammatical structure – as we elders did and do – rendering their texts almost incomprehensible.

Like Proust, the young man writes a stream of consciousness which might not contain a verb, subject or object for many pages. In the context of Professor Susan Greenfield’s theory that computer memory and internet data are a giant evolutionary step for mankind, dispensing with the need to learn anything by rote, the father is forming a theory that the electronic revolution could be liberating previously untapped, constrained and restricted intelligent and creative potential, denied to previous generations – reared in the strait-jackets of sombre, sober, perhaps stultifying received wisdom. He observed that today’s generations live in a very different place to us older, mature souls and that they are so disinterested in our “old” value systems and work and social structures that they simply ignore current politics, business and organisations; and ignore our presumptions, assumptions, prejudices, fears and, of course, our advice. 

We, elder statesmen, agreed that not only did our children and grandchildren use the new technologies a thousand times faster then we are able to – but they appear to do so without learning processes that we can identify – and they are universally incapable or unwilling to explain intellectually. These futuristic skills seem to be absorbed through their skins and exist in their hands. Verbalising and defining in old fashioned terms seems to be unnecessary and sabotages the processes. They are applying playful instinct where we would grind through dull educational courses.

For the future – it is conceivable that this quite different method of mobilising our brains will create novel solutions and initiatives that all generations to date have not dared to allow into our socio-economically trained minds. To those of us berated, beaten and honed to be good, compliant and useful citizens through effort, pain and discipline this new way of, in our terms, “playing” with the new and ever changing technological gizmos, forming ephemeral, constantly communicating networks that transcend all geographic, time and class boundaries, could be not just “one giant leap for mankind” but the donning of ten-league boots to set us (or them) racing into the near and far future at speeds and in directions beyond all our past dreams.

But can they also tie their own shoe laces? (Sorry – Velcro straps).

30 April 2012.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

"ET ...Phone Home"

Your universal home is where your deoxyribonucleic acid is.

I recently watched a beautiful true-life Australian film The Rabbit Proof Fence, set in the 1920's, where three little aboriginal girls, cruelly wrenched from their parents by bone headed, stubborn, persistent British administrators, walked 1,200 miles home – partially navigating by a fence erected to contain the plague of rabbits, thoughtlessly introduced by British colonists.

It reminded me that whenever I travel, unconsciously I map out how to walk home, and on what compass bearing. This homing instinct has been with me always. Homesickness has been officially recognised for thousands of years as potentially rapidly fatal to soldiers, when fighting wars far from home. They would simply take to their beds and die. The only cure was to return them home. Sci-Fi master Douglas Adams alludes to it when a glance from Ford Prefect, a traveller from another galaxy, shockingly conveys to a London publican just how far Ford is from home. Steven Spielberg’s ET brilliantly plays on our shared deep unconscious yearning in the Extra Terrestrial’s sad whisper - “ET Phone Home”

We are all products of our home soil. Science can tell from old bones where the owners were born, lived, travelled, who and what their parents, descendants and credit ratings were, and what they ate. The earth and water of our homeland, cunningly wrought by patterns from the Aether, inertia, sunlight and starlight into the energetic dissipative creatures we are, writes its unique signatures into every atom of our being. Photonic and sub-atomic entanglement ensures that wherever we may roam the focal points of our physical construction call to us, via the Aether, at all times. If you did happen to wander into a galaxy 10,000 light years distant, the local friendly scientists could analyse your chemistry and quickly locate your precise origins – whether they could ship you home is another question.

For future space travellers – for example on the Space Chimney Drive craft in AD2516 – as they move further and further from Earth, their homeland beacon links will stretch, infinitely, and for some the unconscious message of great distance will invoke the most unassuagable homesickness ever experienced. As with medieval soldiers and sailors – the only remedy to save them from certain death will be to send them home.

29 April 2012.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Strictly Sci-Fi - Fun for Futurists

From: Noel Hodson – to New Scientist Magazine
16 Brookside, OXFORD OX3 7PJ – 28 April 2012.

Lisa Grossman’s article “A curious case of missing darkness” NS 28 Apr 2012, reports that 3 surveys, one by Christian Moni Bindi’s team at the University of Concepcion, Chile, do not find Dark Matter, nor elusive proposed WIMPs, within a 13,000 light years radius of Earth and the teams can balance the forces holding the stars they observed together without the allegedly missing 83% invisible matter. Perhaps Hubble Expansion provides an alternative idea worth investigating. Continuous expansion, of about 6.819E-19 % per second (circumference of the observable universe disappearing at light-speed) of all spheres on all scales from Planck’s minimum to the observable universe, attenuates the electro-magnetic field, the stuff of the universe, causing partial temporary vacuums into which the energy field flows to balance the field – acting not unlike the force of gravity.

This in-flow would be invisible, ubiquitous and persistent; it may be the “dark-matter” that mathematicians need to explain the cohesion of spinning galaxies. It is an idea that could be tested.

Noel Hodson
Oxford, UK

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cash is King

From: Noel Hodson to The Guardian, UK
Will Hutton (Kamikaze chancellor – Guardian 26 April 2012) is correct in saying the UK’s economic and fiscal positions are “a disgrace” and “totally unnecessary”. Are millionaire posh-boys George Osborne’s and David Cameron’s policies suicidal cock-ups or conspiracies? Did their Eton, Oxford, Bullingdon Club educations churn out dunces? Did their banking, capitalist families teach them nothing? True to their supporters, they are most likely consciously and determinedly pursuing a solid Tory, City, Thatcherite agenda to enrich the rich and screw the poor.

If so, how does it work? The OECD estimates huge cash deposits in tax-havens; up to $18 trillion. Even half that repatriated and reinvested would pay off the World’s deficits and boost graduate jobs, growth and all social services. This off-shore hoard is controlled by the cash-rich, including most millionaires, most corporations and tens of thousands of highly-paid executives.

In the good old days, Thatcher and cronies stripped the flesh off the UK and fed it to the global rich simply via a 17.5% Bank of England base rate – creating record unemployment and business collapse while doubling cash-sterling-deposits every 7 years, risk and effort free. Similar “monetarist” moves in America heralded a 30 year freeze on wages – cruelly slashing incomes during decades of unearned-income-led inflation – drones-inflation. Today there is so much global free-cash, the “Free Markets”, chasing unearned income that interest rates are near zero and will remain so. The government licensed banks still gouge money from the Have-Nots through 15%, 30% and 300% charges to individuals but the loan-shark industry is a few billions out of the off-shore trillions, which only the mysterious Bond Markets can absorb. Greek, Portuguese and Spanish crisis drive national Bonds to 6%, but that is not enough for The Markets. To screw the UK poor, Osborne cannot crank up the base-rate to effortlessly increase the value of cash as did Thatcher.

Scarcity – cash starvation – in a world where well paid jobs evaporate; where the young are forced into unpaid indenture; where millions are paid less than a living-wage delivering them to loan-sharks; is Osborne’s choice. By making cash scarce and driving down wages – the value of cash soars; we all need cash. What now is the going free-market price for a child-prostitute? The 2008/09 bank collapse lost a trillion pounds from the UK and de-leveraging Wall Street and The City took many trillions from global liquidity. Quantitative Easing has put back a pathetic fraction, freezing the levels of traditional business loans, mortgages and new-start investment; so far so good for the cash super-rich. Restricting government spending and diverting department budgets into the private sector takes more billions out of circulation, reducing the spending power of the poorest and freezing infrastructure investment. The value of any scarce commodity increases. The smart global money is buying Cash.

Will Hutton is too kind in assuming Osborne and Cameron are stupid. They are being true-blue cunning capitalists and Conservatives. It is a terribly risky strategy for the nation – but real capitalists revel in risk – and they will never have to pay the price.

Noel Hodson

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


20 November 2015.
This schoolchild's play on rude words, perfectly matches this fool's efforts at being a Minister:

"My Name is Hunt ! Not C.. C... C..unningham."

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP
Having failed in April 2012 as "Minister of Culture" to break up the BBC and hand it over to his pal Murdoch (see below), which is a persistent Tory ambition currently (Nov 2015) being secretly pursued by his colleague, The Rt. Hon John Whittingdale, Minister of Kulture, DEATH TO THE BBC :the hapless minor aristocrat and Trust Fund Babe Jeremy Hunt was sacked from Culture and given the UK's National Health to sabotage as best he can. Despite his obvious blunders at Culture, his PPE (politics, philosophy & economics) Oxford university chum, Trust Fund Babe & Prime Minister David Cameron, has given Hunt another chance to break up and sell off another of Great Britain's crown jewels, the NHS or National Health Service; which is globally regarded and professionally measured as being the best and most economic health system in the world.

"...So it must be worth a few bob to the US insurance industry, where access to medicine is half and costs are double. Let's screw the sickly peasants. Yahoo!"

This month's act of sabotage, which Hunt hopes will destabilize the 1.3 million strong NHS, is to so enrage the 90 hours a week, highly trained, highly dedicated, low paid 40,000 Junior Doctors, who keep it running, that for the first time in 40 years they have threatened to walk out and take strike action.

My bet is that Hunt will cave in by Christmas.

Then, to which senior government, internationally important post will Cameron elevate this upper-crust, ivy-league clown? Maybe Defence? Give him our last few nuclear ICBMs to play with? In the spirit of FREE MARKETS, willing buyer - willing seller, he could sell our armed forces to ISIS.

Mail ON-line 18th Nov 2015.

Fears for patient safety as 98% of junior doctors vote to go on strike in bitter (dispute) with Jeremy Hunt over working at weekends.

  • 37,000 doctors were balloted by the BMA, and 76% took part in the vote.

  • 98% backed strike action over changes to pay for night and weekend shifts.

  • Only emergency care will be offered for 24 hours from 8am on December 1.

  • Similar walkouts planned from 8am to 5pm on both December 8 and 16.

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APRIL 2012 - HUNTED - Previously -  The UK today is deeply embarrassed by Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt, responsible for TV, Radio etc. being charged with cozying up to James Murdoch and Rupert Murdoch over their £8 B bid for BSkyB TV. By lunchtime Jeremy Hunt had thrown his private adviser to the howling wolves but the Parliamentary pack is not diverted. They insist that the Minister was in a quasi-judicial role in judging the bid and should have been entirely fair and neutral - while dozens of copy communications indicate he was not.

Bullingdon Club - University of Oxford
Such official sleaze is not new and is all too familiar. People in office can be seduced, bribed, blackmailed and bamboozled into bad decisions. It is extraordinary that we vote for, say, Tony Blair, because he figures out an attractive social policy - and then expect him to have an intelligent grasp of a hundred other policies - such as the Iraq War, which voters knew nothing of and did not want. The current Prime Minister, David Cameron, promised voters a thousand times "No top down re-organisation of the National Health Service" which he immediately reneged on in his first weeks of tenuous power.

IN FUTURE - VOTE ON ISSUES NOT FOR PERSONS: The Internet enables democracies to vote - not for smiling, baby kissing, grinning, vacillating, U-Turning, lobbied, lying individuals - but for issues. There are no technical barriers to putting all Senate, State, House of Commons and all other issues to the voters - daily or weekly - locally or nationally. Strictly Come Dancing organises polls very well. Audiences vote on many TV & Radio programmes, such as the exemplary TV show Big Brother, host to George Galloway MP, now a newly dignified Member. Website AVAAZ organises mass petitions on serious issues. It is time for us to have real democracy - where we really get to vote. The politicians can do their best to convert us to their points of view - and News Corporation will doubtless have its say - and Civil Servants will massage the information - but the final word should be with the electorate.

Too lazy? Too dim? Too uninvolved? Too primitive? Too biased? Too uninformed? Too bigoted? Then use the Internet to properly educate the voters - and usher in the era of Internet-Democracy.

25 April 2012

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

SPYBOT - Lavatories get CCTV

Whitehall, London, UK - Beat the deficit major new efficiency drive with SPYBOT.

While the British Conservative-Liberal coalition government squabbles, bites its own ankles and turns somersaults, patient civil servants, who collectively never sleep, press on with the real long-term policies of UK government. These include sabotaging all renewable energies and hugely subsidising nuclear and, latterly, gas fracking - and - embedding surveillance systems ever deeper in our lives. Certified, re-educated Minister Francis Maude, recently released from a Whitehall persuasion cell back into the community, today announced that henceforth all UK lavatories (porcelain, steel, glass fibre, incl imports) will be fitted with Skype PC cameras and every cubicle ceiling with CCTV to permanently record every visit, by every citizen along with an analysis of their deposited precious bodily fluids.

Whether at work, at home, in hotels, airports, stations, prisons or elsewhere, too many citizens spend too much time in bathrooms, water closets, loos, lavatories etc. etc. on so called "comfort breaks". Mr Maude argues that it is in the public interest to know just what people do on these timewasting, possibly sinful, potentially illegal and often disgusting visits. Experts advise that an average healthy defecation (number two's) should take no more than 6 minutes, without the Times Crossword or a mobile-phone, and urination (number ones) take 2 minutes. Researchers believe that analysing the live-data at GCHQ Cheltenham from all 63 million UK residents will show that by rigidly enforcing time-slots, national productivity can be increased by £72 billion a year. On-line, real-time human waste products analyses employs sophisticated chemical, virus and bacteria systems developed  to detect life on Mars. "We will monitor the health of everyone - all the time - and intervene at the earliest symptoms" said Francis Maude. "This will save the NHS £27.4 billion a year and help reverse the fiscal deficit left by the last Labour Government...  Laggards and infected people can expect a visit from a Local Authority Pan-Health Monitor."

The Minister also claims that currently on 1.2% of visits (828 million events per annum) drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances are abused. "These anti-social habits behind closed doors will be stamped on" vows Maude "Only those horribly guilty citizens with something to hide object to this data being collected for the good of the nation. It will also at last end the arguments, the vast, endless, time-wasting, male mass debates as to whether yours is bigger than mine. Which it isn't" 

All SPYBOT data will be automatically shared across all government departments. Number Ten Downing Street and Buckingham Palace are exempted from the new SPYBOT surveillance laws.  

Monday, 23 April 2012


On St. George's Day, celebrating that transnational Greek /British/ French/ Russian /Chinese etc. heroic slayer of dragons, which is also my wife's and my 47th wedding anniversary, and prompted by a call in New Scientist magazine, 21st April, to close the sociopathic gulf between the Haves and Have-Nots, the overpaid and the underpaid - it is appropriate to revive the futuristic and heroic wealth-distributing "Birthright" and slay the dragon of insatiable human greed.

"Birthright" was born from European Commission discussions in the 1990's in Brussels about The Information Society - The Electronic Revolution - Automation - and the embryonic Internet, which concluded with the great news that mankind (including women) had worked hard to abolish work (hard, crippling, tedious, necessity work) ...and had succeeded. The downside was that necessity jobs would increasingly disappear. Today, with significant percentages of young people without jobs and millions otherwise occupied as older students and supermarket packers, that prediction is demonstrably coming true.

Centuries before we abolish money completely - as in the book AD2516 - we MUST, for our own survival share out today's unprecedented wealth. Or the only consumers left, able to buy any products and services of the wholly automated economy, will be Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, The Royal Family, Chinese Billionaires, Footballers and mad dictators; while the rest of us huddle in tent cities, our houses boarded up by the Courts, beset by debt collectors, stripped and beaten by bailiffs - without any hope of paid work or disposable income ...ever. Birthright is a sensible, fair, evolutionary, not revolutionary, method of distributing wealth and liquidity, from birth, in a way that creates more wealth.

How else will the next generation of babies - born helpless and naked into this world of grasping, aggressive, greedy, crazed, selfish, purblind, armed, gated "owners" - new babies with no hope of ever finding paid employment - How will they get a share of the vast wealth created by the intelligence and toil and sacrifices of the past 5,000 years?

The dragons guarding their hoards of gold will hiss and scream with rage and vomit fire at the huddled masses who dare to approach - but we must be heroic and slay, or peaceably reform, the dragons.

Bring in Birthright, now.

23 April 2012.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


The Guardian’s Saturday issue, 21 April 2012, brings a letter writer’s dilemma; to comment on the Cameron’s family tax-havens or the cyberspace war. Both are crucial to our future and happily they can be linked.

The Internet is recording all our personal data – and – all our financial data. There is no hiding place.

All that is lacking in the battle to repatriate taxes and capital from tax-havens (which were a British invention) is the political will. Very, very, very few off-shore arrangements would stand up to scrutiny by “the ordinary man on the Clapham omnibus” under past and current UK, USA or EU tax laws. Most could and should be unscrambled, back at least 30 years, and the funds taxed and repatriated.

The usual weak spots in the tax-free paperwork are:
The owners who shovel funds overseas must thereafter be at “arms-length” from the ownership and management, which means handing the capital to a Panamanian tobacco chewing lawyer to do with as he likes. The management must be in the tax-haven – which means all key meetings must be held there (now modified for teleconferencing). Or, the owners must live in the tax-haven – Cayman is interesting for about 3 days; over populated Monte-Carlo has a sewage problem; Switzerland pre-licenses home celebrations of more than a handful of guests.

UK to Funny-Money-Land transactions have to be on “normal commercial terms” including accurate valuations of properties, IPR  and assets transferred, interest charged, management-fees and the sale of brass nails at $2,000 a nail. Values can be assessed retrospectively. Bent accountants and lawyers who file-dress the transactions quickly lose their creative-flair and give the game away in silly descriptions. All “brass-plate” firms – where your family “charity” pins a plaque to a coconut palm and calls it an office, then channels £10 million through it – are un-commercial, thus illegal and the transactions can be unwound and taxed.

Essentially – if a family has set up a “trading-post” operation to dump profits for example in Jersey (a fun island for one afternoon) that off-shore company must be real, with real goods, real employees, really managed in Jersey by real residents, run on normal commercial terms and the owners, resident in London, New York, Paris etc must have no material interest or control. In the deeply relaxed decades since Thatcher set up the Margaret Thatcher Foundation as a charity in Berne, few if any off-shore entities have kept strictly to the rules – and so could be retrospectively taxed by the owners’ nations. These rules even apply to the complex international transactions of banks and huge multinationals – and their top executives.

How? The intelligence services particularly track criminal money globally – for obvious reasons. Remember how they recouped every penny of miners’ union funds, hidden offshore in the 1980’s. They sometimes visit your friendly, secretive Delaware branch of your favourite bank and get copies of accounts – but they mostly track money via the Internet. A special task force of, say 500, intelligence officers in each major economy could be formed to do what Dave Hartnett, head of UK tax collecting, and the major audit firms, have astonishingly and completely utterly failed to do – to list the off-shore firms and critically examine their bent paper work since 1980. The teams could earn a good commission on all tax collected and paid. With up to $18 trillion in tax-havens, by OECD estimates, the agents have much to play for – and many millions to earn – as they heroically save the global financial system from recession.

If western governments are too coy, too busy, too polite, too complicit to reclaim the $18 trillion, and repay every global fiscal deficit – even in Greece – then the new Internet citizens, the Hacktivists, could take on the job; and earn the praise of their countries and governments.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Barclays £2.1B Bonuses & £0.7B Dividends

In 1985 an old fashioned City stock-broker advised me - "Never, ever, ever invest in companies where the executives are so highly paid, they no longer NEED to work". It is difficult advice to follow today.


Tarmac the Railways & Get Britain Moving Fast


Addison-Lee, the civil-disobedience London mini-cab taxi firm, are economically correct in demanding access to bus-lanes. It is barmy to build and maintain, say, a three lane road and close off one-third of it. In old towns and cities with narrow streets, bus lanes are doubly barmy, as they shut-down half the network; this creates gridlock; as in Oxford UK, on the London Road, where many millions have been spent over the past 5 years on traffic management - including bus-lanes - resulting in daily gridlock.

No accountant ever meant to be an accountant - but I reluctantly accept that I am a long experienced professional bean counter (and Futurist) with a natural inclination to count and to try to be balanced - neutral politically - when counting. I have professionally studied the real costs of transport systems for decades.

THE FUTURE: FACTS.  In correspondence with Lord Weinstock, Chairman of GEC UK, we figured out mass transit systems. They included vehicle free zones served by moving walkways - conveyor belts for people (cheap, robust, pollution free - some New York escalators have operated for 80 years), including replacing The Underground in city centres; peripheral car-parks; electric powered bicycles for the halt and lame; main routes with free hop-on buses only, one bus instead of six or seven fighting for a bus-stop; computer summoned shared public taxis replacing local buses; small low-pollution cars (not unlike the BMW Oxford Mini) with rapid hire networks (the average private car lives for 105 thousand hours and is parked for 98 thousand hours); AND, most controversial of all, giving train-spotters apoplexy, - turning railways into roadways. Railway tracks are "covered" by trains, empty or full trains, for a few minutes each day, 1.5% of the time, and even at that the train systems are dangerously overloaded. Using the centre to centre railway routes for buses, coaches and commercial vehicles will clear the roads for people to enjoy.

These ideas were formed before the 2008 FOODTUBES Project (Google it) to take 50% of vans and lorries off the streets.

In a powered vehicle study for New Zealand, we found that in money and pollution terms per passenger mile, trains are the worst (because they are so damned heavy, often empty and need exclusive routes), one-person cars, buses next, and the most efficient are cars with two or more people. Best of all - the purpose of the study - stop commuting and work at home by computer.

Will London's Mayor Boris Johnson, head of Transport for London (TfL) support Addison-Lee - and go on to tarmac the railways?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hitler, Stalin, President Carter & The Brave New Internet

Not all regimes are benevolent. Who would you trust most with your personal data - Hitler, Stalin, President Carter or your Employer - or GCHQ Cheltenham, the CIA, Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon or your local Parish Council? Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Internet, fears for its safety, survival and independence.

In today's world of ever increasing automated production, robots and computer systems, we have ever increasing, relatively effortless wealth, which augers an increasingly peaceful future, which is fertile ground for stability, civilisation, intelligent co-operation and personal and group creativity. This coming Utopia leaves little room for Nazis, the Stazi, the KKK and other mad extremists to flourish. But somehow mad dictators still rise to power, buoyed by the mass thugish hysteria of deluded mediocrities and incompetents. We do not want our personal data in their anti-life hands.

Many authorities, from local to national governments through to major corporations are trying to control the Internet. They want to stop us talking to each other without their permission, analyses or intervention. They will ultimately fail, but in this time of dangerous transition - from the present gangster-economics where neurotics, bullies, spivs, crooks and sociopaths grab and hoard trillions of dollars and create the largest gaps ever between Haves & Have-Nots - to the future brave new world; there will be upheaval and unrest, before wealth flows evenly across the whole world. We are living in "interesting times" and more lunatics will rise to power. (We follow and support lunatics because they offer us certainty in bad times. But that's another topic).

FUTURE-FACT-FORECAST - What will become of us and our Internet? The massive intrusions, surveillance, snooping, spying, marketing, spamming, scamming, harassing, recording, tempting, seducing and censorship will get worse. There will be a technological cyberwar as, on the one hand, users, ISPs, hardware and software manufacturers, land-line and satellite telecoms engineers, are bribed or beaten into spying on all their neighbours - and on  the other hand as science-savvy, young at heart, impertinent, disobedient, clever, energetic rebels resist being corralled. If the snooping-interference does not reduce to sensible, socially acceptable levels - a new, global wireless internet will emerge for people who respect that the internet should be like a network of roads that anyone may travel on, irrespective of nationality, class, wealth, religion, health, reputation, credit-rating or mental stability. We all use the roads, largely unfettered, with a few sensible safety protocols, and so we will travel on the Internet. It would be a pity if the vast investments into the present system and the dominant Western influences and technologies are abandoned and lost due to the abuse by today's powerful organisations.

18 April 2012

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

USA & UK Tax Wars Heat Up

The Anglo-Saxon model is attracting some fierce critics. Economist Milton Friedman, Prime Minister Thatcher and President Reagan ushered in Monetarism, Greed is Good, Light Touch Regulation, The Big Bang and The Free Markets in 1980. Thirty-two years later, the great and the good are wondering if it was the right policy for democracy; and billionaire Warren Buffet proposes that even the loftiest of the super-rich aristocracy should pay the same tax-rate as middle-class families.  President Obama has the temerity to take up the baton for America. His impertinence will enrage our lords and masters who really should not be taxable at all - and who have the absolute right to empty the nations' coffers into secretive, anonymous, locked and impenetrable treasure chests in tax-havens, bankrupt the nation and then tell us we are bust, out of cash, lazy and unwashed - and must borrow it all back from them on their terms - or else! They have trillions hidden away and even complain, if the central banks pump pathetic bits of liquidity back into the starved economies through Quantitative Easing, that it will diminish the value of their cash. They urgently need our protection.

I am afraid this is my current hobby-horse, so as long as the media focuses on wealth, business and taxes you may have to suffer more articles on this topic. There is a neat slide short show with pictures, which explains the money-economy. which is also on You Tube with music.

Polly Toynbee, one of Britain's most celebrated and influential commentators, battles on - today with an article "Stand up to the super-rich, Osborne. I'm on your side" where she analyses the conundrum created by UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, who is reducing the tax relief on millionnaires' gifts to charities in the forlorn hope that he can collect a bit more tax from them. Ms Toynbee asks whether the generous gifts they make should be out of taxed income - as applies to the UK middle-classes - and thus feed the government more cash, or given full tax-relief as it is today, thus feeding the charities and by-passing government. George Osborne will be greatly pleased to have Ms Toynbee's public support. The Banns will be read, starting next Sunday, in Westminster Abbey.

Of course - several of the tax-relieved charities are not what Joe Public thinks of as charities. They only dispense charity to their own family and friends - usually via tax-havens.

What has all this to do with the Future? I think these issues are leading to massive global socio-economic changes that, allied to the Internet, will result in societies that do not need the Money-Economy. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of money. - 17 April 2011.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Will we pay taxes in the future?

Will we pay taxes in the future?

Will future citizens pay future taxes? (That's taxes not taxis). 

As both a self-promoted Futurist, Sci-Fi novelist and a veteran tax-planning accountant, I am honour bound to prophesy the evolution of taxation. Dominic Lawson in the UK's Sunday Times, today tackles Polly Toynbee of The Guardian, who wants all of us including politicians to publish our tax-returns. Dominic warns of the "Fire of Envy" consuming communities and of kidnappers and murderers targeting rich families who have foolishly revealed their income and assets; though I would have thought that the private yacht, personal plane and six mansions might give sufficient clues to bounty hunters. Polly Toynbee envisages the end of hypocrisy from all those who would impose penalties on millions of minor tax infractions while for themselves Minimising (legal and government sanctioned) Avoiding (legal but a bit creepy) or Evading (illegal - "...Which prison bunk do you prefer?") their own taxes by thousands, millions and billions of dollars a year.  My immediate focus would be on officers in the UK Treasury who themselves indulge in fanciful transactions with their family off-shore trusts, charities and secretive companies – what chance of a crackdown on tax frauds if the legal officials are in it up to their necks.

REPATRIATE THE LOOT: Both Polly and Dominic miss the main damage done to the 99%, to the rest of us. The tax dodgers not only fiddle the books to pay less tax - but many of them, in fact probably most of them, fiddle via off-shore companies, trusts, family charities and other sham organisations - and not only pay no taxes but they siphon the capital out of the very economies that have made them wealthy. Having imaginatively created invoices, agreements, bonds, trusts and other funny bits of quasi-legal paper to get tax relief on their profits at home - from industrious, stable, reliable, hard working communities - papers which currently many tax-authorities approve even though they are obviously fake; they take the cake and the icing to strange little countries with funny little governments that do as they are told by the super-rich.

The icing is the Homeland tax relief granted - billions and billions of unpaid taxes that the 99% have to compensate their Homeland for; the cake is the total capital they gouge out of the main economies and hide off-shore – before telling us our nations are bankrupt and have no liquidity. Currently, Christian Aid and the OECD in Paris calculate that from $14 trillion to $18 trillion washes around in tax-haven banks – so its no wonder there is no liquidity at home.
What do the 1% do with the capital they have extracted from our businesses and High Streets? They first globally gamble incontinently with it and distort every key price of vital commodities - distorting all prices everywhere - then, tiring of those silly games they lend it back to us via "The Free Markets" - those mysterious shadowy entities that set conditions for international Bonds, Bail-Outs and other "rescues", which are only needed because the 1% have purloined all the cash. $14 trillion will pay-off every deficit on Earth. The money-economy is bust because THEY have taken all the money out of our nations tills and piggy-banks. This is true for Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain – they are all suffering capital flight, to tax-havens, most established by Britain – and of course Switzerland – and now spreading like a plague. .

Will this last into the Future? No. In the far future there will be no taxes.

It is an unsustainable, mad state of affairs. The Internet will reveal all. The past 30 years of siphons will be reversed and the taxes and capital repatriated to the countries of origin. My best professional advice is - Move your Money On-Shore (repatriate before the government does it for you) and Move to Higher Ground (before the land based icecaps melt). Read OUT OF THE DEPTHS and AD2516 to see how it all pans out.

And - remember, if you are a smug Off-Shore-Johnny, President Bush Snr said in the 1980's about the Internet - "Forget privacy - Privacy is dead".  They (your friendly tax-officers, secret-service-intelligence agents, Internet government snoopers and Julian Assange) do know where you live.

15 April 2012.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

An Easter Essay on the Aether for Atheists, Humanists and Theists. CREATURES OF LIGHT - TILL THE END OF DAYS

An Easter Essay on the Aether for Atheists, Humanists and Theists.

Easter Sunday 8th April 2012.

On the Spring Equinox, as the Sun ends hoary old Winter and gives Life to fertile new Spring – as Jesus is reborn from the implacable grip of Death to triumphantly give Birth to a new era of unconditional Love – as gardeners plant seeds to be tugged into glorious growth by the Moon – as Jews give thanks for the deliverance in Egypt of the First Born - as sea-level is anxiously monitored at The Thames Barrier that protects London – and as fond friends exchange symbolic eggs – there are a few, an intelligent minority, some of them scientists with high IQs, who stomp on the spring flowers, glower at the global celebrations and mutter “humbug”.  These sad lonely soured souls have nothing they can believe in.

But, this message from the manmade magical blogosphere; enabled by the mysterious transmission through metal wires, printed circuits, silicon wafers, thin-air and allegedly empty-space-time, of, we firmly believe, trillions of utterly invisible sub-atomic particles and extraordinarily well ordered, eternal, coherent electro-magnetic spherical pulses, waves, that speed out to the boundaries of the Universe …and back again – might inspire them all; believers and unbelievers alike, to recognise their own immortality.

The fundamental stuff of our universe is an ever-changing matrix, a criss-crossing, of these very same coherent, indestructible waves that scientists study and manipulate and that the entire population unwittingly but undeniably experience energising their mobile-phones, radios, televisions, Ipods, laptops, Mars Explorers and – if they pause to think for a moment – their own brains and nervous systems. We are all, along with all phenomena, with every material thing, embedded in and formed by these electro-magnetic waves.  Each of us starts as a seed-within-a-seed-within-a-seed, inside our great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother (you might like to count how many mothers you come from) – a seed that we can track scientifically back to about 1750 where it magically existed in a sphere smaller than the Planck minimum – which scientifically cannot exist – but we or it did; and with a little help from just one, per generation, of billions of otherwise superfluous and abandoned male spermatozoa, maybe at their wriggling and bumptious best at Easter, our unique selves emerged. The energy patterns from which we, undeniably, emerge are electro-magnetic - commonly and collectively known as Light. We are all Creatures of Light.

23 Aether-Matrix Illustrations

We at all times, without pause or effort, transmit every movement and every thought, electro-magnetically, into the stuff of the universe, that I call the Aether-Matrix. This Aether-Matrix is both incredibly delicate and extraordinarily indestructible. It changes to accommodate all the signals from all phenomena – it is constantly informed and reformed by those signals – yet it is also the Inertia of the universe, another mysterious and immensely powerful force that keeps Galaxies and Atoms in shape and in their places, and prevents boiled eggs from falling through the surface of the table. We all emerge from, inform and reform and return to the Aether-Matrix. Our unique message, our light-waves persist and are coherent, scientifically speaking, until The End of Days.

Happy Easter.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Total surveillance of YOU! 
by Sinister Agents of RIPA

The intended HM Government surveillance of ALL Internet traffic by the UK's GCHQ radio interception centre at Cheltenham, takes the world a step nearer the Q-Field in AD2516-After Global Warming, where eleven billion citizens have a priceless diamond PC on their foreheads, connected both to their brains and to the quantum-field of communications.

While the civilised, advanced and democratic people of 2516, living in a world without money, illness, want or poverty; and bless the global, indeed universal, telecoms - We here today in AD2012 are going to experience interesting times as governments, corporations and lunatics of all types try to control all our communications on today's  fledgling Internet.

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee created hyperlinks and the World Wide Web at CERN, on the foundations of the USA's "nuclear hardened" military telenet, he envisaged it as free, open, non-commercial, intelligent, private and beneficial.

As control freaks pervert its development and route our every exchange via spies, spooks, snoops, police, employers, medics, head-teachers, data-marketeers and nosey neighbours, I foresee that a 2nd Wave WWW, the 2WWW, will quickly be created by alienated and new ISPs, innovative hardware enigineers, useful free websites like Wikipedia, impertinent emerging economies and disrespectful, disobedient users everywhere. Initially, the 2WWW will be the intelligent-cooperation network that Tim Berners-Lee hoped for. It will almost certainly be hand-held, wireless, global and low cost. This 2nd Wave Internet is the tool that will evolve and eventually give birth to the marvellous and indispensable Q-Field of AD2516.

* RIPA is the UK's existing intercept law. "We only seek to protect you from paedophiles, criminals & terrorists."  Rt. Hon David Cameron MP - Prime Minister.