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REPUBLICANS...                DEMOCRATS....


To all Americans

Brace yourself.

If congressional Republicans don't act by tomorrow, we're going to be hit by a series of devastating, automatic budget cuts called the sequester.

It's a sledgehammer to the budget, our economy, and millions of Americans across the country -- and the most frustrating part? It doesn't have to happen.

The majority of Americans support President Obama's balanced approach to deficit reduction -- add your name if you do, too.

So far, congressional Republicans are refusing to compromise -- all because they don't want to close tax loopholes for millionaires, billionaires, vacation homes, and corporate jets. Seriously.

This has very real consequences.

On the chopping block are 10,000 teaching jobs, more than 70,000 kids' spots in Head Start, $35 million for local fire departments, $43 million to make sure seniors don't go hungry, and access to nutrition assistance for 600,000 women and their families. That's just a few of the things we'll lose.

President Obama has put forth a balanced deficit reduction plan with smart spending cuts that protect the critical investments needed to strengthen middle-class families and our economy.

We need to send a strong signal about where Americans stand on this issue.

Add your name today:



Jim Messina
Organizing for Action

P.S. -- If Congress fails to act, this fight doesn't end tomorrow. We'll need to put even more pressure on Republicans to stop these budget cuts and pass a balanced plan. Join this fight now.

Sources: The White House and Center for American Progress


Wednesday, 27 February 2013



ANXIETY FODDER -  Having grievously suffered and miraculously recovered from two weeks of man-flu, I have had time to be bombarded day and night by WORLD NEWS, much of it delivered by highly decorated, unblinking, panic stricken, hysterical journalists with very loud voices, trained in shouting down any thoughtful interviewees. These responsible and we assume accurate observers of events have jointly and severally alerted me to a vast number of minor and major threats to The World.

In reverse order these anxiety inducing reports include:

TERMINAL BURLESQUE - An octogenarian reanimated waxwork with a permanently erect prosthetic phallus, and a bouncing hirsute furious comedian have brought political chaos to Italy which will destroy the Euro, disintegrate the 550 million European Union and, at least, cause the Earth to spin into the Sun.

CURSE OF THE PHARAOHS - A hot air tourist balloon, not known to be inflated by Italian political rhetoric (or is that Greek), caught fire over The Valley of the Kings in Egypt killing nineteen assorted vacationers and ...please, please, please, whisper the journalists…  .. Please let it be a terrorist attack with Israeli connections. But it isn't – it is cock-up not conspiracy. A sad accident - informing  me it is safer at home in Oxford than cavorting around Cairo.  

PINK POWER IN THE ETERNAL CITY -  The frail Roman Catholic Pope, Benedict the XVI has abdicated; The Vatican is seething with conspiratorial pulsating pusillanimous pink pastors; In the UK an outraged coven of elderly, screeching, handbag or sporran waving, scorned but ever prayerful Scottish priests, suddenly resenting not having had enough sex with the seventy-five year old Cardinal of Scotland, in his nice red cloak and cap, back in 1970, have outed the poor man a few months before he retires; preventing him from participating in choosing the next moral leader of the World;  which will be announced by a great poof of grey smoke.

GEORGY PORGY’S TRIPLES - Shock – Shock – Shock and Double Digit, Double-Dip Horror! 

Podgy George Osborne, the Old Etonian dunce who is experimenting with running or ruining the UK economy has just had his legs smacked with a  wet flannel by Moody’s downgrading our nation from Triple A to Double A+ rating. Great Britain will now have to go to THE FREE MARKETS as a beggar nation, will have to borrow for ever and ever at enormous rates of interest from the tax-haven plutocrats, will sink beneath the mountains or tsunamis (choose your metaphor) of un-repayable debt and will thus destroy the entire Anglo-Saxon economic structure - and The World will founder and the seven Horsemen of the Apocalypse will ride out – and the Anti-Christ will rise from the Scalding Pit of Hell (Didn’t we have him last week?).  Somebody, interviewed on BBC Radio, called Roy? Rogers, an American speculator, says he would not hold any Sterling, Euro’s, Drachma, Yen, Dollars, Lira or Tibetan Prayer Wheel currencies – and has booked himself an investment voyage to the recently discovered limitless Mines of Mars.

OBAMA-BLANKS - President Obama is courageously facing down the NRA whose vast combined intelligence has figured that by arming every child over the age of two with armour piercing, rapid fire anti-tank assault weapons The World will be a safer place. The President is insisting that every ammunition magazine must contain one-blank per five cartridges. His Health and Safety advisors say that The One-Five-Shoot-Out-Cool-Down Bill – will save millions of lives. The various legally armed seriously deranged low IQ gun-toting, drug-crazed totally raving loonies - when merrily gunning down children and adults, and themselves, – will hit the Obama-Blank micro-second and pause to reflect on and reconsider their improvident actions. The NRA is however resisting the "Obama-Blank" as a communist neo-liberal plot to enslave all Free Americans and undermine their Divinely Ordained Right to Bear Arms and to kill everyone (else). 

An NRA spokesperson said “The Obama-Gun-Jammer-Enfeeble-America-Sharia-Law will imperil every True, Free American defending His (or her) (or his /her parents’) home. Those split seconds will give The Bad Guys With Guns the chance to kill The Good Guys (and infants, kiddies and teachers) With Guns.” The spokesperson, gazing heroically Lincoln-like into the middle distance, continued “Think of  our poor, disadvantaged white cousin in South Africa, Oscar Pistorius; if he had been slamming bullets through the bathroom door at a six-foot-seven raging bull guerrilla warfare intruder - and how was he to know that he wasn’t? - the murdering violent trespasser would only have to count five bullets before the fatal Obama-Blank pause – and he (she or it) would then have burst out and beat Oscar to death with the lavatory brush.”

America doesn’t want any of that – Thank You Mr President!”

HOW WILL IT ALL END?  My Freudian Free Floating Anxiety grows with every newscast. And I haven’t even started on our hundreds of Local Government issues.

But, Australia is not on fire. This week. 

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Death of the Higgs

SADLY:- The HIGGS does not confer mass, says CERN; at least not much mass "approximately a fingernail of mass compared to the whole human body"

Where now is the Higgs Boson? I was tracking back my own amateur theories of physics and found this item I wrote in 2004, nearly nine-years ago. The search for the relatively unsung Higgs was already in full swing - and CERN assures us they found it in 2012. But what now? Where has it gone? Why the long silence?

News update – 3 September 04.

The search for the Higgs Boson – an alleged massive particle which would account for Dark Matter and Energy (96% of  the universe) – continues as does the search for anti-neutrinos. An anti-neutrino is NOT the antiparticle of a neutrino in the way that positrons are the anti-matter antiparticles of electrons – electrons reversed as it were. An antineutrino, if any exist, would be a sort of shadow neutrino, which has already been defined, at only 0.44 electron volts, as a “ghostly particle” so an antineutrino would be the ghost of a ghost. Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany have a laboratory deep below an Italian mountain range at Gran Sasso where the decay of enriched Germanium 76, shielded from all known sources of radiation, to Selenium 76 is observed. They claim to have seen 29 events in 10 years which they claim makes it 99.997% certain that these are real events, which as the decay process occurs do produce a neutrino and an antineutrino. Steven Elliot at the University of Washington State, Seattle, disputes the findings as does Ron Brodzinski at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington and as do the Russian physicists who supplied the enriched germanium from the Kurchatov Institute. The import of finding antineutrinos is that it would help explain how the universe evolved from the Big-Bang to contain matter not anti-matter or a neutral balance of pure light without any matter. Dave Wark of the University of Sussex, UK says “We now know that we must look beyond the standard model to explain dark matter. (New Scientist 4 Sept. 04.) – Back to this EIG theory perhaps?

Monday, 25 February 2013


THE SCIENCE DELUSION – by Rupert Sheldrake – Hodder & Stoughton - 2012

Bravely, heroically and largely uncomplainingly, for the past seven days I have laughed in the face of death and personal oblivion, from my sick-bed, laid low by man-flu. To coerce me into at least peeking from the covers – and maybe into sitting up unaided – my wife went to Blackwell’s Bookshop and bought The Science Delusion by the celebrated scientist, biologist and author, Rupert Sheldrake.

THE BOOK HAS REVITALIZED ME - I have found it easy to read, so far, firstly because it is well written and secondly because I largely agree with its principle tenets and have had no need to wrestle with every idea and factoid in every sentence. As I continue to cruise through the author’s habit forming pathways, as he treads a virgin path confidently through the chaos of the universe towards understanding and sanity that others will more easily follow, it occurs to me that he must have been reading my e-notes on Life, The Universe and Everything and been inspired by my ideas. Or, contrariwise, could it possibly be that I have read some of Professor Sheldrake’s many books, papers, articles or their reviews – and that I have been influenced by him?

The book is searching for scientific consciousness, continuity, meaning, sanity and balance in disciplines that have, in my words, dreamed up eccentric, desperate and non-demonstrable ideas such as: genes that allegedly run humans (and all life-forms) instead of being co-ordinated and employed by us; robot life-forms, allegedly without Will, volition, intelligence or purpose; the heat-death universe, illogically extrapolated from Victorian steam engines, supposedly rendering everything and all actions meaningless; bizarre Strings, Branes and Multiverses (as many as 10 followed by 500 zero’s) extrapolated from runaway, feverish, mathematical algorithms that could never be tested in any universe however many eternities they offer; studies by self-professed intelligent humans that deny the existence of intelligent humans – etc. Theory has lost its way. The scientific consensus - immersed in one hundred and fifty year old paradigms about materialism, atheism, dead matter, ultimate entropy (no more heat, everything dead and useless), the non-existence of life forms (look out behind you!) and much other nonsense - needs to find new directions.

I see the book as systematically restraining the outmoded mad scientists and moping up their soggy, overflowing minds - however influential they currently are - and as seeking ways out of the blind canyons and impasses into which they have blindly herded thought.  The author says that he is putting forward scientific heresies which only those who have won their Nobel Prizes and are fully retired dare to explore and (my words) face the maniacal wrath of the censorious consensus. I have both received all the Nobel Prizes I will ever win - and am so old and irrelevant as to be immune from peer-group bullying in science.  (NB - Zero Nobel Prizes and I've never been a scientist)

It is a most readable book that all scientists, thinkers and observers will benefit from. I recommend it. 

You will have to read the book to know where this fits in – but responding to Prof, Sheldrake’s plea for the shortest possible communbicatons, I have written:

Dear Professor Rupert Sheldrake,

I am enjoying your book, The Science Delusion, and have reviewed it on my blog.

Morphic Resonance and Habits: 

My testable ideas about legible recorded patterns or templates for seeds, souls and eggs, rely on the “The Aether-Matrix” which physically, demonstrably consists of “holographic” electro-magnetic reproductions of the entire universe and all processes, reproduced in, for example, spheres, on all scales – excluding only wavelengths too large for a chosen sphere. We are able to see or detect things, ourselves, others, thoughts and processes, only because they all broadcast their location, identity and activity in legible waves. There is no sphere or zone in “empty” space where, with suitable instruments, we cannot observe a unique view of the entire universe, its parts and all relationships. Such accurate “holographs” of the whole are constantly re-formed and in-formed by all universal activity. The electro-magnetic signals are thought to expand to the limits of the observable universe.  Your thoughts at this second are broadcasting across the universe and are altering The Aether-Matrix. These broadcasts theoretically never die. I suspect that Inertia is the sum of relationships between all existing (Habits) and new broadcasts. Other forces and measures, including universal constants, are adjusted by their interactions.

We now (Feb 2013.) know that DNA alters continually, hour by hour, through epigenetics, and those chemical drivers are in turn subject to magnetic fields; and we know that a spec of DNA can record and replay the Bible, Shakespeare and the Collected Works of Richard Dawkins, for millennia.  We also know that we all swim in a communal soup of DNA swapping and splicing – irrespective of sexual congress, gender or species.  (By the way – I wound back the 2012 ovum within the ovum within the ovum to find it shrinks beyond the Planck minimum in 1770 – Did the universe start in 1770 - do you think?).

I suspect that your Morphic Resonance manifests as a set of structured matrices within the Aether-Matrix that hold the ever evolving templates for Forms.  And that the Morphic Resonance creates and holds structured waveforms which are the electrical scaffolding for simple and complex emergent forms – including people.


23 summary slides at: LIFE THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING 2011:

Background notes at:

Friday, 22 February 2013


I arise from four days laid in my sick bed, struck down by flu or simply by advancing age, to comment on reports that the British tax-collectors, HMRC, have recently published lists of local small businesses who are not paying what they owe. Media reports say these include plumbers, pubs, hauliers and shopkeepers.

While we can only applaud the innovative use of naming and shaming to reduce collection costs, it has little effect on national economies whether a local haulier hangs on to $100,000 and uses it to pay his diesel bills, but manages to stay in business and employ some drivers, or if the local tax-collector gets the money, hands it to the Treasury and uses it to pay the pensions of meritorious civil-servants who retired at fifty-five - and, we all sincerely hope, will live in good health and on full pension until they are ninety-five. Either way, the money circulates within the source-nation and lubricates the economy.

What does make a huge difference to national economies is claw-back of tax and capital from offshore. 

When Multinational Rippers Inc, sells gadgets or services to our consumers who part with their after-tax earnings, on our high streets, and makes $2 billion profits every year; to evade $400 million in tax they create false invoices from their false tax-haven companies for the whole $2 billion; the nice, friendly IRS or HMRC or equivalent agency grant tax-relief on  the clearly fraudulent claims, losing $400 million in tax collections; the friendly auditors (the Big 4) pompously approve the false accounts; and Multinational Rippers Inc pay the invoices, via the Big Banks - siphoning out $2 billion in liquidity.  $21 trillion (70 million jobs) has been gouged out of OECD countries - and it grows by $1 trillion a year. This way, the money leaves the economy, is frozen in tax-havens and sucks out all the liquidity - until all the economies die.

Russia reports they lose 2.5% of their GDP to illegal tax-havens siphons. My calculations show that the OECD countries have lost 1% of their GDP for the last 30 years, which is sitting in tax-havens. We need it badly in our economies. Are the worlds' tax collectors too timid to reverse the past tax-relief granted on funny-money, false accounting invoices and contracts, and claw it back?

It is probably best for timid tax men to beat-up the defenseless self-employed. Hit the little guys who can't hit back. "What $21 trillion, Where?" 

(I now retire to my uneasy resting place and original soil. But - I'll be back!)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The Economist magazine this week highlights the renewed war on tax-havens. In an excellently researched article they argue for a wide focus by tax-collectors – to include the famous, or infamous, global multinationals who indulge in ENRON accounting and Andersen tax-planning; and more importantly, the tens of thousands of small companies and individuals, who make up the bulk of the $21 trillion (OECD 2010) tax-evasion-capital-flight.

…Not all these havens are in sunny climes; indeed not all are technically offshore. Mr Obama likes to cite Ugland House, a building in the Cayman Islands that is officially home to 18,000 companies, as the epitome of a rigged system. But Ugland House is not a patch on Delaware (population 917,092), which is home to 945,000 companies, many of which are dodgy shells. Miami is a massive offshore banking centre, offering depositors from emerging markets the sort of protection from prying eyes that their home countries can no longer get away with. The City of London, which pioneered offshore currency trading in the 1950s, still specialises in helping non-residents get around the rules. British shell companies and limited-liability partnerships regularly crop up in criminal cases. London is no better than the Cayman Islands when it comes to controls against money laundering. Other European Union countries are global hubs for a different sort of tax avoidance: companies divert profits to brass-plate subsidiaries in low-tax Luxembourg, Ireland and the Netherlands...


We have been advising bold, adventurous clients for the past twelve years to pre-empt tax-investigations, which can be cripplingly expensive, and to safely move their assets back on-shore. Now would be a good time – and we can help. Email or Tel 00 44 (0) 1865 760994. 

You say Evaders – And I say Avoiders: - What The Economist article goes into far too lightly are the frightening consequences of being identified as a tax-evader. How do you tell if you are evading (criminal) rather than avoiding (anti-social)?

(1) Ask your tax-planners and get their written guarantee that your scheme is legal. And check that their Professional Indemnity Insurance is valid and in date for the period of your scheme. The fact that you have acted on top professional advice may mitigate against you being arrested by the tax-collectors as knowingly using false-accounting or being in a fraudulent conspiracy. Retain all the advice, letters and plans they sold to you.

(2) One of our rules-of-thumb is that hiding your identity or off-shore company control, almost certainly crosses the line into criminal evasion. Be aware that with modern IT, there really is no hiding place. Trying to hide behind numbered accounts and dummy companies no longer fools the Intelligence Services. Even Swiss banks are sharing their secrets with source nations. 

 (3) Another almost certain sign of evasion is the fanciful creation of “funny money” invoices, transfer prices, contracts, dividends, interest charges, royalties, off-shore bonuses, and other imaginative accounting for tax deductions which any honest man woman or child can see are simply made up.  Ask your fifteen year old child if they believe you buy $5 components for $65 each from a Bearer-Bond company, with no employees, on Cayman, - which you purportedly have no control over. If your children are too embarrassed to comment – ask your friendly neighbourhood judge. While considering and rehearsing your story – remember that even the most skilled, most experienced, most creative and the world’s largest tax-planners, Arthur Andersen, were banned and shut down by the USA in 2002. The firm has resurrected as Accenture – but …would you buy a used tax-plan from those guys?  These paperwork manoeuvres are simply classed as keeping two sets of books – which was, is and will remain illegal.

(4) Another common, massive risk for offshore assets is that when source nations crack-down and demand repatriation, the nominee officers, directors, tax-haven lawyers, treasurers, bankers and Old Uncle Tom Cobley and All – who are in the firing line, hiding your identity – sometimes seize the opportunity to claim real ownership of all the assets. You, as a tax-evader, facing costs, fines and maybe prison, are not in a strong position to complain.  Such problems are not new – there really is nothing new under the Sun. In 1968 con-man Bernie Cornfeld, IOS, Fund of Funds, targeted US and UK illicit off-shore account holders and made off (Madoff’ed) with all their money - hundreds of millions of dollars. Most “owners” dared not even lodge a claim or they would have risked both confiscation of their funds and a tax-evaders cell. 

It is however possible to move your money on-shore, settle with the tax-collectors and rest easy in your bed. As I have said above – NOW would be a good time, because 2013 will be the Year of Repatriation.

Logically the OECD treasuries cannot ignore a hoard of, mostly illegally tax-free funds, amounting to $21 trillion. [$21,000,000,000,000 / a $30,000 a year job for 10 years = 70 million jobs]. All the source nations will demand to get their money back from tax-havens to re-boot their economies and to avoid The Greek Debt Chaos.  And, they do know where you live! 

Monday, 18 February 2013


UK Prime Minister, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, is today in India with a 5,000 strong business delegation to increase UK trade with the rapidly growing economy of the sub-continent of 1.2 billion people. 

Sadly for Britain, David Cameron's serial mistakes go before him - making it highly unlikely that India will buy what he is trying to sell.

BRITISH EDUCATION: Two years ago, Britain slammed the door on "foreign students", ironically one of the UK's fastest growing and most profitable industries. Cameron succeeded globally in educating "the rest of the world" that Britain rejects "immigrants" - starting with star students applying to our best universities. Indians are now convinvced that however hard they try, they cannot get into British universities and pay £9,000 plus accommodation, food and entertainment for two or three years. Cameron was appeasing his "right wing" who moronically hate all brown, yellow and black people and most Europeans. Well done David! 

ENTRANCE TO EUROPE: Last year, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP appeased his even more extreme right wing (who are spectacularly the wrong wing) by threatening to quit the Common Market, to leave the The European Union. All of India's major bosses, all the big industrialists who have been asked, say with one voice "We saw Britain as the best gateway into the 550 million person strong European market. If the UK now wants to quit the EU - we will not invest in Britain". The USA has officially delivered just that same message through senior ambassadors. Well done David!

CITY EXPERTISE: The largest group among the English Trade Delegates clustered around the Prime Minister, represent Britain's totally unregulated, compulsive gambling "Financial Services Industry". The Rt Hon David Cameron wants to sell London's investment expertise and unlimited money-laundering and loan-sharking.

Thousands of low paid Briton's are trapped into inescapable gangster loans costing up to 4,000% per year. London's global money-laundering has assisted the flood of $21 trillion tax-evasion-capital-flight to tax-havens, which is bankrupting Greece, Cyprus, Spain and possibly the UK; and maybe the whole world. It is also making the USA economy very ill - though Wall street is equally to blame for that malady. The allegedly clever money operators in The City of London in 2008/09 "lost" $1.6 trillion (Yes... trillion). The British tax payer is repaying that unimaginably vast sum - and was forced to nationalise our major banks. Maybe India does not welcome such London wisdom and "products" being forced onto its poor, huddled masses. Why not lead with our world beating aerospace, electronics and medical technologies? Probably because David's dad was a City banker - now offshore ...and it obviously didn't do the Camerons any harm. As he said in 2011 "We must protect The City of London". Well done David! 

Friday, 15 February 2013


Why do I bang on about tax-evasion? FIRST – Let me say I am pro-business and have been a professional Business Expansion Adviser for 50 years. I am also pro-tax planning – no business forecast is worth anything if it does not include and control future tax bills – and I have been a professional tax-planner and tax-compliance adviser to thousands of clients since I was 17 years old – I am now 70. So why criticise the current state of play?

Because for two-thousand years our peoples, our neighbours, our families and ancestors have worked very hard, taken huge risks, suffered awful poverty, died in terrible wars, and invented marvellous products systems and civilisations to create the unprecedented Real-Economy wealth we enjoy today.  And yet – many of our banks, economists, governments and auditors – all in the Money-Economy – insist that we are broke; that we labour under “Mountains of Debt”. In the wealthy, hard working UK, 220,000 families need Food Banks. In the USA, 45.8 million souls need Food Stamps. And thus, two thousand years of sweat, sacrifice and innovation have all been wasted. We are told that we are all useless.

This is bullshit. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but it is true and realistic to say that over the past  30 years “They” have stolen all the cash, all the liquidity, and hidden it in tax-havens. “They” are the crooks, the desk workers, who manipulate the Money-Economy, the paperwork that records the Real-Economy (real things – Food, Homes, Clothes, Furniture, Energy etc). To evade taxes that pay for civilisation, the crooked bookkeepers, the tapeworms and parasites embedded in our economic pipelines, siphon out both the tax and the capital to tax-havens. They gouge out $1 trillion a year (33 million jobs) from our High Streets, which is almost all the global liquidity we all work to create – now adding up to $21 trillion (693 million jobs) buried in tax-havens. Then they lend it back to us at extortionate interest rates.

These crooked bookkeepers are bankrupting nations – like Greece – in their insatiable greed for stacking up more and more of our money.  It has to stop. The funds have to be repatriated and invested in modern, useful, well paid jobs for our children. The “owners” don’t like these messages and use their wealth and influence to stop them. They now insist our youth should work for no pay – in slavery – for years. The medieval Indentured or Articled system, which allowed only rich kids to get good jobs, was finally abolished in 1948. It took bloody revolutions and two horrendous World Wars to break the selfish greed of the ruling classes.  The crooked bookkeepers have replaced those blinkered aristocrats, simply by fiddling the books.  It is time to sharpen the guillotines – again – before the system seizes up.

The laws for bookkeepers and all accountants, auditors, lawyers and executives. The vast PR machine for the very rich Tax-Evaders, continually pumps out the message that the world has changed and so new laws are required. The message we are being fed is that all past "Tax-Avoidance" complies with the old laws - and thus no penalities apply to the $21 trillion stashed in tax-havens. BUT tax laws globally have been and are relatively simple and intelligent. Transactions had to be and must still be:

1) On normal commercial terms (relevant to fanciful transfer pricing, royalties, interest rates and executive bonuses)

2) "Arms length" - Not between connected persons - individuals or organisations (relevant to inter-group ENRON accounting and pretence companies, directors, trusts, charities etc).

3) Not primarily intended to reduce taxes (relevant to all complex schemes).

If these simple rules are breached - the tax deductible claims will be denied - in the rich source countries (our High Streets) that are being plundered. Simple ...and very long standing in law. Bent bookkeeping is criminal in all tax regions; always was and always will be. New laws are not required to tax the past 30 years of siphons to tax-havens. There are hundreds of such past Cases demonstrated in tax law and such laws are applied daily in OECD regions.


Fighting tax evasion
Tax avoidance and tax evasion threaten government revenues. The US Senate estimates revenue losses from tax evasion by U.S.-based firms and individuals at around 100 billion dollars a year. In many other countries, the sums run into billions of euros. This means fewer resources for infrastructure and services such as education and health, lowering standards of living in both developed and developing economies.

Tax transparency and the fight against cross-border tax evasion have been key topics at G20 Summits in Washington, London, Pittsburgh and Toronto.
The OECD is helping to develop exchange of information networks through the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes

>> overview of the OECD's work on tax evasion (PDF, 790KB)
>> Latest progress made on exchange of information

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Tax avoidance ‘a threat to democracy’

Tax avoidance ‘a threat to democracy’ Guardian – 13 February 2013.

OECD calls for crackdown on tax avoidance by multinationals

As this blog has been saying - there is $21 trillion hidden in tax havens, growing at $1 trillion a year. This is approximately ALL the World's surplus - generated by all the work that everybody does. But our work still is not enough for "The Free Markets" who tell us our nations have Mountains of Debt. We must all work harder, for less pay, to make the rich even richer - effortlessly. 
The OECD says: "Figures show that, in 2010, Barbados, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands received more foreign direct investment than Germany or Japan.
Not only do offshore havens act as a base for multinationals to deposit funds, the funds are recycled for further investment into developing nations. The British Virgin Islands was the second largest investor into China in 2010 after Hong Kong. The BVI accounted for 14% of all investments into China compared with 45% from Hong Kong. The US trailed with 4% of the total investment into China.
Cyprus is the top investor into Russia, with 25% of all foreign investment, while Mauritius accounts for a quarter of all foreign investment into India."
The ease with which 'big guys' shift profits to offshore havens shows governments need to step up their efforts - think-tank warns.

FLU PANDEMIC STARTS IN OXFORD UK - Farewell Cruel World - While the world and his wife are lying on Caribbean beaches swilling pinacoladas and scattering their tax-free dollars like confetti - I am on the verge of a flu virus induced premature death:-

It is cold and snowing here in Oxford today; and my gas powered Worcester-Bosch central heating boiler went on strike at 11am, with alarming, insistent glugging and banging sounds. Our stone floor has, allegedly, underfloor heating. Without heat it quickly freezes - or so it feels. The Bosch engineers are in great demand - because boilers stop more often in cold weather - and the engineers are driven by Free Market Forces. One is coming to our rescue a few days time. He will find our boiler sort of operating, after a fashion, because, fearful of the cold, I spent all day looking at YouTube manuals, assembling my 3 or 4 DiY tools, and very slowly, with trepidation and great ignorance, disembowelling the Bosch.  And the heating is now ON. Touch wood! 

However, the OECD has pronounced on one of my hot topics - taxation (see above - I really must get out more) and what they say is pertinent to what I have previously written and is important to The World. 

Lacking the energy to be both a crack gas water heating engineer and a top tax essayist on the same day; I leave you with the links to the OECD's opinions - basically saying it is time to collect all the back taxes, or the World will fall apart - which is my view too. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


The bad news for hapless, bewildered clients and for the World is that major global banks, including Barclay's Bank, have been tax-planning on grand scales for their customers and shifting vast amounts of money from country to country, generating what we call tax-evasion-capital-flight (“which is of course all perfectly legal”) such as has ruined Greece.  

When, in the good old days, we tax-planned legitimately and kept clients safe with tax-compliance work, our most incompetent competitors were the banks’ so called tax-departments. Their countless errors in those days usually meant their clients overpaid taxes – and we had the job of untangling knots tied by untrained amateurs; to the satisfaction of the tax officers and of the law.

Tax, Accounts and Returns are a slow business, often lagging 2 years behind the transactions. Even when eventually “agreed” by tax officers, Mistake & Error visits can reopen tax assessments back for 10, 20 or 30 years – which are called Back-Duty-Cases. Clients who may like to fondly imagine that matters are closed - because their banks “handled it” and agreed risibly small assessments in high-tax area such as the USA or UK or EU – will be in for major shocks when the Back-Duty-Cases start.

Sadly – for clients – they will find it is themselves who signed the Balance Sheets, The Corporation Tax Returns, The Payroll Tax Annual Returns, The Sales Tax and VAT returns – not their advisers, tax-planners or auditors. It is their own hands that have Declared Honest Complete Compliance with the Laws of the day – at best signed in error; at worst signed as False Accounting and Fraudulent Conspiracy. Basically, in normal human terms, the tax-payers have been Keeping Two Sets of Books. That fictional. honest, tax paying, London juryman, The Ordinary Man on The Clapham Omnibus - might simply think that they should all be clapped in irons.

The good news for the World and for those misled, ill-advised, wronged clients (any legal person or organisation) of banks’ tax-planning is that banks still have lots of money. When national treasuries demand repatriation and clients sue to recover the crippling tax bills reaching back thirty years – the banks have enough to pay the compensation and put matters right. The other good news is that in contributing to paying up the back-taxes and thus repatriating the tax-evasion-capital-flight funds – the banks will be paying off most of the national and international deficits that are currently triggering budget-austerity and global recession.  The tax-planning banks in turn will see if they can sue their tax-lawyers and counsel and recover their losses via their advisers’ professional indemnity insurance policies. There is $21 trillion to get back for the major economies – for the OECD High Streets that originally generated the cash – so there is enough for everybody – enough to pay off ALL debt and to feed ALL the hungry.

Good times are coming. It is an ill wind that blows nobody …etc.



Update 14 March 2013.

Superstitious meanderings and joking apart (as below) - the World last night welcomed a new Pope, a new, if 76 years old, Bishop of Rome, to lead 1.2 billion Catholics into the new era. I believe it is a cause for celebration, because Pope Francis 1st does seem to mark a revolutionary step forward for one of the oldest (I am prepared to be corrected) major organisations or empires the world has known. 

St Peter (died in AD 64) was the first Bishop of Rome - from sometime after 40 AD - a few years after Jesus Christ rose from the dead (Easter) and returned to Heaven. On that basis, the Catholic Church in Rome is one thousand nine hundred and seventy three years old. Most observers round it up to two-millennia for convenience. 

Saint Francis, the name chosen by Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, comes in two complementary styles - St. Francis of Assisi (Italian 1181 - 1226) who loved animals and founded the humble and avowedly-poor Franciscan Order of Monks - and St Francis Xavier (Spanish 1506-1552) co-founder with Saint Ignatius Loyola (Spanish 1491-1556) of the intellectual, international and self-effacing Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, or The Pope's Commandos as they have been called. Both orders embrace poverty and simplicity and both are teaching orders. 

Pope Francis, a Jesuit with a good and gentle sense of humour, is renowned for his simple living - in a one room flat in Buenos Aries instead of his palace, using buses instead of chauffeur driven cars - and for his persistent advocacy and support for the poor. As a Jesuit, he should be clever and politically adept. As a traditional older cleric, he is reputed to be a conservative Catholic - probably with all the usual mistaken misapprehensions about sex and reproduction. 

My belief, reading the tea-leaves, tarot cards, crystal balls and the world's media, is that 2013 will be a pivotal year of great change for the human race - possibly partly due to the maturing and spread of the Internet - a miracle of human ingenuity and cooperation - and Pope Francis, who should have at least another 30 years in him, might be a significant power and force in the changes. We hope and pray they are changes for the better, ushering in a global era of Intelligent Cooperation.

The jokes:


The unprecedented abdication of Pope Benedict the Sixteenth is possibly thought by many occult scholars and meritorious historians to portend the devilish conspiracy to fulfil the final prophecy of The Apocalypse of Saint John – opening the last chapter of the Last Days of the Last Era for all Humanity.  


This coming world leader has been given many names and titles in the Bible, including one of the best known, yet most misleading - the 'Antichrist.'  Although he will be against faithful Christians and will mock God’s Word, the world will view him as a great leader and a man of peace.  This man will be Satan’s counterfeit messiah. He will use deception and lies to "spin" his web of deceit and to conceal his true motives.  Prophecies hint this man will not be fully revealed until after the Rapture, when the "Restrainer", the United States of America, is taken out of the way . . .


It is a strong probability, supported by, it is conjectured, numerous ancient Illuminati, who must remain protected by anonymity, that Cardinal Ratzinger, currently The Bishop of Rome, who is almost certainly presumed by The Da Vinci Elect to be six hundred and sixty-six years old, or so ancient coded texts may reveal – was chosen to be groomed by the covert Satanic powers behind the Hitler Youth movement, to ascend from roots of fire and darkness to take the Throne of Saint Peter; and to prepare the twisted path, it is widely believed by those who may have studied such matters in great depth, For Him Who Rules the Earth, The Great Deceiver, The Last Pope …or is it The Antichrist – who has been ordained and prepared to climb the pinnacle of Earthly Power. Could it be this man - whose name can never be uttered?


It is widely believed that the last pope of the Catholic Church will succeed Pope Benedict XVI.  Many people believe that we are in "the end times."  That the signs are all around us.  St. Malachy, (d. 1148) Irish Bishop and Seer, produced an accurate list of future popes which began with Pope Celestine II in the year 1143. His list consists of a single line which gives a clue to the characteristics of each pope. From this list of 112 popes there is to be just one more after Pope Benedict XVI.

(Certified Extracts From The World Wide Web, Without Guarantees of Spurious Accuracy. Investments, Investitures and Satanic Candidates Can Go Up as Well as Down). 

Friday, 8 February 2013



 Oh no they are not!

It might have been true 50 years ago that one rich and powerful British autocrat shovelling money into tax-havens had little impact on a country’s socio-economic system. But now it has reached plague levels, causing mass unemployment in developed and undeveloped nations, it is sabotaging the work of all of us – and killing the prospects for the next generations who are our children and grandchildren. The plague is stealing our time, our days and our lives – merely by fiddling the books.

Every executive Tom Dick and Harriet with their sticky fingers in corporate tills, in small and large organisations, has been persuaded by “tax-planners”, who are often also their auditors, that making up invoices, contracts and transactions to gouge out profits and capital from the real business to brass-plates pretend businesses or pretend non-domiciled persons in tax-havens – is legal. It is not. At best such manoeuvres are merely cheating the whole nation and the shareholders by deception (wire fraud); at worst such creating of two sets of books is criminal False Accounting and usually Fraudulent Conspiracy. Siphoning away capital and assets via false accounting and freezing them in tax-havens while the perpetrators sit on their fat sweaty hands and refuse to reinvest – is criminal.

The victims of these crimes are now easily identified; they include all the unemployed youngsters in the developed world and many of the unemployed older generation in crippled, illiquid countries such as Greece, Spain and the UK. The Lagarde List of 2,059 Greeks with once secret Swiss bank accounts reveals that one of the “family” accounts contains or contained $500 million. If that is typical and is the average, the whole gang of them have exported $1,029,500,000,000 – about $1 trillion - from Athens to Zurich. Instead, the money could create 6,500,000 (six and a half million) jobs in Greece at $30,000 a year for 5 years. That would get the economy going again. Money has to circulate, not stagnate.

The USA, the UK and most OECD nations are “in debt”; often described as mountains of debt – which we have to borrow back from “The Free Markets”. Why is Britain, which is in the top seven global economies and has been hugely successful since the Industrial Revolution of 1770, in debt? Why is the largest economy in the world in debt? Why is Spain in debt? Why is Greece bankrupt? Where do the “Free Markets” which include organised crime cartels, get the Rivers of Cash to lend us to meet our mountains of debt? They get it from the off-shore tax havens - who get it from our High Streets. We are borrowing back our own money.

It is time for a major push to repatriate the tax-haven assets – and put the money back to work. It is time to get very, very angry at all the bent bookkeepers.

(For those innocent business people who have been duped into “tax-planning - which is of course all strictly legal” take comfort from your tax-planners’ Professional Indemnity Insurance which might pay all the costs of a back-duty-case, which are often enormous.)


Letter to Ex-Treasury Minister and Member of Parliament for Oxford-East, Rt Hon Andrew Smith MP.

7 February 2013.

Dear Andrew,


Thank you for your letter of 5th February 2013, enclosing a reply (attached as JPEGS) dated 25 Jan 2013 from David Gauke, HM Treasury, to my query (below) about taxing tax-haven assets; and thank you for continuing to press this matter.

It is most encouraging that an extra £5 billion and another £9 billion per year – totalling £22 billion, is expected to be collected from tax-havens by a new centre of excellence with £1 billion more resources for tax compliance.

However, of the $21 trillion assets in tax-havens, estimated by the OECD, TJN and Christian Aid, it is likely that at least $2 trillion has been transferred from UK High Streets, depleting UK liquidity.  The £22 billion or US$34.7 billion is 1.7% of those estimated UK funds siphoned to tax-havens.  

The UK Treasury should therefore increase its recovery targets by 59 times. It is my professional view that most of the $2 trillion could be recovered through aggressive HMRC Back-Duty-Tax cases, rescinding tax-reliefs previously granted on “funny-money” contracts and invoices, from self-evidently false, but allegedly active & commercial, units in tax-havens - sent to siphon profits and capital from UK trading activities.  

Such back-duty cases are more likely to succeed if the professional authors of the original “tax-planning” schemes, who now are consultants to or sit on the Board of HMRC, and all other revolving-door commercial accountants who influence HM Government, immediately retire from government and court offices.

($34,700,000,000 as a percentage of $2,000,000,000,000 is 1.7%) - £2 trillion will repair all UK deficits and fully replenish our bank deposits for investment into jobs and new industries.  Otherwise we might well follow Greece and Spain, both wrecked by endemic tax-evasion, into 40% youth unemployment and despair for the future.

Best wishes


Noel Hodson, Oxford.


To Rt. Hon Andrew Smith MP
By email
6 December 2012.

Dear Andrew

As the UK media nit-picks through George Osborne’s bleak midwinter Autumn Statement, pinching pennies from widows, orphans, the unemployed and single mums – and a few pounds from long suffering Middle England – I am astonished that neither government nor media have mentioned the $21 trillion of untaxed money buried in tax havens. It has been widely reported.

My calculation and estimate of how much of it was siphoned from the UK economy is at least $2 trillion; or more than two years of the UK Budget. This is more than it would be based on a strict global percentage of population, because of the money-conduits via The City of London and the UK’s historic governance and substantial use of tax-havens.

Most of the tax-free $2 trillion could be repatriated to the UK through the simple act of HMRC raising back-duty-tax assessments on all the capital balances that can be located. “Owners” would quickly identify themselves to avoid confiscation of numbered and anonymous accounts. Tax payers are in law assumed to be guilty until they prove themselves innocent (they must explain their assets) and HMRC have the legal right to claw-back without time limit; and to charge compound interest and penalties. HMRC could at the same time cancel tax relief previously granted by the UK on fabricated invoices, management charges, royalties, fantastic interest charges, dummy dividends, warped transfer pricing etc. These laws, powers and rules already exist and are often applied by HMRC. Such assessments usually amount to the whole of the tax-evasion-capital-flight; in this case $2 trillion. The “owners” are lucky if they escape prison sentences for the existing crimes of false-accounting and fraudulent-conspiracy.

No new laws are required to be passed to recover the tax-haven assets. The process can start without delay.

Would you please raise a question in Parliament on the following lines:  

The OECD, Paris; Christian Aid; The Tax Justice Network; and others, claim there is $21 trillion hidden in tax-havens. More than $2 trillion may have been siphoned from UK businesses and transactions. As the UK is heavily in debt domestically and internationally and as The Chancellor is necessarily cutting budgets up to 2018, will HM Government arm HMRC with all the resources required to rapidly repatriate the UK’s part of the $21 trillion – which might amount to $2 trillion or more? This amount would clear the UK’s indebtedness, refill UK banks and create surplus funds to invest in UK sustainable jobs and modern industries.  $2 trillion will pay for 3.3 million $30,000 (£20K) jobs, for 20 years.  

If the UK lacks a tax-savvy leader for the repatriation, please say that I will do the job with a team of 500 Military Intelligence and Top HMRC Officers, for 2.5% commission on recovered funds. Below is part of the attached .pdf document from the Tax Justice Network citing the $21 trillion hidden in tax-havens.

We are all in this together and it is economic warfare. Let’s get on with it.

Yours sincerely
Noel Hodson, Oxford