Friday, 30 August 2013


Just as the World sensibly decides not to escalate the war in Syria (and not to kill thousands of Syrians with western explosives in retaliation for their government killing thousands of them with chemical weapons) and we all thought it is safe to relax and take our Summer Vacations, when along comes an up to date summer survey of the rapidly melting Arctic ice along with prophecies of doom for all who live on the coastal margins.

ICEPOD, a unit of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, is tracking changes to the Greenland ice sheet. Temperatures of around 26 degrees centigrade have been recently recorded in the Arctic (North Pole) - and similar bizarre weather events are affecting the Antarctic, although it is winter at the South Pole. The high temperatures in Greenland are melting the surface of the vast ice sheets - which are 2 kilometers deep (that's a lot of water). The water forms fast flowing rivers that cut down through the ice and cause further rapid melting and movement. In 2008, NASA calculated that if the Greenland land based ice sheets melt, global sea level will rise by 24 feet, say 8 meters; and that if the southern ice melts, sea level will rise by 213 feet or 64 meters. My calculations made ten years earlier estimated that global sea level will rise 300 feet or 100 meters if all the land based ice melts. The sea level rise will be magnified by storm surges - perhaps adding up to 10% in height, requiring massive sea-walls.

So - these estimates define the coastal margins as all land up to 213 feet or 300 feet. 80% of the World's population, about 5 billion people, live on these coastal margins. Many major cities are built by the sea, on the coastal margins. London, Boston and New York are below 300 feet. Los Angeles is mostly below 300 feet, and many of its hills are old sand dunes, which will melt and slide into the sea. Florida is at sea-level. Holland is below sea level. Google Earth has a sea level counter at the bottom of the screen. 

In my view, it is too late to cool down the oceans and reverse the ice meltdown. What the world needs to plan for is the migration, to higher ground, of five billion souls - with all the infrastructure of our civilization. Sea ports, airports, roads, railways, farms, factories, power-stations, telecoms, hospitals, schools, homes etc etc - will have to be relocated. My two books spell out the immediate and long term changes as sea level rises - OUT OF THE DEPTHS and AD2516-AFTER GLOBAL WARMING (click the covers on the right of this page and/or search Amazon.

Some of us will be obsessed  by blaming "them" and ourselves, and The President, God and the Universe. But all that will simply add to the hot-air. There is no time for recriminations; take action this day, and leave the analyses of Who Dun It to the next generations of academics. Survival is the first law. There is plenty of room on higher ground - including the Arctic and Antarctic Circles (look at Google Earth) and floating Sea-Villages are being built by the Dutch, and eventually Sea-Cities will be built. It might take our primate minds off slaughtering our neighbors, forcing them into our belief systems and stealing their possessions - for a few decades. My wife and I have just been presented with the great joy of a new grandson - 3 days old at 10 am this morning. Let's fix the world for him and all our descendants. 

Noah's Flood

by Walter Pitman and William Ryan
Simon & Schuster

Ryan and Pitman paint a vivid picture of the dawn of ancient agricultural society some 7,500 years ago. The state of the Earth's climate was such that the oceans sat lower than today, and the Black Sea, cut off from the salty Mediterranean, had dried up and turned to a relatively shallow freshwater lake. Farming societies lived on the fertile lands around that sweet sea and fished in its waters, some 400 feet below the place where today the Bosporus strait runs past Istanbul, Turkey.

Saturday, 24 August 2013




The company's board has created a committee to find a new CEO

Steve Balmer, CEO of the mighty global Microsoft Corporation is quitting and the new leader "may have to create a new strategy". It is sadly probably too late to save Microsoft, a company I have stoutly defended and supported since 1985. Mr Balmer, 54, may be leaving the sinking ship just in time.

Microsoft's problems:

A month ago, MSoft withdrew support for my wife's Office software and that week her PC died with the fatal, screaming Blue Screen of Death. We are two small (separate) home business users and have been since 1985. As the virus struck, after hours of advice, we rushed out and bought her a new laptop with Windows 8 and Office 2013, which MSoft do protect.

Since 1985 we have grappled with various versions of Windows and Office. We have bought hardware and software, suffered crashes, attended courses, read books, been trained, read thousands of opinions, downloaded fixes and painfully learned how to follow the counter-intuitive logic of the programmers - so we could get our work done. We have spent thousands of hours learning how to auto-use our MSoft PC's. Up to about 2 months ago.

Then Steve Balmer commissioned merry kids to restructure all the user interfaces (UIs) - and we are lost and baffled and deeply irritated  - along with millions or billions of other business users, pensioners, disabled people, school children and all who have spent years learning the MSoft Systems. Billions of expensive learning user hours have been tossed aside without a thought. The cost of the destruction of knowledge is breathtaking - it runs to trillions of dollars. The analogy is children designing and mass producing billions of exciting cars then the buyers finding the kids have swapped the peddles around, mislabeled all the switches, disabled the brakes, sabotaged the service points, relocated the doors onto the car roof, blocked the gas tank and shorted all the wiring - just for fun.

One tiny example: For a decade I have backed up our OFFICE OUTLOOK EMAIL onto memory sticks (as .pst files). This has twice proved lifesaving after crashes, instantly restoring our email; latterly when MSoft sent my wife the Blue Screen of Death virus. I still do this backup on my Windows 7 system. Yesterday, I tried and failed to backup my wife's Office 2013 email. First, the new screen layout is bright, bright white and the lettering pale, pale grey making it almost invisible. Second, all the layouts have changed beyond recognition - it takes about 5 hours to discover where the kiddies have hidden familiar switches and about 2 years to get used to them. Third, I spent an hour following my usual routines to "Back-Up". Windows 8 cannot recognize or find "back up" - am I becoming senile? There is no MSoft HELP button. Eventually I resort to the internet to find 3 dozen sellers of "back-up" software that I have never before needed and don't trust, and 5 or six You Tube videos of How To Back Up, of mind boggling complexity, delivered at lightning kiddie speed in hoodie-street jargon. Despite my vast intelligence and 28 years experience, I failed to follow them. I then spent another hour deciphering geek talk on Forums and eventually discovered that MSoft admit they have disabled backup. They don't want customers to have back-ups - they do want us to backup on their servers in California, at a price. This is madness. This is crazed bean-counter cunning greed. This is not good business. 

AND... trying to update my MSoft stuff, I have just had messages that they are now stopping support for some of the software I use. So no doubt they will follow up with viruses to also F**** up my PC and try to force me onto the globally derided and criticized, crazy Windows 8 and Office 2013. 


Unless this "strategy" is rapidly reversed - Microsoft will lose billions of Office business users, which is their highly profitable core business. From what I read on the internet; even when MSoft get thousands of complaints, they ignore their customers. No business can treat its customers with such contempt. The clever, bearded, sandal wearing geeks and boffins at the Oxford shop that supplied my wife's PC - told us that Microsoft are intent on forcing all users onto The Cloud (in servers in California) and taking away all individual customer's control over their own private data. The geeks see this as part of the Prism, NSA, CGHQ, BT, MSoft, Google, Yahoo, Big Brother drive to record and control what we are doing.

After 28 years loyal, vociferous support for Microsoft - what can I do to restore my sanity? What are the alternatives to MSoft? What will it cost me to at last fall into the seductive embrace of inferior, academic, anaemic, pallid, precious APPLE, or walk the rugged outdoor survival path of LINUX Freeware? Do IBM still write sensible business software? Will Blackberry take over the Office Suites and provide reliable consistency? Or must we wait for the Chinese and Russians to gobble up Microsoft's core business market. Britain once boasted, long dead, ICL as a rival to Microsoft and IBM; could it raise from the grave? OR - MAYBE, Microsoft will wise up and sack the kiddies and bring back our familiar, evolving, grown-up, hard learned business tools. Can we sue for all our downtime and enforced learning curves. My time costs $1000 a day!

Oh My God! A friend has just told me that Office 2013 has totally F****d up EXCEL that I use daily, professionally, on auto-pilot. It's back to the abacus. And... where to go to find privacy and confidentiality? The End is Truly Nigh!

PS - We are peaceable, civilized seventy-year olds; but my wife has just interrupted me to help her email a photograph to her publisher on Windows 8 - masked with a lashed up partial Windows 7. She has done this a thousand times before - but crazy Windows 8 intervenes with dozens of picture routines we don't need, want or understand. The only way back to her email is to switch off the PC and start over. We have spent 15 work minutes, 30 minutes in total - and still have no understanding of the system. After 28 years of experience. Please send us a few MSoft programmers so we can repeatedly smash their heads onto the desk. It won't help the computing but will allow us to cathartically die happy. 

Will Microsoft please issue a FIX and send it to my wife. Windows XP Professional was a usable operating system. Even Windows 7 is useful. Take back your crappy Windows 8 and give her a fully functional Windows 7 - please. And destroy Office 2013 and replace it with an earlier version. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Letter to the Guardian - 22 August 2013.


“Talk of tapering by Fed exposes…” Guardian 22 Aug 2013, and other confused articles on money supply were mirrored last night on David Baddiel’s BBC Radio 4, Four Thought, in a talk about credit creation – “Where does money come from?”

 Journalists need to know that Money is simply an ephemeral intermediary “paper /digital” agent to enable any of us to buy goods or services from the Real Economy – a car, a house, a meal, a computer etc. The medieval alternative to sufficient credit and liquidity is for, say car, buyers to save for 15 years from our below Living Wages before going to the car factory in the Real Economy; which must wait 15 years before making our car, or medicine, or shoes, or book, or house etc. It is governments’ duty to ensure sufficient liquidity for our transactions (personal borrowing, debts) – which the Real Economy generates at about 1% of global GDP per annum. Currently global liquidity is paralyzed because $32 trillion (80 million jobs – 30 years production surplus) of tax-evasion-capital-flight is buried by 0.1% of the world’s people in tax-havens and is only available to the 99.9% via loan-sharks at vast, inflation causing expense. This paralysis MUST be cured by releasing or replacing the $32 trillion and allowing it to lubricate our transactions in the Real Economy.

The Anglo-Saxon Free Market system “lost” about $4 trillion in the 2008/09 bank crash (with $4 trillion increase in tax-haven accounts) – and perhaps a further $4 trillion by restricting bank-leverage (banks lending many times their assets); Quantitative Easing (printing paper money) has only replaced a few hundred billion so far. Much more liquidity is required to meet our needs in the Real Economy.

The Money-Economy ought to be nationalized globally, rationalized and regulated. All incontinent gambling by bent and deranged City bookkeepers should be banned and the Money-Economy managed on 10 IBM mainframes by a few thousand people. To start to re-boot the economy; Snowden and Manning have shown that the NSA and GCHQ have all the data about the illicit $32 trillion (much of it is from organised crime) so governments could easily repatriate it to the nations of origin. Is the “ownership” of the tax-free $32 trillion the real “Threat to Democracy” posed by the published data?

e.g. IF the UK economy built much needed new houses – say 150,000 homes at £100,000 each, to avoid the 15-25 years savings delay, the Money-Economy, the bookkeepers, MUST immediately provide an extra £15 billion (of Debt - which is also an Asset) to enable new buyers. Medieval economics would consign us all to wooden huts, rags, rickets and bubonic plague. We need inexpensive credit and debt.

Noel Hodson

Thursday, 15 August 2013


UK Labour Party Manifesto - Letter to Guardian - 14th August 2013 - from Professor John Walton.

The Labour party seems to be in search of an identity and a policy agenda (Report, 13 August). About time too. Here are some suggestions for a manifesto, all of which look like common sense.
Repeal all the coalition's NHS legislation and start all over again. Impose effective regulation of privatised utilities, capping their profits and prices. Take the railways back into public ownership as the franchises end. Abandon PFI and find ways of terminating the existing contracts. Stop privatising. It is only "efficient" at maximising profit for private vested interests. Cap rents in the private sector and begin a substantial social housing programme. Make the living wage mandatory, thereby transferring costs from the public purse to the firms who are currently subsidised by the taxpayer. Stop persecuting the unemployed and disabled, and sack Atos.
Clean out the Augean stables of HMRC, start collecting taxes from the rich and shift taxation from basic income and everyday consumption towards property. Abandon Trident and new aircraft carriers, and convert shipyards and nuclear weapons facilities to producing green energy technologies. Stop fracking. Invest in home insulation, which will reduce demand for gas and electricity and create jobs. Mount a full investigation into the illicit activities of the police and special branch, especially as directed against innocent activists. Ban lobbying and remove private interests from direct influence on government. Implement Leveson.
These are modest proposals, and should win votes. But it would be good to see a political party proposing policies because they are the right thing to do.
John Walton

I would add to Prof. Walton's list - nationalize the money-economy and cap interest at 5% to (a) greatly reduce the ludicrously high cost of the money-economy and (b) reduce most prices by 25%, being the money-economy element in most price-chains. And globally repatriate the $32 trillion (80 million jobs) from tax-havens. 

I marvel at and admire all politicians who tip-toe along the top of the narrow fence of democracy - but actually get things done. I understand that elections are about winning the half-witted, unthinking, uneducated floating voters - not about preaching to the converted. But I share the feelings of UK socialists who express anxiety, bewilderment and anger at The Labour Party, which has been sitting on the fence while the Tories break up the National Health Service, to sell cheaply in pieces to the US insurance industry, and try to break up the BBC to give to their Australian offshore pal, Murdoch. The Labour Party could announce that whatever changes are made by the Tories will be immediately reversed in full without compensation. That would sabotage private funding, by adding huge risk. Why don't they do this?

My personal view of Labour Leader, Prime Minister in waiting, Ed Miliband is that he lacks the iron in the soul to be a leader, a statesman, and by heavens We The People urgently need statesmen and women. Ed Miliband seems too civilized to be passionately angry on behalf of his followers. I cannot cast him in the role of an inspired leader. We need inspired and inspiring leaders. Inspired means having breathed in the spirit.  

I fear that he and his brother David, are intellectual Trust Fund Babes, who have never struggled, are professional politicians who care little about injustice - but care about elections - and, my worst fear is that they are like Tony Blair, public school reared, closet and natural Tories, career  politicians, in the pockets of The City and Wall Street and most probably have offshore and tax-haven assets. The assets buried in tax-havens are wrecking the world's economy. The OECD is infiltrated and saturated by Tax-Haven sleepers and sycophants. $32 trillion buys a lot of friends. 

If my paranoid suspicions are wrong (but my assessment of turncoat, offshore Tony Blair was correct), if the Milibands are socialistic at heart, like their father seemed to be, I still cannot imagine either of them being selfless, heroic leaders. If they are - they need to cast off their sheep's clothing and attack. The tacit Justice War is between the parasitic 0.1% offshore, who want nothing to change, and the 99.9% onshore - who are working to build a better future.

Will Ed make changes? It will never happen.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Letter to the Guardian - 4th August 2013.


Deborah Orr writes of stasis and despair and the uselessness of reviving the Loads ‘O Money and Greed is Good disgraced financial system (Tell me, exactly when did idealism become a criminal offence? Guardian 3 Aug 13). 

Wall Street experts estimate that 9.1 million persons (0.1% of population) hold $32 trillion (80 million lost jobs) in tax-havens – outside the system that the other 99.9% of us rely on. This vast sum is the cream, the 1% top slice liquidity of the global economy earned since 1980 (Big Bang Monetarism). The “owners” hide it, don’t need it, resist all change, will not invest it, and only lend it back to us via Wonga at 5,000%, VISA and Mastercard etc. at 36% and a few business loans at 7.5% - against a Base Rate of 0.5% (10,000 down to 15 times profits). 

Now that we know that the NSA and GCHQ know all our secrets; government could and should repatriate the tax-evasion-capital-flight under old, existing laws (The City PR machine falsely claims new laws are needed; to protect the 9.1 million false accounting culprits, like Berlusconi, from jail). When the $32 trillion is invested back into the major economies, from whence it came, into new, intelligent, science-led, clean, long term global improvements – then the vastly underused spare human hours (we work 80,000 of  a possible 230,000 hours – no wonder we are obese) will be re-mobilised and the global real-economy (real stuff, not crooked, destructive paper transactions) will be re-booted. 

If the 0.1% won’t co-operate and can’t be gouged out of their offshore bunkers, then government must cancel all paper wealth and start over with a new world currency and new low cost Money-Economy system, e.g. sweeping out 1.3 million financial fiddlers in the UK, replaced by 10 mainframe computers. 

Deborah Orr is right – the old system is useless and decaying. Good politicians will direct what nations must make and do next in the Real-Economy. A great future awaits us, if we can lever our overweight selves up from our hot pink armchairs, ditch the TV remote, switch on our brains and get back to work. Where are the visionary Statesmen and Women?  

Life is short (how many weekends have YOU got left?) so let’s get on with it. Action This Day - Send the Gunboats into the tax-havens now!

Monday, 5 August 2013


To Letters at New Scientist 5 Aug 2013.

§                            05 August 2013 by Michael Brooks
§                            Magazine issue 2928. Subscribe and save
§                            For similar stories, visit the Quantum World Topic Guide

As for the past 50 years, I am most grateful to New Scientist’s excellent contributors who translate, condense and interpret the impenetrable papers of deep science and render it accessible to me; as does Michael Brooks on 3rd August, writing on entangled photons and quantum conundrums.

Starting, as Michael Brooks does, with half-mirrors or beam-splitters, which create two entangled outgoing photons from one incoming photon; it is surely time for a new perspective of the 100 year old puzzle of “spooky action at a distance”. It is explicable if the energetic causation event is, as we know it in fact is, a radio broadcast which creates an expanding sphere of identifiable, thus data carrying, waves which expand into a pre-existing structured Aether-Space-Time energy field (Aether-Matrix). Similar to the telephone and electricity carrier waves along wires exciting in-situ electrons, the expanding sphere (say one photon power) excites in-situ nodes in the Aether-Matrix, which like stem cells can be moulded to a variety of identities; depending on the information in the expanding, energetic wave-form sphere – in this case forming those virgin nodes into what we observe as photons. Thus, at any point on or in the expanding sphere, when we look, we see photons. We find photons on one side of the sphere apparently moving but in fact propagating and illuminating nodes in situ at the speed of light; and equally find photons on the opposite side of the expanding sphere propagating at the speed of light in the opposite direction. These photons are in fact apparently moving apart at twice the speed of light, though what is moving are the broadcast waves from the original event. The broadcast is what we observe - the broadcast is what we "see" that informs us about the particle (or of any phenomena in the universe).

When we observe or measure a "photon", or any similar sub-atomic particle, we are actually intercepting and impacting the radio (light) broadcasting sphere. Our interception changes the characteristics of the expanding waves - and thus of the equal and opposite "entangled" particle that is racing away from its twin at twice the speed of light. They are both travelling in opposite directions at the speed of light. We alter the wave on one side of the sphere - a field - which immediately changes the waves on the other side. - QED.

For virgin nodes to exist in the Aether-Matrix, in the “pure and formless” energy that most physics insist underlies all phenomena, we can imagine, and find in fact, intersecting broadcast spheres of waves from all phenomena, from every energetic event, from sub-atomic to super novae to human thoughts. It is these almost infinite numbers of intersecting waveforms that structure the universal Aether-Matrix fundamental energy field – which science has omitted to factor in since Einstein. The Aether-Matrix is constantly in-formed and re-formed by all events – and because it is a field, not bounded, the information is available in all zones of the field. Let’s celebrate the not so dumb Victorian’s Aether.

Because the Aether-Matrix irrefutably exists – it must, to conduct the propagation of your favourite episode of Coronation Street to the horizon of the observable universe; and all the great thoughts of the whole human race and our vitally important mobile phone messages – and because of Hubble Expansion - the mathematics of an original energetic event impacting on eagerly anticipatory virgin-nodes as spherical broadcasts passing at (propagating at) the speed of light spin the nodes on their axis as the universe constantly expands; are complicated. Not hidden, not unknowable to we humans who are ourselves woven from this stuff; not requiring an infinite number of universes and indefinable dimensions, but very complicated. But then, so are our brains very complicated – and there are billions of us - so we are probably up to the task. More thought is required.

Michael Brooks’s report on non-causality using the deceptively simple but logic-maze-like Bob and Alice interactions, simply panics me as did; 3 men with two buckets fill a bath in 4 days how long will it take… etc when I was five years old. So I will simply rely for now on human common sense – reliable because we are made of the mysterious stuff of the universe - that time flows forwards and events do have causes, and that we act wilfully and sometimes consciously and occasionally intelligently.

In between the spooky photons and the time travelling non-causal random sub-atomic world, Michael Brooks slips in a piece of utterly reliable, rock solid science – The Laws of Thermodynamics. I have no difficulty accepting that heat always flows from hot things to cold things everywhere in our extraordinary universe (let’s exclude black-holes for the moment). What is missing from these heat-flow theories however is the most obvious and most ignored fundamental force in the universe – The Life Force. We see it everywhere, but we dismiss it as an anomalous exception, an embarrassing temporary interloper that science has pitched out into the Exterior Darkness Where There Will Be Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth. We have told the messy, intrusive Life-Force to Go to Hell. I recently looked at human conception and birth: a single fertilized cell multiplies itself in nine months into 2 trillion cells and organises itself into a human baby. Apart from the mind-boggling organisation involved – making 2 trillion cells requires collecting a lot of heat. Life condenses heat. The heat flows from cooler environments into warmer ones. In space, vast clouds of freezing cold gases comprised of shivering isolated little atoms drift together to make enormous stars that burst into flames, plasma and super-novae at temperatures beyond our imaginations. There is no scientific evidence that the “natural” or end state of our universe is a cold featureless soup – as allegedly forecast by the Laws of Thermodynamics. There is a mass of evidence to the contrary. Stuff in the universe from the merest wisps of quarks to colliding galaxies and at all stages between organise into structures and condense heat. The conditions for creation are the natural order of our universe. From these ever occurring hot-spots Life emerges. The Life Force is not factored into quantum theories. It is time it was.

There are other forces and phenomena that science chooses to bone-headedly exclude. Perhaps we humans are limited in the speed of our cooperative intellectual processing and absorption of and manipulation of new information and comprehension. The Greeks knew a thing or two; including that the Sun orbited the Earth – then 2,000 years later Renaissance thinkers risked burning at the stake to say the Planets go round the Sun; Isaac Newton figured out gravity and 400 years on we found the ancient Greeks were a bit right about atoms. Pause for breath, rest and reflection – and the next phase will come. But for now, to work our way through the blockade that The Quantum Theory posits – at least factor in The Aether-Matrix and The Life Force. They are both logically undeniable and scientifically testable. We need these new perspectives.  

PS - My big TOE, my Theory of Everything, is a speculation based on another largely ignored major factor that is probably a universal constant, Hubble Expansion. Named EIG - Expansion is Gravity; it is a theory to tackle the riddles of Gravity, Dark Energy and Dark Matter.     
details at

Saturday, 3 August 2013


Lynton Crosby and David Cameron have devised a strategy to win support from the ignorant, Neo-Nazi thuggish dross in the Tory Party and the gutters and alleyways of Britain.

Crosby's racist plan worked in Australia, winning the last election, so why wouldn't it work in Britain?

It won't work, cobber, me old sport, because, before you were born, Britons and Americans and all other civilized nations, including Australia - fought the evil of Nazi racist domination, and millions suffered and died over nine years of battle, and another twenty years recovering from depression and debt, to rid the world of this primitive, tribal hatred.

Go Home Crosby!   

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Update 19 Aug 2013 - UK spooks hold travelers like David Miranda for 9 hours of interrogation in London airports. These arrest powers apply to all UK ports. You might like to re-route via Paris, or Brussels, Rome or Siberia - to save time. 

TOTAL SURVEILLANCE - The Guardian newspaper prints another exclusive scoop today; telling us about X-KEYSCORE which is the search engine used by spies to spy on Americans and all of us - from their desks. They do know everything about all internet users- about 3 billion people - and are legally permitted (in USA law) under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act FISA to track anyone without specific warrants, oversight or permission.

UPDATE - 2 Aug 13. Another exclusive for The Guardian, detailing NSA and GCHQ partnership. And the Guardian's informant, saint or sinner Edward Snowden, gets Putin's protection.  As they say, or used to say, "Read All About It! Also - Silvio Berlusconi is guilty of 2002-03 $7 million tax-evasion, with a 4 year sentence (he won't go into prison) which debars him from political office. He has 3 more trails pending. If "They" can get Signor Berlusconi for past false-accounting - they can get anyone. Move your assets back on-shore, before the knock on the door.

[ Update - 3 August 2013 - Yet another exclusive for the Guardian (is this the best newspaper in the world?) reporting that all global telephone companies on government orders intercept all telephone traffic - conversations, emails, internet use - and store 21 Petabytes every day - the equivalent of 192 times The British Library contents - daily. In summary - Big Brother uses PRISM, Tempora, X-Keyscore, and "Exceptionally controlled information" from "intercept partners" (the telecos). In Britain GCHQ calls it Mastering the Internet and Global Telecoms Exploitation. Next will come THE THOUGHT POLICE. The Spanish Inquisition would be slavering with lust and envy.]  Use the Guardian Link  

The NSA/ CIA/ FBI / All Big Telecos / Your Local Parking Enforcer / The School Janitor / Your Neighbors; and all others who secretly read your emails etc;  have back tracked on claims made to the Senate that hacking the history of telephone conversations has stopped large numbers (maybe 50 in 10 years) of global terrorist attacks. In Britain the big idiot-crowd-pleasing excuse for The Thought Police is massed pedophiles murdering millions of innocent children, trapped via the internet (11 children a year - killed mostly by their parents). 

GCHQ Cheltenham, UK - 6,132 staff
monitoring telecommunications.
What is surprising to me, is that Capitol Hill must know who is hiding an estimated $32 trillion (80 million jobs) offshore; and in these frugal cash-strapped times the Senators ought to have passed the information to the IRS - who ought to be recovering the ill-gotten gains or tax-evasion-capital-flight, to pay off the fiscal deficits of all OECD countries - including America's $16 trillion "Fiscal Cliff". When France got hold of the names of HSBC offshore accounts in Zurich, they shared the data with OECD nations, revealing that Greek millionaires had hidden billions in 2,058 secret Swiss accounts. 

Now that we know that they know - will governments repatriate the tax-evasion-capital-flight for investment into national industries - and reboot the global economy? And if not; why not? My guess is that the majority of top people - in every walk of life - are complicit in tax-evasion. And $32 trillion buys a lot of friends. But, by law, all the "Funny-Money" can be tax assessed and brought home - pending the "owners" proof that it is all tax-paid and legal. Now would be a good time.