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As Easter Sunday 31st March 2013 approaches, with its magical eggs, New Testament Resurrection, Jewish Passover, seeds, planting, Moon and Sun driven Spring tides, Spring Solstice, vernal equinox (20th March 2013), parades, celebrations and global ancient legends and archetypes - we might contemplate the miracle of the creation of new life - particularly intelligent, human life. 

While Christmas, the birth of Christ, the Messiah, The Saviour, The Anointed One, is the archetype for the beginning of life for mankind - The Easter story as related by the the Gospels (diaries) of the Apostles, who lived at the time of Jesus, is the cornerstone of Christian Philosophy - being evidence of God's new testament (contract with humans) offering us redemption of our "sins" (sins are willful acts that cut us off from the congregation - "grace" joins us to humanity), the fortitude to bear pain, suffering and death (The Crucifixion), and the promise of Resurrection (eternal life with God in Heaven, after a time, and after some complex journeys - such as Descending Into Hell. Nobody said it would be easy).

Books from all the world's religions and hundreds of historians argue about the facts, fiction, life, death and meaning of Jesus Christ. One of the clearest histories I have read is by atheist A N Wilson. There are thousands of others.

The Old Testament - mankind's history from God's Creation of the Universe up to the first Christmas, prophesied the coming Messiah. Christians argue that Jesus fulfilled all the prophecies - ancient Judaism, the desert race that wrote the history in the Old Testament, disagrees. Their Messiah, rescuer, leader, hero is still to come. Perhaps both are right. It is a very complex universe.

 Is THE BIBLE a reliable history and moral guide? Only Hollywood can say.  

However, humanity's Christmas (BIRTH) and Easter (REBIRTH) myths and celebrations, based on the movements of stars, planets, moons, asteroids and seasons, predate all written history by hundreds of thousands of years. Birth, Death and Resurrection are not entirely new topics for thought and discussion in the hallowed places where humans congregate. 


We adult humans are very, very, very complex; being an organised organism of, it is rumoured, up to 100 trillion cells (brain, skin, hair, teeth, blood, nerve etc) each cell containing 2 inch spiral ladders or helices of DNA with 220 million spokes; all carefully placed; all magically operating and co-operating. Let me do the maths for you – it calculates as 22,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 or twenty-two thousand, billion, billion well ordered molecules, all doing what they are supposed to do – integrated to keep us alive and amused for seventy or more years – before we give up the ghost and disintegrate.

Crick and Watson and colleagues have given us deep insights into what babies are made of - DNA, genes, cells and so on. The greatest and abiding scientific mystery is - what pattern, what template is the embryo following as it converts its mother's energy into millions, billions and trillions of stem-cells; unspecified cells that can become any type of cell, anywhere in the human body, and slots them into its mind boggling jigsaw? How is the template known to the baby? Where is the template stored or where does it exist?

A human ovum or egg is the size of a full-stop in this text. An enthusiastic tail wagging spermatozoa is about 100 times smaller. When they combine, conception begins, the universe announces another miracle well beyond our comprehension, the full stop divides into two full stops – or a colon: and then into a cluster, in which a heartbeat, the pulse of the universe, spontaneously begins – and a wilful child starts its determined journey into a sensational period of “life” in this solar system, for three score years and ten. 

This wilful, intentional cluster embeds itself into the safe haven of its mother’s womb and grows from the nourishment, information and care she provides. She in turn is often protected by the father – who brings food, furs and digital TVs, and lights fires to keep her and her embryo warm and fed.

 We, the clever human race, conjecture that all the unique characteristics of this emerging new life form, a dissipative organism that takes, shapes and discards energy, are dictated by the merest wisp of an invisible string of chemicals called DNA.

Over nine months the baby will be given the energy to grow from the size of a full-stop, a single fertilised cell, to about seven pounds, 3,175 grams, 3.2 kilograms, estimated to be at least 2 trillion cells. So, while mum and dad jointly and almost equally (100 to 1) kick-start the process – mum thereafter contributes about 2 trillion times more via her womb and via the umbilical cord and placenta that she shares with the baby.  The baby grows by about 55 billion (55,000,000,000) new cells a week - for 36 weeks; and it organises them all to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. Isn't that miraculous - the Easter miracle?

Contrary to most opinions to date, which deemed the placenta and amniotic fluid inviolable; in this process, in this nutritious stream, science has recently learned that the mother’s DNA, genes, memes (cultural and traumatic experiences), immune responses – and harmful drugs, alcohol, nicotine and other pollutants – are passed to the baby. Equally, the baby passes DNA back to the mother.

During a pregnancy, cells from mother and fetus can cross the placenta and survive for decades in the skin, liver and spleen – a phenomenon called fetal microchimerism.


Natural transformation between mothers and foetuses. As its name implies, it is a natural mechanism used by some bacterial cells to take up DNA from the environment. This environmental DNA was, at one point, located in other bacteria. For instance, when bacteria die and disintegrate, their chromosomal DNA is released. Fragments of this DNA remain in the environment and are freely available to other living cells, including other bacteria. These naturally occurring DNA fragments can enter a living bacterium through its cell membrane, after contact with that membrane. If the DNA is double stranded, one of the strands will pass across the cell membrane into the cell, and the other strand will be dissolved, or hydrolyzed. Parts of the newly introduced single-stranded DNA molecule may then recombine with similar regions on the bacterial chromosome and become incorporated into the bacterium's genome.

Transcending the Placental Barrier - "It shows just how ubiquitous the exchange of these cells is," says Hilary Gammill of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. "We used to think of the placenta as a complete barrier." 


Humans have found that the templates for life-forms are not fixed, but are dynamic and change moment by moment. One implication is that species evolution happens far faster than Darwin supposed. Many scientists are looking for new templates that shape life – DNA is central to the research.  My own view is that these Templates are functions of The Aether-Matrix; Prof Rupert Sheldrake names the template medium “Morphic Resonance”  in his book The Science Delusion. THE SCIENCE DELUSION

Most scientists look to DNA as the basic template of organisms. However, recent biology, Epigenetics, medicine and science has adjusted and updated the consensus about what DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) does and how it does it.

The discovery, announced on 25th April 1953, of the DNA double-helix string in every living cell, by Crick, Watson and molecular biologist Rosalind Franklin – who, without a Y chromosome and lacking a penis, was barred from Nobel Prizes – revolutionised our understanding of the templates of life, sentience, intelligence and consciousness.

From 1953 to 2011, the scientific convention had been that the 4 DNA bases, adenine (abbreviated A), cytosine (C), guanine (G) and thymine (T) – that make the millions of rungs of the DNA spiral ladder - were created at conception and thereafter “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder” they remained in fixed order – obligingly fixed so that we could study them. This is no longer the consensus belief.

Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, so fervently believed in this fixity that he built an entire upside down philosophy, a new religion, stating that humans are complex robots propelled by the anthropogenic, intelligent, godlike desires of DNA assembled into 46 packets of (selfish) genes – 23 from each parent; an erroneous if ingenious concept that he zealously impressed on most of science for several decades.

Post Dawkins, recent discoveries show that DNA in living cells changes continuously in response to internal and external forces - while DNA in dead cells such as old teeth, hair and bones is indeed fixed and legible for thousands of years. DNA analysis now tracks Homo-Sapiens back 340,000 years. Last year Harvard University Medical School recorded an illustrated book by coding inert, lab-made DNA, mailed it to another lab, and played it back. DNA packs a very high data-density punch.

THE TEMPLATES? Electro-magnetic broadcasts /radio waves /Light is far more data-dense than DNA. Today – what does science know about the templates of living organisms? Focusing on allegedly conscious intelligent human life - we need a sense of order and scale:

Scale and Size:
An atom is approximately 0.2 nanometers in diameter. A nanometer equals 0.0000000001 meters. The smallest molecule in nature is the diatomic hydrogen molecule (H2) which is 0.74 angstrom in length. An angstrom is equal to 0.1 nanometers or 1.0 x 10-10 meters.

Read more: 

WHICH CAME FIRST – LIGHT OR DNA? My theory is that the templates for all phenomena exist in space-time, in the universe, formed of light /electro-magnetic /radio waves, which in turn have been formed by the events and movements of all phenomena (material things as contrasted with no-things) and are dynamic signals or data that change constantly.


Electro-magnetic broadcasts – weightless/massless but permanent universal dense-date carriers (e.g. Videos from Mars – light from distant galaxies).

Epigenetic chemical switches – molecules or atomic elements known to activate or deactivate sequences of DNA code, which may be set in the DNA but may not be operative.

DNA strand, Nucleotides – Complex molecules – 220 million base pairs about 2 inches long per cell.

Proteins – Larger complex molecules such as sugars

Genes – Ordered packets of DNA and proteins

Chromosomes - collections of genes

Cells – about 100 trillion per person -

In conclusion, it seems that Rugby Forwards, with several hundred trillion cells, start as a single fertilised cell the size of a full stop, designed by the universe, with 23 genes from each parent – then spend nine months in their mother’s womb, where she  multiplies the cells by 2 trillion to make a baby – before it fights  its pugnacious way out into the world – to score in the All Nations Rugby Union matches – sharing DNA with  its team-mates in the hot baths and having significant bits of his anatomy ripped off, in the name of sport. That’s Life.

Happy Easter

DISSIPATIVE CREATURES: (*An average person consumes and converts 30 tonnes of nourishment, which, like us, is 70% water. We also convert a few tonnes of oxygen and other fuels. Imagine the seventy year process speeded up on film as we extract energy from these flows, convert the organisations we absorb into our higher organisation - our template - renew most of our trillions of cells every seven years - and yet stay recognisably in shape, remain identifiable as our unique selves. We are constantly changing our building blocks, but always stay the same; just a little worn at the edges and older.)

TEMPLATES: My guess is that the in-falling energy is balanced by the out-flowing energy – and that the differential in the rate of in-flow and out-flow and the time differences between integration and disintegration of mass enables the existence, for a time, of the body or phenomena (phenomena or “things” include pebbles, trees and thoughts – thoughts are tangible packets of energy).

Last Easter Sunday was 8 April 2012; it moves around the calendar to coincide with the first Sunday after the full moon of Spring, or Northward, or Vernal equinox - that this year was on the 20th March.

An Easter Essay on the Aether for Atheists, Humanists and Theists. 

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I am a “futurist” with long (40 years) professional experience of economic, financial and tax-planning matters.

Regardless of how negotiations between Cyprus and the rest of the European Union actually go – and how they are applied from today – the foundations of off-shore banks and tax-evasion-capital flight have been so shaken by the threat of retrospective taxation  that as a futurist I forecast a massive transfer of tax-haven funds back on-shore, back to the source nations. People will seek Safe-Havens instead of Tax-Havens. They have nowhere else to go.

HOW-SO?  The OECD estimated in 2010 that there was $21 trillion in tax-havens. It grows at about $1 trillion a year. It is more than enough to clear ALL national deficits, including the $16 trillion dollar USA “fiscal cliff” tax-receipts-less-tax-spend overdraft, and revitalise the World economy.

Most of the tax-haven-capital-flight funds are in tax-havens like Cyprus; in small banks supported by small local populations (Cyprus has 1.1 million souls). The Isle of Man has 83,000 people plus a Manx cat. Malta has 419,000. Iceland has about 250,000 people. Even the big-brand banks create small local separate companies for their banks in small tax-havens. 
(see JP Morgan’s dozens of tax-haven subsidiaries TREASURE HUNT ). 

Most of these small populations are not expert bankers and re-investors – they are lottery winning amateurs offering too much interest and too little taxes, overwhelmed by incoming hot-funds from major economies – economies many thousands times larger than their own. My recent blogs spell out the tax-haven meltdown arguments.

When a crisis occurs, the national guarantees from tiny tax-havens for depositors are risible. As in Iceland and Cyprus the major economies have to step in to pick up the pieces. The UK did this for UK deposits in Iceland. But that, I predict, was the last such patching-up of the chaos caused by tax-evasion-capital-flight. On Cyprus, the EU firmly announced “No more Mr Nice Guy”.

Either impose taxes on the fast-flight funds or shut your banks and have the depositors lose all “their” funds. Source nations’ ordinary tax-payers will no longer pick up the tab to protect global tax-evaders. Let them eat cake! Or, more likely, eat bread and water in a prison cell.

A global, fleet footed tax-evader, caught by the Cyprus debacle, with a swingeing 20% or more impost – will immediately want to transfer the remaining 80%. But to where? All OECD countries have anti-money-laundering laws, now being vigorously applied against global banks to their very great cost. If the 80% is shifted to another tin-pot island and its shaky banks – that tax-haven may be forced by the big players to levy another 20% tax on the funds – and so on. The 80% will soon be whittled down to 2%.

Most OECD countries are now aggressively pursuing tax-evaders’ assets – in Italy, Spain, the USA, even in London (if the tax-evader is lower class) and long prison sentences are being imposed on the tax-planners. In America, the lawyers and auditors go to prison with their clients.   I SAY AVOIDANCE - YOU SAY EVASION  


This influx of frozen cash, $21 trillion coming back to the big economies will recapitalise the whole world – and be the foundation of the next industrial-electronic era of global wealth creation. The 30 year long capitalist strike – by the 0.5% super-rich – will end in 2013 - except for those trusting souls who still keep their illicit cash in the Madof-Cornfeld-Coconut-Bank-of-Cayman, earning a fabulous 12.5% interest “guaranteed” (by whom?).

(Mr) Noel Hodson,
Founding Partner of McVeigh Hodson Blackstone Franks Accountants.
16 Brookside, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK 
Tel +44 (0)1865 760994

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I see the unprecedented and extraordinary proposal to tax customers’ bank deposits in Cypriot banks as an escalation of the war against tax-evasion-capital-flight, which at $21 trillion and rising by $1 trillion a year is a direct and immediate threat to the stability of the global economic system.

The OECD tax evasion unit has for 20 years politely and diplomatically and gently nudged all nations and tax-havens to reduce tax-evasion and money laundering. Now, as the world hits The Wall, they have to get tough. No more Mr Nice Guy.

Now, in 2013, it is clear that most OECD nations are being driven by tax-evasion-capital-flight into “Mountains of Debt”. In addition, most big businesses are freezing billions in their Balance Sheets, also mostly off-shore, which they will not reinvest in the source nations. The corporate managers have stashed away their personal ill-gotten and ever growing tax-free piles and say “screw you” to the rest of us - their valued customers. UK economists estimated this week (Budget Week) that UK companies have frozen £750 billion sterling - $1 trillion – that they will not invest. These “Rivers of Cash”, siphoned offshore, have caused massive unemployment in previously vigorous economies – typified by 50% graduate and youth unemployment. Greece has been killed stone dead and disintegrates into anarchy. America boasts 40 million on Food-Stamps and has tides of homeless refugees. This is very dangerous for society. It is the stuff of revolution.

The UK (Pop 63M) cannot balance its books. The USA (315M) hovers on the edge of their “fiscal cliff” and, if blaring anti-European journalists and currency speculators are to be believed – the EU (550M) and The Euro are in constant crises and budget deficits. All rich Russians (143M) migrate to tax-havens and all rich Chinese (1.2B) would migrate if they dared risk a lifetime in solitary confinement for re-education. India (1.1B) is a corrupt leaky sieve, and the rest of the world (4B) is raided and impoverished by stupidly greedy dictators, regimes, bankers, gangsters and “top” families. Maybe Pope Francis 1st will knock some social ethics and economic sense into their numb skulls …or maybe not.

At the eye of the storm is Cyprus (1M). This jewel of the Mediterranean joined the European Union 9 years ago (MAY 2004), plugged into the EU bank system, and immediately embarked on incontinent money laundering and tax-sheltering. It now has a whole army of “financial services” professionals – cooking the books, shovelling the cash and kissing the feet of “the super-rich”. In taking $60 billion deposits from foreigners, Cyprus has just woken up to the counter-intuitive fact that the island owes those same foreigners …$60 billion. Many of them are Russian gangsters and Greek Mafioso – ooo’er. Unfortunately, Cypriots are not experienced and expert bankers. They have “lost” (i.e. stolen) the $60 billion through all the usual back-to-back losses, bad loans to pals, gross stupidity etc. Somebody, somewhere has the money but Cyprus cannot pay the $60 billion back.

9 months ago – Cyprus asked the EU to give them $60 billion. The EU asked what the Cypriots (international global bankers) were putting into the pot. The Cypriots ignored the EU. Now, it is crunch time and the EU does not want to harbour a major loss making financial sector, managed by a bunch of amateurs or crooks, in its ranks. The EU does not want any such siphons draining its life-blood away, of its 550 million hard working citizens, to tax-havens – whether the havens are in Delaware, Singapore, Isle-of-Man (Irish Sea Pop.83K), The Caribbean,  or London.

Light Blue Touch-paper and Retire: The EU has shockingly said to Cyprus, “Take 10% from the tax-evaders”. This is not banking as we like to think of it. Only the 1917 Bolsheviks, Wall Street and The City of London can misappropriate other people’s money on that scale (to pay immense bankers’ bonuses on bank losses). Tax-haven Banks should be safe-havens in tax-havens.  

This will, and has already, immediately ruined Cyprus as a tax-haven. Nobody will stash their offshore loot in Cyprus ever again. Whatever the outcome of the current talks – Cyprus must forget its “Financial Services” and focus on Tourism. Cyprus will get over it. In the meantime, the tax dodgers, The Greeks, The Russians, The British, The Italians, The Spaniards, et al – will panic off to other tax-havens. Wherever they choose will be unsafe. Irrespective of the bank logo over the door - all tiny tax-havens are now unsafe and untrustworthy. All major tax-havens, like Delaware (about 350,000 dodgy tax-free companies) are targets for a 10% maybe 15%, maybe more tax on deposits, levied by the ruling government. America with a $16 trillion deficit, needs a major boost to its tax-revenues – if the EU can do it, why not the USA

Four or five panic moves by tax-evaders and four or five unexpected taxes will repatriate the cash-deposits, The Rivers of Cash, to the source nations.

At a stroke (of bureaucratic genius?) – Regardless of how the little local difficulty plays out between Cyprus and the EU – and regardless of which bank group is holding the funds - tax haven accounts have been doomed. There are no longer any guarantees from major governments that the governments will pick up the tab for rogue bankers. It is back to burying treasure on sandy atolls at midnight.

Here’s a tip! The Madoff-Cornfeld Bank of Bermuda is offering 12.5% on all deposits – guaranteed by the Combined Oceanic Banks of Iceland – in turn guaranteed by The Imperial Sovereign Wealth Funds of The Gulf (just as the world is replacing oil with fracking-gas) – in turn personally guaranteed by Richie Rich, Barclay's cleverest investor - in turn guaranteed by The Vatican Bank. In God We Trust!

Best advice – go home, repatriate your loot as soon as possible, settle your taxes, and sue your tax-planners and Wealth-Managers while their Professional Indemnity Insurance is still valid.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013



As tiny Cyprus, 1/550th of the EU, writhes in torment on the horns of its dilemma – whether to tax the bank deposits of super-rich Russian and Greek tax evaders, or tax the honest retirees from overseas, or tax the humble ordinary Cypriots; or give their new gas fields to Russia – the direct and collateral damage of the global pandemic disease of tax-evasion continues to kill our economies. See the unfolding dramatic Cyprus story at CYPRUS BANK TAX AND PUTIN 

The Guardian newspaper prints these two letters (below) today; the first signed by 844 well informed people who see Greece descending into the very real hell of extreme right-wing politics; and the second from an academic who is researching EU politics, explaining it was the Cypriot government not the EU that insisted on a bank levy on the poorer Cypriots – the EU is after the foreign tax-evaders and money launderers.

I ascribe the collapse of Greece into impoverished anarchy to the long tradition of tax-evasion-capital-flight typified by The Lagarde List of 2059 top Greek families who have shovelled all their wealth off-shore. The 2059 accounts alone hold or held billions of dollars; and they are at just one HSBC branch in Zurich. Several billions of the Greek capital flight went to the easy-come, easy-go, no questions-asked Cypriot banks – which in turn were fully plugged into the more strictly regulated and respected European banks. By joining the European Union, Cyprus opened a free channel for billions, perhaps trillions of dollars to be laundered and be buried in tax-havens.

TODAY - French Budget Minister, Jerome Cahuzac, who is responsible for cracking down on tax-evasion, has resigned after being accused by French investigator website Mediapart of having a secret Swiss, Geneva bank account at UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) for decades; which he switched to tax-haven Singapore in February 2010, just before he took up the post of Witch Finder General Scourge of French Tax Evaders.

There seems to be a deeply embedded pattern, in Europe, in London and in the USA, of arch tax-evaders, global professional tax-planners from the Big Four audit companies, corrupt government tax officers and now corrupt senior politicians – who have infiltrated the once reliable and honest taxation and collection system.

In the UK, two major giveaways through tax settlements “at the highest level” amounting to billions of dollars in “forgiven” tax debts are currently being challenged in the courts. Not, as you might have assumed some years ago, challenged by Her Majesty’s Government and Her Majesty’s Customs and Revenues HMRC, but quite extraordinarily, being brought privately by a bunch of students – UK Uncut – who complain that Vodafone, Goldman Sachs, Starbucks and most other major companies dodge billions in taxes. In a David and Goliath battle, UK Uncut challenge these mighty corporations and their hirelings. Where are the official tax-collectors? Why are they not prosecuting these massive tax-evasion cases? Where is Justice?

The students are no doubt concerned for their jobs and futures in a Britain that with Cameron double-speak both vilifies and celebrates tax-evasion, and which put the “industry” on  a formal footing a hundred years ago, typified by the Lord Vesty Case (international meat traders), which argued that money the noble Lord brought into Britain was not INCOME but non-taxable CAPITAL. That precedent remains true for many money-aristocrats – it is less true for plumbers, riff-raff, plebs, hoi-polloi and peasants. That is how UK Courts work - selectively.  "Only little people pay tax"

The Board of HMRC currently sports several notorious “tax-planners” appointed from the professions – and HMRC’s disgraced Ex-Head, Dave Hartnett, has recently danced through the big-money revolving door into the welcoming arms of Tax-Planners Inc – appearing as guest speaker at their conferences and being hired by HSBC bank.

As Britain (and America also) gently bleeds to death from tax-evasion-capital-flight and can find no money to invest in its industries, and as brilliant UK science and engineering graduates are bullied through unemployment rules into stacking shelves and serving (tax-free) coffee, with no prospects of real careers – these 5th Columnists tax-planners siphon away all the nation’s capital and sabotage the tax-revenues. Why are they elevated into top jobs instead of being thrown into prison?

The parasitical “tax-planners” and money launderers are killing the host economies by persistently increasing the $21 trillion sitting in tax-havens – such as Cyprus – at the rate of $1 trillion a year. 

How many dying and dead economies and US fiscal-cliffs will we suffer before these killer viruses are eradicated from the population and body politic?


Guardian Letters – 20 March 2013.

Threats to democracy in Greece

The Guardian, Tuesday 19 March 2013 21.00 GMT
The crisis in Greece is posing serious threats to democracy and human rights (Report, 15 March). We are particularly concerned about the rise of fascism and racism. The government continues to tolerate the violence and hate speech of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn MPs attack democracy and display symbols of the military junta of 1967-1974; the party recruits supporters unopposed by the authorities, including schoolchildren. Members of the Greek police engage in violence against immigrants and protesters but have not been brought to account, despite calls from Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and UNHCR.
Refugees and migrants face attacks from supporters of far-right groups; the Council of Europe's commissioner for human rights recently called such violence "a real threat to democracy". European and constitutional law is persistently violated. Legislation is introduced through presidential and ministerial decrees, abandoning parliamentary accountability. Independent journalists are censored. We are deeply concerned that fundamental rights and freedoms for which the Greek people have fought for decades are being undermined.
George Bizos, Jon Cruddas MP, Prof Costas Douzinas, Maria Margaronis, Prof Peter Mackridge, Prof Donald Sassoon, Gillian Slovo and 837 others. Full list at

It was the Cypriot government – not the EU or the IMF – which insisted that small depositors be levied to save the banking system. Cyprus has been acting as the clearing house for Russian oligarchs for years. It was this group that the EU and IMF sought to target against fierce resistance from the Cypriot president. The real villains is the Cypriot government, which is hell-bent on protecting Russian tax cheats at the expense of their own citizens.
Andrew Byrne
Doctoral researcher in EU Politics, University of Edinburgh


Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Update: 18 Dec 2014. The BBC News, current affairs programs and liberal UK newspapers - all, without fail - damn President Putin. They brand him a monster, a short sighted economic illiterate and a merciless invader; without the slightest evidence. Putin is not an angel; no president of Russia could be all sweetness and light. But neither are Bush, Obama, Cameron, Blair and all other world leaders. So, if there is no evidence behind the invective, slander, lies, misdirection, besmirching and obfuscation, then who is pushing (funding) the world-wide agenda to destroy this man's reputation and so bring about regime change? "They" have persuaded America and Europe to impose sanctions and the OPEC cartel to halve oil prices - to wreck the Russian economy. "They" are very, very determined to oust the most popular president - probably the most popular leader of all the OECD countries. I found a clue in an opposite scenario - Obama nuzzling up to Cuba - suddenly, after 50 years of hostility, his ever bestest friends in  the whole wide world. US TV interviewed two US politicians - both from immigrant Cuban families - presumably in opposition to Castro. These two, against the universal welcoming of healing the wounds, are furious. Clearly - they believe their families should be restored to whatever elevated positions and wealth they had in Cuba and the Castro family be shot. 

Who, I wonder, is in a similar relationship to Putin. I assume the White Russians, aristocrats who fled the Revolution, are long gone. It can only be the new aristocrats, the exiled oligarchs - the gangsters and cheats who bribed and beat their way into ownership of immense public assets as they were privatized by Putin's predecessors. So, that's my bet. This PR war on Putin is The Revenge of The Banished Off-shore Oiligarchs. And they have bought the ears and the pens of the West's media and politicos. 

Will it work? No. Russians do not cave in easily. They may swig more vodka, sing more mournful laments, wallow in masochism - but they won't retreat. What will happen is that Russia will make new friends - China, India and South America for example - and create a new world reserve currency. We, in the West, will lose a fortune. The Dollar will wobble ad may collapse. This global paper-war could have awful consequences. 


It is ironic that President Vladimir Putin of Russia is complaining about a 10% or 12.5% tax on Cyprus deposits owned by Russians. The last great bank raid was in the Russian Revolution in 1917 when all bank account and deposit box owners had to attend their banks – to see ALL their assets confiscated by the new government. Compared to the national debts, the 1918 raid yielded remarkably little in cash and jewels, possibly due to capital flight.

My assumption about EU advisors is that they are intelligent. Therefore the proposed $6B tax, via the Cypriot Government on about $60B in bank accounts, will have been planned and the likely consequences mapped. There are about 1.1 million Cypriots, 80% Greek descent and 20% Turkish (though they are in fact a historic blend of the whole region – the cradle of civilisation). Cyprus and Greece have ancient links with Russia due to their shared religion – The Orthodox Christian Church.

The population numbers equate to about 380,000 households; there are 414,000 people of working age. If the $60 billion belonged to the locals each home would have saved $157,894 per family; a nice thought but improbable. An estimate on the WWW, assumes half the money belongs to locals and the rest to non-residents (tax-evaders). If correct it would mean $79,000 savings per family – which still looks high, after the societal chaos over the past 50 years. My guess is that about 1/3rd is local loot and the other 2/3rd or $40 billion is tax-evasion-capital-flight. Revenues from offshore financial services are alleged to have overtaken tourism – but I doubt the figures - as tax-haven locals rarely benefit much from servicing the ephemeral super-rich.

Cyprus, with Malta, has expanded as a safe haven for tax evasion – and Cyprus banks have burgeoned alongside their new industry. Profits tax is 10% - no wealth taxes – no other taxes – no questions - and no income tax on interest on foreign bank accounts.

I assume that much of the $40 billion fled from Greece – some has come from Russia – and the rest from Europe and the USA. Who knows exactly who has good title to the money and assets sitting in funny-money companies, trusts, charities and the rest of the quasi-legal confetti circus of false documentation – which ordinary taxpayers are asked to take seriously. And in this, I think, is the clue to the underlying strategy of risking an unprecedented new tax on savings.

To repatriate this $40 billion – if it were my appointed task, and if I were to change from tax poacher to gamekeeper to do it - I would locate the assets and issue “protective tax assessments” and impound the assets while Back-Duty-Tax-Cases were fought with each “owner” who appeared to claim them; a long and tedious legal process – with heavy costs – which would in most cases recoup 100% of the assets or cash; effective but not quick.

Some person or persons in Europe have looked at the complexity of applying tax laws and said “Sod that for a game of conkers” and gone for a rapid and immediate alternative. They have raided the banks – irrespective of arguments, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, bankrupt olive-grove owners, weeping starving orphans outside the courtrooms – in fact they have gone for the Russian Sequestration Tax Solution RSTS.  I believe most countries or tax-regions will follow Cyprus’s example.

Will it spook all tax-havens users? Undoubtedly. Will it cause a run on good, well regulated, stable European and USA banks? No, quite the reverse. The nervous evaders-diarrhoea will first unblock a rapid and fluid run from tax-haven to tax-haven and from dodgy bank to dodgy bank – hotly pursued, I suspect, by sudden and unexpected bank deposit taxes, levied for the benefit of tax-starved and fiscal-cliff nations large and small. With each hurried transborder transfer, owners will be flushed out – 10% here, 12.5% there, 15% in the wicked rogue states – until the fortunes evaporate. Then they will run for safe-havens, not tax-havens.

Following through my paranoid theme – I further suspect that in actuality, in reality, President Vladimir Putin is smiling broadly behind his hand, as his oligarchs reluctantly creep home from the world’s tax-havens – wiser, poorer and embracing Mother Russia; where they will invest their great wealth – and pay tax on the income.

My final suspicion is that both Putin and the EU officers play a good game of chess.

We live in interesting times.


Friday, 15 March 2013


THE STALINIST UK BEDROOM TAX - HOW TO REALLY SCREW THE POOR - The idiotic, misguided, bigoted, sociopathic, super rich Tory Cabinet, hyper-privileged to a man and woman from birth, have decided to save a few quid a week by throwing the poorest families, many settled for 20 years or more in State owned houses and flats, out of their homes onto the streets. 

At the same time – this week – the same blinkered, or deliberately cruel and vindictive Tories, most of them passing on the bullying from when they were beaten and sodomised in our Public School system, are giving the rich an extra $35,000 tax break - in case the rich decide to emigrate to China. Tories justify this class-war-cleansing as a necessary part of their magnificent austerity drive – despite having doubled the UK’s fiscal debt in the past 3 years – while, Pinocchio like, claiming to have reduced “The Deficit”. 

What their economy with the truth (utter lies) is really saying is that their policies have reduced the rate at which the annual spending on The State exceeds the annual collection of taxes. The State’s debt has actually almost doubled and is climbing. Why is it climbing? Because The City (financial Square Mile of London) – mostly Tories – imposed their 2008/09 $1.7 trillion losses onto the UK taxpayers, landing us with an immense capital debt and annual interest payments.  This current Liberal / Conservative Government is incapable of solving the UK’s problems – and refuses of course to repatriate the UK’s (The Tory's) $2  to $3 trillion tax-evasion-capital-flight, now sitting in tax-havens (mostly British territories).

How does this spooky and evil war on the poor work?

First – the dispossessed are paid less than THE LIVING WAGE. Many are paid less than THE MINIMUM WAGE. This means (Tories who can read should read this) that they do not have enough money to live on (obvious from the wording?) – while their employers make huge profits from their labours. (2) The employers are mostly Tories so they are delighted to see their Scrooge wages supplemented by State Aid; they love the State hugely subsidising their payrolls and corporations. (3) The poor are thus forced to apply for help – including HOUSING BENEFIT to pay their rent. The lowest rents and meanest hovels are COUNCIL HOUSE, built by the state to house the poor.  (4) Outraged Tories, in the person of The Rt. Hon Iain Duncan-Smith MP, Minister for Oppressing the Poor, then see that hundreds of thousands of the poorest families are receiving TAXPAYER’S money as HOUSING GRANT or RENT AID. The poor would rather be paid a LIVING WAGE but have no alternative except to accept STATE CHARITY. However, posh boy, minor aristocrat, Iain Duncan-Smith and his Trust-Fund-Babe cronies choose only to see the grasping hands of the great unwashed.

His scheme – from next week, is that any such home with an “extra” 10ft x 10ft (3 x 3 metres) “bedroom” must be refused £700 a year in Aid. Two such luxurious rooms cost £1,400 a year – and so on. Irrespective of whether these vast spaces are kept for students away at college, soldiers away at war, disabled children, sick adults, study rooms, storage rooms, dining rooms, etc. etc. – the space-greedy families must either move out to smaller spaces (Catch-22, Snigger - ha ha! there are no smaller houses) or lose a significant percentage (9%) of their frugal, overstretched incomes.

However – Iain Duncan-Smith, in his largess and warm-hearted generosity, has the answer for those deprived and desperate souls, the irresponsible riff-raff who may over-spend and run out of funds midweek or mid-month – the Tories have other, True Capitalist, friends who have adopted American techniques of Loan-Sharking, who will lend to the homeless, starving poor a few hundred pounds when needed – charged at only 4,000% interest; trapping them in an inescapable cycle and debtors' prison.

Do I sound angry?  I am.  How can such thoughtless, pointless, useless, intrusive, bureaucratic, Stalinist social engineering be happening in my country, Great Britain? Is this bullying of our citizens what my father and millions of others fought and many died for in WW2? Is this what millions in the free world have died to protect? 

Here – from the redoubtable and sane political observer, Polly Toynbee, are the real, balanced facts of the matter.

Protests against the bedroom tax will spring up on Saturday in at least 60 towns and cities, through a crowd-sourcing of local groups shocked by what's about to happen. Some organisers are from Labour parties – with Liam Byrne, the shadows work and pensions secretary, speaking at one in Birmingham – unions, the SNP and Plaid Cymru – but many have been spontaneously assembled, mostly by women, as people wake up to unfolding local tragedies.
With just two weeks before the arrival of a tumbril of cuts rumbling towards low-earning households, people are only now receiving letters warning what to expect. Any remaining advice services are being flooded with anxious tenants. As I listened in with the NextDoor Project, a homeless charity, almost everyone who came in was expecting to be evicted and sent far away. One distraught woman who is paid a carer's allowance for looking after her severely mentally ill brother (along with her own three children), said she would have to leave him to social services: his room would now be counted as "spare" because a brother doesn't count as family. Perverse and expensive consequences are erupting everywhere, with Labour MPs rarely, if ever, encountering such a tsunami of heart-rending cases