Friday, 20 July 2012


Mrs Trellis of North Wales writes: “My grandson, Owen Llewellyn-Jones is a tutor in particle-physics, at The Great Orme University of Llandudno, and he’s never heard of a Dynamic Universe; at least not affecting Wales. He says it is either steady-state, Flat; or contracting, Closed; or expanding, Open; – like that lovely Dr Brian Cox says.” She challenges… “And my Owen says the Universal Constants are constant. Can you really, really, really explain yourself this time.”

Well, just before my summer Blogging-Break – this blog will resume in August – here goes.

The Universe, our mutual home, is an infinite (as far as science can measure) energy field. The energy field is The Aether, or my Aether-Matrix, or the Higgs Field. Everything, including ourselves with our intelligence and sentience (ability to feel), emerges from the field. Logically, the field is endowed with the seeds of all the characteristics of all phenomena, including human intelligence. The field is Light. It must be sentient to give rise to sentience. A field has no parts – it “feels” all activity across the whole field.

Logically, and scientifically demonstrably, the field changes as stars, galaxies, planets, atoms, black-holes and people precipitate from the energy and become matter (though still of and in the field). Matter is highly compressed light. We are highly compressed light. We are creatures of light. Light includes all radio frequencies and waves; it carries information, light is a data carrier. Ask your Optic-Fibre broadband salesman.

Just as we are precipitates from the field, our actions, every minute action, make radio waves that broadcast data and information back into the field. Your every thought is on permanent record and cannot be deleted from the universe. This data in-forms and re-forms the field. As far as science knows, radio broadcasts are perpetual – hence we can still see (light from) the first galaxies broadcast 13.7 billion light-years ago. All things in the field broadcast their activity back into the field at all times. The first episodes of TV’s Coronation Street now impact a sphere of 50 light years radius.

Thus the field, the stuff of the universe, from which we are made or make ourselves, is constantly changing. As new phenomena emerge (say, a new baby) they come from the re-formed and in-formed field. The universe evolves. It is dynamic not inert; not clockwork; not fixed by immutable laws. Just as the universe makes us – we make the universe. As we are wilful creatures and have intent, we can most probably make our future, not have it dictated by mindless wandering cosmic pebbles and casual particle collisions in deep-space.

The Universal Constants that science brilliantly discovers, do not govern the universe, they are characteristics of the universe. As the universe changes, the Constants change; but stay in balance. From our time perspective, in our really, really, really short lives, the changes are interminably slow – and barely detectable. We are blessed with mysterious Gravity that makes things happen, and with mysterious Intertia that stops things changing. We, collectively, have time to think in our Dynamic Universe.

As the pinnacle of creation (as far as we know), as the most complex thing in the universe (so far), our feedback is particularly influential. Think good thoughts.

Your opinion is important to us. Before you die, please fill in the Feedback-Form and hand it to a flight attendant.

Next blog on 7th August.  In the meantime – repatriate our $18 trillion from the tax-havens.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Man is half-way between the smallest and largest phenomena

Does what you think and do matter? As an individual, are you of any consequence at all? Will your brief birth, life and death on our bejewelled blue planet, one of a billion, billion globes in infinite space-time, have any impact or meaning?

Such questions are beyond the remit of today’s science. Science regards life and humans as messy, confused and confusing. Until little green men invade Earth in their starships and then are followed by a scientifically forecasted and anticipated second alien invasion of life forms, science sees living forms, life, as an accidental, one-off aberration. To science, life is no more than a mix of chemicals, usually with a bit of water, which will, one day, be created in test-tubes – shaken not stirred, into life. Even the divine Professor Brian Cox, dream pinup of all the women in my physics class, tells us smilingly that the universe, and all of life, will scientifically and inevitably and unstoppably end in Heat Death; when all matter will spread out into the lightless, limitless void and no phenomena will exist. Doom, Doom, meaningless, purposeless Doom.

Such thinking is utter scientific nonsense. It is based and extrapolated from the understandable desire of scientists to pin things down, to fractionise, atomise and analyse using universal laws that do not change in the middle of their calculations. Such doom-laden Heat-Death prophecies are conceived from juggling with the same rules and regulations that lead us back to The Big Bang. Physics relies utterly on The Universal Constants – and scientists pray fervently that while they are engrossed for ten years in fiendishly difficult calculations, say to weigh the observable universe, the damn Constants will damn well stay constant. But they do not.

The missing ingredient in today’s scientific models is the obvious, demonstrable scientific fact that the entire observable universe is suffused with radio signals – with electro-magnetic fields – with light in all its manifestations. We, and everything, are made of compressed light, which vibrates at millions, probably billions, of diverse wavelengths and manifests particles such as photons and electrons (and The Higgs). We, and everything, broadcast electro-magnetic signals; either originating the signals from primary energetic events, or, as in interstellar clouds of hydrogen gas for example, altering the signals as they pass through. All these signals are scientifically detectable – even from the edge of the observable universe, more than 40 billion light years away. This is the universal field of energy and its manifest phenomena.  So where do you and I come in?

As far as science knows today, we humans are the most complex (and intelligent – though that’s sometimes hard to credit) product of the universal field and its mathematical Constants. We choose to gather energy, to collect photons, to compress them, to integrate into a well tested pattern, to be born, to walk, talk and watch TV, and to die and disintegrate and shuffle-off this mortal coil – all in the blink of an eye. Our brains, which extend throughout our bodies via the nervous system, are fantastically complex, run on a 10 to 75 watt circuit fuelled by food, and they ceaselessly broadcast radio signals – some of consequence – whether we are playing football or translating hieroglyphics. Everything you, and we, do and think and say is broadcast and recorded, till the end of time, in the universal field, by the field being altered. Your tiniest movement and thought makes an impact. You are of consequence to the universe. It remembers you.  

These signals, like all radio, stream into the universe at almost the speed of light and they scientifically, undeniably, demonstrably alter the existing energy field (now perhaps The Higgs Field – my Aether-Matrix). What science currently lacks is to hold in mind that these “new” phenomenal signals constitute a feed-back mechanism into the field, which have to be accommodated by the field. Recognition that the field is sentient not inert and dumb, and that the field in turn gives birth to all phenomena, will illustrate the circular nature of nature. The natural laws, the Universal Constants, change as the field evolves through all the events and experiences in the universe. The wonderment of scientists at the incredible precision of the Universal Constants and how they create the exacting Goldilocks conditions necessary for matter and life to exist is more readily understood when such circular feedback is accepted.

We do not live in a Flat, or Open, or Closed universe (“Open” means ever expanding unto the Heat Death), we live in a Dynamic Universe which adjusts its parameters and Constants micro-second by microsecond.  “Nil Desparandum” Professor Cox and Co. You, and we all, are immortal – as broadcasting stars.  

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


18 July 2012. Letter to: The Guardian

Barclays (and other banks) & Libor, HSBC & drug barons, London City’s alleged losses in 2008/09 of £52,000 per UK home, ditto on Wall Street, false-accounted bankers’ “bonuses” over 30 years, £300M gift to G4S (off-shore?), obscene gouged-out corporate “rewards” (off-shore of course), bent ministers & civil servants joining government out-sourced contractors, ex-PM’s paid 30 pieces of silver off-shore, major tax-dodgers installed on the UK HMRC (tax) Board, alleged JP Morgan $5.7B London losses (with UK tax relief?), pension-funds nicking an extra 1% annually, the OECD’s estimate of  $18 trillion illicit tax-haven funds, etc.

In all the media reporting of monstrous, obvious graft and corruption, I have not seen a call, by politicians, FSA, SEC, Mervyn King at The Bank of England, the Fraud Squad, lawyers, economists, religions, moralists or ethicists for what the villains most fear - confiscation and claw-back of the ill-gotten gains, for the public purse.

E.g. The billions of Mexico/USA border cash, courtesy of HSBC, probably came from drug sales, mostly on USA streets, to South American drug barons and back for laundering, tax-free, into OECD economies.

Most of this defrauded, false-accounting loot sits in tax-havens. Use back-duty tax laws, guilty until proved innocent, and gun-boats if needed, to quickly get the stolen trillions back, repair all national deficits, and secure our children’s futures.

PS – Beacon of Hope - The good news is that the bold, brave media still reports all this crime.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


This morning I was struck by a crossword clue involving genes and genetics - the governing patterns of our bodies. We all have them. We are all the same. We are all made of the same stuff. But all are subtly different. Most living forms have genes; simpler forms have DNA or RNA or just fantastically complex arrangements of molecules. Our DNA is made of four chemicals - molecules. The molecules are made of atoms. The atoms are made of sub-atomic particles, including the now notorious and infamous Higgs. The sub-atomic particles are made of Light (electro-magnetic spectrum). Suns, planets, moons and asteroids are made of chemicals and atoms. There are about 130 different atoms in the Periodic Table of Elements. All this energy and matter is organised by just four fundamental physical forces - Gravity (which we do not understand), Electricity (with magnetism), the Weak Nuclear (holds electrons in atomic orbits) and the Strong Nuclear (compacts atomic nuclei and explodes in atom bombs). Science likes to regard these four forces that sculpt the universe as non-sentient, essentially unchanging and reliably inert. Though there are some very big pieces missing from the scientific jig-saw, the four fundamental forces can be calculated, juggled, jiggled, confined in test-tubes and extrapolated from. They always behave as expected; expected by us; expected by our intellects; intellects powered by our fleshy brains with 100 billion brain cells and 100,000 billion connections - which are made of atoms, organised by the four fundamental forces we study. 

But, if all things are made of the same stuff, and patterned by the same forces, what makes them different? What power gives them separate identities? What force injects identity and sentience into matter? My pitch is that there is a Fifth Force, the Lifeforce, a force that organises; a force that creates, that modifies by dynamic feed-back, and that records and holds the templates, the blueprints, the designs of all phenomena in the entire universe. Such a force is magical - we conjure it into existence with our imaginations - and it is ever-changing the essential templates, applying information from the universal field that I call the Aether-Matrix. Such universal fields are old scientific concepts - rejected through lack of instruments that can detect them. This Lifeforce, this bringer of identity and recorder of experiences, would be the very essence of energy and matter; it would be essential. And implies that the entire universe is a living, sentient entity - not an inert mass of stuff, mindlessly, unconsciously, unintentionally pushed and pulled, gathered and dissipated by Gravity, Electricity, The Weak & the Strong Nuclear forces. I guess that the universe has intention, has purpose, has sentience, has intelligence; and we are a vital, intentional part of its magical matrix. We humans emerge from the Aether-Matrix through self-intention. We do choose to be born.


Monday, 16 July 2012


 Britons will have noticed that rain has not stopped falling, day or night, in the UK since April, the month when our Water Companies announced a drought, empty aquifers and hose-pipe bans.  Here’s a tip to save them money: You can send the witchdoctors and shamans home… They can stop dancing and shooting fire-arrows into the clouds. They have done their jobs. They have fulfilled their contracts. We are wet enough. Our homes are fully saturated. Thank you – and take your magic home.

We weep of course for our American cousins who have had the six driest and hottest months on record, and are suffering runaway forest and suburban fires. Just wait awhile, you brave can-do capitalist citizens. I notice that these extraordinary weather systems, currently flooding and flattening Russia, China and Japan, to name but a few, flow from West to East. Japan’s rains today will be America’s tomorrow, as the capricious jet-streams sweep across the Pacific, climb your Rocky Mountains and precipitate onto your wheat belt and Corn Flakes factories. The rains will come; and New York will share London’s sodden fate.

In my book, my most readable and agreeable novel, Out of the Depths, for E-readers and Over the Rainbow in print (note the clever play on watery themes), such events are predicted; are scientifically forecast – and the cities, districts, streets and even particular buildings that will drown first and for a long time, are named in order of inundation. The second flood will of course decimate the global population and change the future for mankind, and womankind. In fact it is a woman who shapes the new, better society, aided by the captain of a potent nuclear submarine. (Size does matter). So as you read it on vacation, your hopes will rise from the depths of despair ("depths" – deep oceans, deep thoughts - clever eh?) to the triumphs of the Brave New World that emerges. But, few of us, Britons or Americans, could or would or will survive the coming transition.  

Saturday, 14 July 2012


14th July 2012.


Recent claims that two or three traders have “lost” $5.8bn in JP Morgan Chase’s “London” office, (will they claim UK tax relief – will UK taxpayers send JP Morgan USA a $1.5bn tax-refund with an abject apology?) must strike fear and shame into the UK government and City of London regulators.  Five thousand, eight hundred million dollars, $5,800,000,000, is 116,000 (one hundred and sixteen thousand) jobs that have been lost or will not now be created. Are they UK jobs? Is it UK money lost? Or does Wall Street pay the losses; with the jobs lost in the USA?  If London lost the money; then who made it? Who benefitted? Who picked up the dropped $5.8bn? Someone, somewhere, is sitting on a fortune.  

No doubt JP Morgan’s auditors will tell us – or the UK’s Fraud Squad, FSA, or Bank of England, who must be keen as mustard to vet the audit trail. Or if not them, then the US’s FBI, SEC and NYSE must want the trail tracked and clearly reported. Perhaps JP Morgan international consultant Tony Blair will pray for revelation and divine intervention. Certainly the tax authorities will not agree such losses without being certain of where the vast amount of money has gone.

It could get a bit complicated, because the money might have taken many twisting paths inside the hundreds of offices in the JP Morgan group, many in tax havens on odd little islands (see list below), before being finally “lost” to non-JP Morgan gamblers, elsewhere in the world of hyper-finance; a world that is beyond the comprehension of ordinary mortals.  Or – good news – maybe on more thorough examination, no money was lost at all. It may have been accidentally buried on a beach in Cayman, or Delaware, or anywhere in the world. Perhaps if CEO Jamie Dimon*, glances down this list – he might spot where they accidentally left the money.

(Wall Street bank, J P Morgan has no connection with the legendary Caribbean pirate Henry Morgan. Jamie Dimon* is not known to be related to Bob Diamond CEO of Barclays)

JPMorgan Chase & Co.
List of subsidiaries
JPMorgan Chase had the following subsidiaries at December 31, 2009:

Banc One Building Management Corporation  Wisconsin
Banc One Capital Holdings LLC Delaware
BOCP Holdings Corporation Ohio
Banc One Capital Partners IV, Ltd. Ohio
Banc One Capital Partners VIII, Ltd. Ohio
BOCF, LLC Delaware
BOCNY, LLC Delaware
JPM Mezzanine Capital, LLC Delaware
Chase Investment Services Corp .Delaware
Banc One Financial LLC Delaware
JPMorgan Capital Corporation Delaware
Bank One Investment Corporation Delaware
OEP Holding Corporation Delaware
Banc One Equity Capital Fund II, L.L.C. Delaware
Banc One Equity Capital II, L.L.C. Delaware
One Equity Partners Europe GmbH Germany
One Equity Partners II, L.P. Cayman Islands
One Equity Partners III, L.P. Cayman Islands
One Equity Partners LLC Delaware
First Chicago Capital Corporation Delaware
JPMorgan Capital (Canada) Corp.Canada
One Mortgage Partners Corp. Vermont
First Chicago Leasing Corporation Delaware
First Chicago Lease Holdings, Inc. Delaware
Palo Verde Leasing Corporation Delaware
First Chicago Lease Investments Two, Inc. Delaware
First Chicago Lease Investments, Inc. Delaware
GHML Holdings I, Inc. Delaware
GHML Holdings II, Inc. Delaware
GTC Fund III Holdings, Inc. Delaware
GTC Fund IV Holdings, Inc. Delaware
GTC Fund V Holdings, Inc. Delaware
JPMC Housing Partnership V L.P. United States
Lenox Court Associates, Ltd United States
JPMorgan Housing Corporation Delaware
Cooper Project, L.L.C. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Mansart Investments France
NLTC Fund Holdings I, Inc. Delaware
OX FCL Two, Inc. Delaware
SAHP 130 Holdings, Inc. Delaware
Banc One Neighborhood Development Corporation Ohio
Bear Stearns Global Asset Holdings, Ltd. Cayman Islands
Bear Stearns Irish Holdings Inc. Delaware
Bear Stearns International Funding I S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Bear Stearns International Funding II S.à r.l. Luxembourg
Bear Stearns Ireland Limited Ireland
J.P. Morgan Dublin Financial Holdings Limited Ireland
J.P. Morgan Bank Dublin plc Ireland
BOI Leasing Corporation Indiana
Bridge Acquisition Holdings, Inc. Delaware
CCC Holding Inc. Delaware
Chase Commercial Corporation Delaware
Chase Capital Holding Corporation Delaware
Chase Capital Corporation Delaware
Chase Capital Credit Corporation Delaware 
Chase Lincoln First Commercial Corporation Delaware
Chase Manhattan Realty Leasing Corporation New York
Palo Verde 1-PNM August 50 Corporation Delaware
Palo Verde 1-PNM December 75 Corporation Delaware
PV2-APS 150 Corporation Delaware
Chatham Ventures, Inc. New York
J.P. Morgan Partners (BHCA) , L.P. California
CVCA, LLC Delaware
Chemical Equity Incorporated New York
Chemical Investments, Inc. Delaware
Clintstone Properties Inc. New York
CMRCC, Inc. New York
Credit Markets Investment Corporation Delaware
Custodial Trust Company New Jersey
Hambrecht & Quist California California
H&Q Holdings Inc. Delaware
Hatherley Insurance Ltd. Bermuda
Homesales, Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Capital Financing Limited England
J.P. Morgan Chase International Financing Limited England
Robert Fleming Holdings Limited England
Copthall Overseas Limited England
J.P. Morgan Management (Jersey) Limited Jersey
Robert Fleming Investment Trust Limited England
J.P. Morgan Chase Community Development Corporation Delaware
J.P. Morgan Chase National Corporate Services, Inc. New York
J.P. Morgan Corporate Services Limited England
Robert Fleming Holdings Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Equity Holdings, Inc. Delaware
CMC Holding Delaware Inc. Delaware
Chase Bank USA, National Association United States
Chase BankCard Services, Inc. Delaware
Chase BankCard LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Investor Services Co. Delaware
Washington Mutual Master Trust Delaware
Ixe Tarjetas, S.A. de C.V., Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Multiple, Entidad Regulada  Mexico
J.P. Morgan Trust Company of Delaware Delaware
JPMorgan Bank and Trust Company, National Association United States
JPM Capital Corporation Delaware
JPMC Wind Assignor Corporation Delaware
JPMC Wind Investment LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Finance Holdings (Japan) LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Finance Japan YK Japan
J.P. Morgan Funding Corp. England
J.P. Morgan Futures Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan GT Corporation Delaware
J.P. Morgan Insurance Holdings, L.L.C. Arizona
Banc One Insurance Company Vermont
Chase Insurance Agency, Inc. Wisconsin
J.P. Morgan International Holdings LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited Bahamas, The
J.P. Morgan Trust Company (Cayman) Limited Cayman Islands
JPMAC Holdings Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Invest Holdings LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Retirement Plan Services LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Partners (23A Manager), LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Private Investments Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Securities Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Services Asia Holdings, Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Services Asia Holdings Limited Mauritius
J.P. Morgan Services India Private Limited India
J.P. Morgan Services Inc. Delaware
JPM International Consumer Holding Inc. Delaware
Brysam Global Partners, L.P. Cayman Islands
Brysam Mexico II, LLC  Delaware
JPMorgan Asset Management Holdings Inc. Delaware
Highbridge Capital Management, LLC  Delaware
Highbridge Capital Administrators, LLC Delaware
Highbridge Capital Management (Hong Kong), Limited Hong Kong
Highbridge Principal Strategies, LLC Delaware
Constellation Ventures Management III LLC Delaware
Constellation Venture Capital III (EF), L.P. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management, Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Fund Investor LLC Delaware
J.P. Morgan Investment Ma
Brysam Mexico II, LLC  Delaware
JPMorgan Asset Management Holdings Inc. Delaware
Highbridge Capital Management, LLC  Delaware
Highbridge Capital Administrators, LLC Delaware
Highbridge Capital Management (Hong Kong), Limited Hong Kong
Highbridge Principal Strategies, LLC Delaware
Constellation Ventures Management III LLC Delaware
Constellation Venture Capital III (EF), L.P. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Alternative Asset Management, Inc. Delaware
J.P. Morgan Fund Investor LLC  Delaware

Friday, 13 July 2012


13 july 2012.


LIBOR rates aside, the price of money is far too high. It is wildly inflated and overpriced. In 2009 alone Money-Economy mistakes cost £52,000 per household, in addition to the underlying annual costs of about £3,111 per household. How can we make money cost less?

1) Reduce Employees. The Money-System employs about 5% or 1/20th of the workforce. These include clerks, managers, directors, experts, dealers, wheelers, brokers, insurers, re-insurers, minters, printers, guards, advisers, salesmen and money-police-persons. Everyone wants in on the game. The huge numbers are an anachronistic hangover from days when armies of clerks wrote in thick ledgers with quill pens and did arithmetic in their heads, aided by abacuses. Employ more computers and cut this ludicrously overmanned sector.

2) Reduce Uncertainty and wild fluctuations. Gambling in the Money-Economy by investment banks and individuals costs every household £750 a year; paid for by higher currency, share and commodity prices. Commercial speculation by real buyers and sellers, e.g. chocolate makers buying cocoa bean crops a year ahead for example and hedging the currency, for the Real-Economy, costs the public nothing and is necessary. Cut gambling by insisting on real completion, full-payment and real delivery of all financial contracts – and a minimum holding period of, say, 3 months.

3) Redirect the clever. Far too many of the brightest school, university, industrial and civil-service folk devote themselves to getting into The City or Wall Street or equivalent global Money-Economy centres, for easy pickings; to become tapeworms and parasites. These people are needed to solve serious problems elsewhere. Cut the numbers and cut the pay. Insist that even financial-folk pay full taxes.

4) Reduce the barriers and confusion. Having hundreds of currencies and thousands of issuing banks, with no central controls and so able to shock the world system without warning, is a monstrous cost to households and business. Small cross-border payments of say $5 can cost $25 to transmit via banks. This is bonkers – or bankers. Have a single world currency, the DOLLAREMINSIYENEURO for example and centralise information about all major Balance Sheets daily – to ensure the right global liquidity on a daily basis. It is not rocket science; just bookkeeping; a doddle for Microsoft Excel. Remove the right of non-government banks to create credit and print money – they only use those rights today to gamble and distort. Decide the liquidity for sectors – such as small businesses – and ensure the correct liquidity; fed through specialised sector banks to the customers.

5) Reduce interest rates. Interest and charges now bear little relationship to Base Rates. They are imposed on every business transaction – from mining to smelting to mass-producing to consuming. Consumers pay extraordinarily high rates on credit cards. An average product takes about 20 stages through the making and consuming cycle. At every stage, the re-financing adds costs. Costs of a typical new house for example include up to 25% of bank finance. Then the 20 year mortgage kicks in. At the evil end of the scale, loan sharks can now legally charge 4,000% (four thousand percent) a year, in the USA and UK. Such “lenders” should be guillotined. With Base Rates generally under 1% - all loan rates should be capped at 5% per annum. This will reduce loan costs, liberate those trapped in debt, eliminate bad debts and reduce the majority of goods and services prices by about 25% as all the 20 stages costs are reduced. Start to Finish finance for particular goods should be brought in at low rates by the business-chains.

6) Rein in the insane. Our new fast communicating global village economy has been hi-jacked by gambling lunatics who are habitual, addictive gamblers; alongside irresponsible villains who clamber into boardrooms like slavering kids in sweetshops – empty the safes into their own pockets – and siphon their spoils tax free to tax-havens. They indulge in false accounting, misrepresentation, fraudulent conspiracies, cartels, monopolies and socially destructive politics – to maintain their positions and feed their insatiable gluttony. They cost the world a mint. Put them in prison and repatriate all the tax-haven funds; that the OECD tell us are about $18 trillion – enough to correct all world deficits and to pay for installing the new system recommended here.

Then we can get on with enlarging and sharing the fruits of the Real-Economy.

Let me know if I have missed out any useful measures.  


Wednesday, 11 July 2012


An actual decay of a suspected Higgs boson into
two gamma rays (thick green lines) in the
CMS detector recorded in 2012.
Image credit: CERN

Our indefatigable, critical correspondent - Mrs Trellis of North Wales - writes “Your description of the Higgs Boson and Custard is not in accord with my recipe for Welsh Custard, nor with Einstein’s Cosmological Constant!”. And Mrs Trellis suggests I try to explain The Higgs again, correctly.

So here we go again, The Higgs!

Physics tackles the very small, Quantum /Sub-Atomic Physics – and the very large, Cosmology. Among the many mysteries is the moment when energy was (or is) turned into matter. In  E=MC2 Einstein proved that mass is compressed light. Since then particles are measured as electrical energy. (See earlier articles). The Higgs might link the minuscule and gigantic.

Science believes that Matter was created from Pure Energy or Light a micro-second after the beginning of the universe – in the alleged Big Bang. How did it do it?

THE STANDARD MODEL, dissecting the workings of the atom, dates from about 1920 and has been added to and applied in the real world so often by so many scientists that it is accepted as utterly reliable. However, it does not bridge the gap from sub-atomic to astronomic, nor explain gravity, nor why 80% of the energy of the nucleus (protons and neutrons made of Quarks) of atoms is “missing”, nor why cosmologists need to assume that, never detected, Dark Matter and Dark Energy make up the 90% “missing” mass of galaxies like the Milky Way. Defining The Higgs might answer “How was Matter Made? How was Straw spun into Gold? How did Pure Energy get its Mass?

THE CUSTARD IS THE HIGGS FIELD: Einstein dismissed the Aether as unnecessary. Earlier scientists had conjectured that a matrix that conducted light filled the universe. I have long thought that the Aether does indeed exist. My Aether-Matrix, made of the intersecting light from all phenomena from galaxies to brain-waves, detectable everywhere by eye (visible light) or instruments (radio waves) and reproducing “holographic” images of the universe at all scales, is scientifically undeniable, if little known. It does indeed conduct Light.

THE HIGGS BOSON is deemed to be the unit of energy in an approximately atom sized sphere of 70 pm - 70 trillionths of a meter). The boson weighs about 115MeV/C2 to 125MeV/C2. In English, these are 115 million electron volts to 125 million electron volts each divided by 90 thousand trillion - and in ordinary arithmetic grocery units the Higgs Bosons weigh:

From  0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,205,010,000 grams
Up to  0.000,000,000,000,000,000,000,222,830,000 grams
(about 2 thousand, billion, billionths of one gram)

so not very large or heavy. But they are about 134 times as large as protons (which are at the heart /nucleus of atoms alongside neutrons).  All the “Higgs Bosons” in the entire universe link with each other to make “The Higgs Field”. By definition a field has no parts so each Higgs Boson (remember a boson is in the photon /electron family) permeates the whole universe. {For me, this logically implies that the Higgs Field, or Aether, or Aether Matrix has the capacity for instantaneous communication, across a sentient medium; logical because sentience and intelligence (our brains for example) emerge from this field.}

PUTTING ON WEIGHT: Atoms are often depicted as shells within shells as in this uranium 238 atom (92 Protons + 146 Neutrons).

Science cannot “see” these shells but experiment shows how they act and we can apply that knowledge in practical machines. This is The Standard Model in daily use. The different particles are never static but in constant flux, as if pulsating. Even at Absolute Zero temperature, when everything freezes, they still slightly pulsate.   

Pre-Higgs, where and how the particles acquire their weights /mass is not clear. If we imagine this atom swimming in the Higgs Field, the ubiquitous journalists’ Custard, the particles are getting their mass – their energy (remember mass and energy are interchangeable) from the Higgs Bosons that “carry” or “confer” or “transmit” the mass to the particles (which are not particles but Wavicles). So, The Higgs field of Higgs Bosons might be thought of as an all permeating shell around each atomic particle.

In my EIG Theory, the different masses expected of diverse Higgs Bosons accords with the differing vacuums spheres created in the field by the unceasing expansion of the universe. It is in those spheres that I speculate matter is created from light.

Will Mrs Trellis award this her peer review stamp of approval for clarity?   






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