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Updated 2nd October 2013.
Poor losers - Republicans take their ball away.
Congress, Senate and White House Gridlock.


As ever - its all about a tiny minority ripping off the majority. The GOP faction, like tapeworms secreted into the guts of the nation, are desperate to maintain their parasitical blood sucking revenues from their worried-well and chronically-sick neighbors.

A handful of knuckle dragging survivalists, launched and fed by the financial beneficiaries of the most expensive, least available health system in all the OECD countries, are shutting down the US government at street level. The Tea Party and other extremist GOP bloodsuckers are protecting their system of creaming off the massive revenues of America's medieval Health Service; that denies access to 50 million poorer citizens. 

ObamaCare - The Affordable Care Act, passed 3 years ago, approved by the Supreme Court, affirmed by Obama winning  a second term, becomes law on 1st October 2013.

But not if the primitive back woodsmen and woodswomen can sabotage the entire US system of democratic government  - to force the whole nation to abandon modern public medicine for all; to consign the sick to the gutters, there to spread incurable TB and to die in pain and penury. Most Americans don't know that the Christian parable of the Good Samaritan is a communist plot to bring down America; but The Tea Party are spreading the word. 

The lobbyists behind the desperate and spiteful campaign are acting for all those who make millions and billions from the status-quo. Half the costs of the American health system go to Wall Street and the tax-havens. The hateful rage expressed by the noisy minority is an attempt to protect their lucrative, overflowing rice-bowls; if a few million (50 million with no health cover) fellow Americans have to die in misery or become homeless to feed this snake-oil pipeline flowing with milk and honey be it.


"I’ve often said that the Affordable Care Act is the end of the beginning of reform. Starting tomorrow, October 1, 2014, that law will signify the beginning of the end of the health insurance industry as we know it.
As I’ve noted previously, my former CEO at Cigna said at a leadership retreat that what kept him up at night was the fear that big health insurance corporations might someday be viewed as unnecessary middlemen, that their “value proposition” would come under scrutiny and found to be wanting. That insurance companies would, to use his term, be disintermediated.
That day has arrived."  - Wendell Potter 2nd October 2013.   

                         22 September 2013 by Hal Hodson (no relation)  New Scientist Magazine issue 2935
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People can now insure one another in peer-to-peer networks and do away with big insurance companies and premiums

INSURANCE is an unfortunate fact of life. We pay large premiums to cover ourselves for bad events that often never happen. But there is another way. An online insurance firm called Peercover lets groups of people insure each other on their own terms and at a fraction of the cost.

If it works don't fix it. If it doesn't work - its time for change. The US has become ungovernable - it is time to reform the checks and balances that bring gridlock. And at the same time they should clean out the Augean Stables of crooked bookkeepers, deeply embedded in the system, and repatriate the $16 trillion of US money estimated to be buried in tax-havens. It coincidentally matches the nation's Fiscal Cliff Deficit ..And would easily pay for ObamaCare for the foreseeable future decades. 

It is time for change.


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Update - 2nd Oct 2013.
The Daily Mail, Britain's most popular right-wing newspaper has, I think, shot itself in both feet - and chopped its own legs off for good measure. It has launched a playground bullies attack on Ed Miliband's deceased father Ralph Miliband - calling him "AN EVIL LEGACY" and "A MAN WHO HATED BRITAIN" - and publishing a picture of his grave (d. 1994) in London with a ribald caption. 

The attack has been described as cheap, nasty and below the belt. Ed Miliband, usually a mild mannered man, has hit back, calling the articles AN APPALLING LIE. They are of course gutter press lies of the most basic sort, to smear Ed Miliband. 

Ralph Miliband was a highly respected Jewish socialist historian, who fled from the Nazi's and fought in the British Navy - including D-Day landings - risking his life for the Britain he loved.

In stark contrast, the founder of the Daily Mail, Viscount Rothermere, whose family still owns the newspaper, strongly backed and promoted the British Union of Fascists, the infamous Oswald Moseley Blackshirts, and was an apologist for Hitler, who he tried to appease to avoid war. He did not risk his life as a combatant, though The Daily Mail have claimed the family lost two sons in World War 1.

IN THE 1930'S.

The British dislike gutter politics and particularly dislike attacks on politicians' families. This Bad News policy, designed to drive up circulation, doggedly pursued by editor Paul Dacre  who is widely considered "a foul mouthed bully" will lose The Daily Mail both readers and advertisers. 

This major spat between Dacre and Miliband has sidelined my radical article on Miliband not being socialistic enough. Ho Hum! but here's what I said a few days ago:


A socialist manifesto - 26 Sept 2013 - I applaud Ed Miliband* finding his voice (Talking loud, saying something – Guardian 26 Sept 2013) but his timid tinkering is not yet tackling the important issues that would win my vote. 

UK illiquidity can be fixed by taxing our $3 trillion tax-haven assets, of the global $32 trillion siphoned out via false accounting. FALSE ACCOUNTING - US & UK SENTENCES

Statutory robust Living-Wages will address inequality – with 90% tax on incomes over £250,000. 

BIRTHRIGHT – giving every citizen shares in all our businesses will correct “obscene profits” and capital wealth distribution, via informed democratic corporate processes. 

Voting on Issues – not for Parties - will create independent MPs and abolish the cumbersome primitive two party, self-enriching gang system. 

 Immediately; Labour can sabotage the NHS (National Health Service) and other sell-offs by pledging to cheaply re-nationalise, scaring away “Free Market” investors (the world’s 7th largest economy does not need to borrow back our own money. Just close the tax-havens). 

The entire money-bank-system (The City) should be nationalised and run on computers by a few hundred clerks. 

We should make and profitably export clean sea, sun and wind energy; and invest massively in intelligent export manufacturing, education, science, medicine, robots, computers, food, space and ocean exploration – we need to make things that create millions of “brainy” jobs. 

We must aim for Global Intelligent Cooperation. That would put the “Great” back in Britain.

(Mr) Noel Hodson, Oxford, UK

*Ed Miliband is leader of the Labour Party, who will fight the next election in 2015. To date, they have kept their Manifesto so secret that most Britons believe that Labour have no policies and are wandering in the wilderness - perhaps for 40 years. Both Ed and his brother David are "professional" politicians; privately educated, never worked outside of politics; probably never had a mortgage, bank loan or overdrawn credit card - but claim to be "of the people" and for the people. 

A study by James S. Henry, former chief economist at McKinsey & Company, estimates that wealthy individuals have $21 trillion to $32 trillion in private financial wealth tucked away in offshore havens — roughly equivalent to the size of the U.S. and Japanese economies combined.

Months before war, Rothermere said Hitler's work was superhuman
by Richard Norton-Taylor
THE proprietor of the Daily Mail sent a series of supportive and congratulatory telegrams to Nazi Germany's leaders, including Hitler, just months before the second world war, papers released today reveal.

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UPDATE 30 SEP 2013 - Messi heads for prison? "The greatest footballer in the world", Lionel Messi, who is paid $16 million a year by Barcelona and much more by his advertising sponsors, has ripped off his largely unemployed fans (60% of young Spaniards can't get jobs - general unemployment is 26%) by defrauding the treasury. He used false accounting and offshore companies in Belize and Uruguay to fiddle $4.2 million in 2009 tax. Despite paying $8.4 million to repatriate that money plus current due taxes - Messi still faces prison. So far, the 323 goals that Messi has scored for Barcelona have made him so popular that the courts hesitate to jail him. The lesson is that tax fraudsters, such as the recently published 130,000 British Virgin Island account holders, should rapidly learn to score goals. He is trying to do a deal to pay $20 million and avoid (or evade?) prison. 


As several influential global groups press for the $32 trillion buried in tax-havens by "clever" business persons and cunning accountants and lawyers to be repatriated - I decided to check what the culprits are risking in law. It transpires to be a very large risk; including massive fines and prison.

Having had a career as an auditor and tax-accountant, the boldness of today's advisers in telling their clients to simply keep two sets of books and to make up false (tax deductible) invoices has astonished me. The schemes to siphon profits and capital to tax-havens are so obviously fraudulent and simplistic that I started to assume that most OECD countries had scrapped all their false-accounting and fraud laws. 

But they have not. The clients and advisers are just taking chances with their wealth and freedom. Severe penalties are still applied and numbers of tax-evaders have recently been convicted. 

Would you take such risks -even for the vast amounts of cash involved? I remain astonished at the courage of the clients and professionals. I wonder which of them are foolish and heroic enough to append their signatures to the false tax-returns?

US - Tax fraud penalties  Wikipedia [edit source | editbeta]

Intentional filing of materially false tax returns is considered tax fraud, and is a criminal offence. Any person convicted of committing tax fraud, or aiding and abetting another in committing tax fraud, may be subject to forfeiture of property [28] and/or jail time.[29] Conviction and sentencing is through the court system. Responsibility for prosecution falls to the U.S. Department of Justice not the Internal Revenue Service.
Penalties may be assessed against tax protesters who raise arguments that income tax laws are not valid or for filing frivolous returns or court petitions.[30]

Tax adviser penalties[edit source | editbeta]

Penalties also apply to persons who promote tax shelters[31] or who fail to maintain and disclose lists of reportable transactions their customers or clients for those transactions.[32] These monetary penalties can be severe.

e.g. US Case Study - Beanie Babies billionaire: 
The creator of Beanie Babies stuffed animals has agreed to pay a $53 million penalty after being accused of federal tax evasion for failing to report millions in income that he earned through a secret offshore bank account, his attorney and prosecutors said.
As prosecutors in Chicago announced the charge against H. Ty Warner, his defense lawyer issued a statement Wednesday saying the 69-year-old billionaire intended to plead guilty and pay the massive penalty.
“We encourage taxpayers to think of the serious consequences, including possible criminal penalties, for willfully presenting false information on their federal tax returns,” James C. Lee, Special Agent-in-Charge of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division in Chicago, said in a news release. “All taxpayers must honor their obligation to report all of their income and pay all of the taxes they owe.”
Warner, who lives in suburban Chicago and is the sole owner of TY Inc., still faces the prospect of time behind bars. A conviction on a federal tax evasion charge carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

Relevant sentencing Guidelines - UK

False Accounting

R v CLARK [1998] 2 Cr. App. R. (S.) 95
Guideline Breach of Trust Case
Save in very exceptional circumstances, where a person in a position of trust, for example an accountant, a solicitor, a bank employee or a postman has used his trusted and privileged position to defraud his partners, clients employers or the general public of sizeable sums of money immediate imprisonment is inevitable unless there are exceptional circumstances or the amount of money involved is very small. The amount defrauded is an important factor and the following guidelines apply where the sums involved are:
  • Less than £17,500 up to 21 months imprisonment
  • £17,500 to £100,000 - 2-3 years
  • £100,000 to £250,000 - 3-4 years
  • £250,000 to £1 million - 5-9 years
  • £1 million or more - 10 years +
R v KEFFORD (MARK JAMES) [2002] 2 Cr. App. R. (S.) 106
For economic crimes, alternative sentences to imprisonment could be appropriate punishment.

Cheating The Public Revenue (Common Law)

Date produced: 5 July 2011
Title: Financial crime
Offence: Cheating the public revenue
Legislation: Common Law
Commencement date: N/A
Mode of Trial: Indictable Only
Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: Unlimited custody or fine

Evading Liability by Deception

Date produced: 5 July 2011
Title: Financial crime
Offence: Evading Liability by Deception
Legislation: s.2 Theft Act 1978
Commencement date: This section is repealed as from 15.1.2007 by the FRAUD ACT 2006, however under transitional provisions this section is still applicable to offences where the offence was partly committed before 15th January 2007 - see section14(2) and schedule 2 of the Fraud Act for detailed provisions.
Mode of Trial: Either Way
Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: 5 years

Fraud by Failing to Disclose Information

Date Produced: 5 July 2011
Title: Financial crime
Offence: Fraud by Failing to Disclose Information
Legislation: S3 Fraud Act 2006
Commencement Date: 15/1/07
Mode of Trial: Either Way
Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty: 10 years imprisonment
Sentencing Range: New offence - likely to be variable - see s1 Theft Act and obtaining offences.

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18 SEPT 2013 ...and here is the full scandalous story, courtesy of investigative journalists at Private Eye, London - 20th Sept edition. The BIG 4 auditors (we are supposed to trust) are the major tax-planners AND are embedded in high government offices - that make the tax rules. Private Eye names some major players. The UK government has 130,000 BVI and 6,000 Zurich HSBC and 3,000 other UK names of tax-evasion assets in tax-havens - but will not tax them? 

Ever been had? Never before on this scale of fraudulent conspiracy; $32 trillion removed from our economies and buried in tax-havens. Does it make you angry?

Tax, Lies and Videotape - BBC 16 SEPT 13.

Duration: 30 minutes
The government says it is cracking down on tax avoidance and evasion, but does the tough talk really stand up to scrutiny? Panorama goes undercover in the City to investigate the truth about UK tax policy. The programme discovers how London is still home to the tax avoidance industry and how new laws could allow big companies to avoid billions in tax. Show less

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These tragic stories demonstrate that the world's financial system is dominated by drug crazed, brain washed, once talented and intelligent, but now wasted, lunatics. These mad people are the cream of the industry, trusted to gamble with billions and trillions of our money. Are they good at it? Do they do any good for the world? Absolutely not. We, We The People, We the Taxpayers, are still paying off their 2009 gambling losses - of $3 trillion; which is equivalent to 8 million decent real jobs for 10 years.
The techniques used by their employers to break any ethical, conscience led behavior - so that like the child soldiers in the Congo, they will slaughter or cheat their families, neighbors and friends and entire nations - are the same techniques used in brain-washing and torture. Sleep deprivation, continuous light and noise, massive drug overdoses, bullying, social isolation, no love or pity, crammed with gross amounts of "approved" data, disorienting (error strewn) arithmetic formulas, and fiercely imposed cult values. Their minds are filled with cult economic claptrap - killing their natural humanity and empathy.

Many survive with their lives - long enough to grab several million dollars for themselves, banked offshore tax-free, gouged from the pockets of workers and consumers in the Real Economy. But as Professor Alexandra Michel (below) makes clear - they are damaged for life. To do the Wall Street or City jobs "well" they have to be turned into psychotic sociopaths; made mentally ill.

Every cent or penny this crazed Money-Economy industry "earns" is loaded onto global prices for the rest of us to pay. When their ill considered, over complex, algorithmic incomprehensible bets go wrong - all their fellow citizens, the despised "ordinary simple folk" pay through our tax-dollars.

It is the Real-Economy that generates all the wealth in the world. These sad clowns are just bookkeepers - who are supposed to keep accurate records of the Real Economy. But, they are trained to distort the books - keep two sets of books - and cheat the world. We don't need them - the world has computers - these sad lunatics are an expensive sickness we should cure and eliminate - and put the books straight. Repatriate the $32 trillion these madmen and mad women have buried in tax havens. NOW would be a good time.


This BBC Report on the subject cannot be improved on:

12 September 2013 Last updated at 00:25

Pushed to the limit as a banking intern

Last month, 21-year-old intern Moritz Erhardt died while nearing the end of a summer placement at an investment bank in the City of London. Reports suggested he had worked for three days and nights in the run-up to his death, and the incident has prompted a review of the working conditions for junior staff at the bank where he worked.

One former intern and junior banker who worked in the City of London spoke to Radio 4's The Report about his experience. You hear questions in interviews about how hard do you work, are you willing to put in the hours, are you willing to stay late? The answer we'd always look for when we were interviewing candidates was "as hard as is necessary". But you only really understand what goes on when you get on to the desk and you sit there on your first day and you see the clock. It's nine at night, and no-one has left. The clock hits 10, 11 and 12 and still everyone is there.

You are told you stay and you work until the work gets done. But the problem there is that the work always keeps coming. I ended up doing an all-nighter in my first week as an intern, which is when you start work at nine, you stay until five or six the next morning, you go home, have a quick shower and then head back into the office and continue working. And I think the really bizarre thing about that is, as an intern, you're almost functionally useless to your desk. You're not really adding anything, you're not really doing anything, you're just one more warm body.

But because everyone else on the team is doing it, the expectation is that you are there and you are willing to be there at the same time even if all you are doing is looking over someone's shoulder. I've lost count of the number of times I did that as an intern.
Within six months of starting, I was looking for another job because I knew that I couldn't keep it up.

Substance abuse 

Alexandra Michel, professor of management and organisation at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, studied a cohort of bankers for nine years. After four years, she observed that many of them who had worked 100-120 hours a week suffered from chronic back pain, auto-immune diseases and insomnia.
Performance also suffered. While technical skills like doing complex sums were unaffected, she says creativity, judgement and ethical sensitivity declined after four years of working long hours. Prof Michel also identified problems with addiction, anxiety, depression and other health complaints that could not be diagnosed but were induced by stress.
First of all, you can just roll with it, be incredibly sleep-deprived and function far below normal. The second way is you can try and get what sleep you can and that involves stuff like finding a cubicle in the toilet and leaning against the wall and sleeping for 20 minutes there.

A friend had this technique of putting a book or some papers on her desk, putting her hands to either side of her head and then she would have her hair fall in front of her head. You couldn't see that she was actually fast asleep. And the third way, and one which is, I think, increasingly common, is you use a sort of substance to help you stay up. 

Lots and lots of people, particularly Americans, will use Adderall, Ritalin and Modafinil. Adderall and Ritalin are ADHD drugs and Modafinil is an anti-narcoleptic which basically shuts off your brain's desire to sleep.

The first two are prescription-only and I think people either have friends who have prescriptions and buy through them or, in the case of Modafinil, you can basically find a website and it will be shipped to you from East Asia. I took Modafinil I'd say four to five times a week during busy periods. It feels a bit like you have had a cup of coffee but without the jittery effects coffee gives you and you just stay quite steady, quite focused, quite alert. 

You notice yourself become less functional mentally, so you can feel your abilities drop off but there's none of the tiredness which normally accompanies that.
I would just be a lot more prone to getting into verbal arguments with people, having a few fights with my girlfriend, and just a lot more defensive about everything I was Doing. Blackberry smashed There was one evening where I said to the senior guy I was working under: "Look, I'm going out to dinner for an hour. This is the name of the restaurant. This is where my table is. It's for a family 50th birthday. I have to be there and I'm coming straight back." During dinner I started getting angry emails on my Blackberry saying, "Where are you? Come back to the office now." I went back and the guy was so angry that I'd stepped out that he hurled a Blackberry across the room. It hit a glass wall and smashed. A few of the mid-level guys took me aside and said: "He's not very happy. You need to up your game a bit. You need to be more available." In these sorts of places you get a reputation if you're not happy and willing and accessible. 

The banker spoke to The Report's Phil Kemp.
You can hear more about his story and others like him in The Report: Sleepless in the City on Radio 4 at 20:00 on Thursday 12 September.

 Generic image of a stressed businessman

 Related Stories City intern death prompts review City intern death sparks debate

Alexandra Michel

Alexandra Michel, professor of management and organisation at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business.
Market Watch

Bank of America intern dies after pulling multiple all-nighters to impress bosses

August 20, 2013, 9:36 AM - A 21-year-old intern working at Bank of America in the firm’s London office over the summer has died, according to media reports. Moritz Erhardt was part of a seven-week internship in the firm’s investment banking division and it was towards the end when he apparently collapsed in the shower in his apartment, according to a report in the London Evening Standard.
Reports suggest Erhardt had epilepsy and may have had a seizure. Erhardt had been working very long hours in his internship, as much as 15 hours a day, according to several media reports. Authorities are treating the death as non-suspicious. Students said Erhardt could have collapsed from exhaustion.


Swiss labour watchdog inspects Goldman Sachs over working hours

Goldman Sachs’s offices in Zurich were inspected by a labour watchdog following a complaint by an employee group that it kept inadequate records of working hours and overtime.
In Switzerland, the financial crisis has piled additional pressure on employees in a traditionally fast-paced industry, which generates 6 per cent of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Reuters 12 Sept 2013

Ackermann rejects blame for 'tragic' Wauthier suicide

Speaking to reporters in Berlin at the presentation of a biography that depicts him as a hard-driving perfectionist, the former Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) CEO described the death of Pierre Wauthier as a "very tragic event".

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SADLY:- The HIGGS does not confer mass, says CERN; at least not much mass "approximately a fingernail of mass compared to the whole human body"







HIGGS BOSON EXPLAINED - 2                                                                                                         
HIGGS BOSON AND CUSTARD                                                                                                               

GRAVITY AND IMMORTALITY                                                                                                               



Whatever happened to those Wall Street and City of London "Masters of the Universe"?

"We are doing quite well, thank you kindly."

Richard Fuld, former CEO of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.Fuld earned about $69.5 million in 2007, the year before Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy in Sept. 2008. From 2000 to 2007, he was awarded about $889.5 million and cashed out about $529 million of that before the company went bankrupt. He owns homes in Greenwich, Connecticut, Jupiter Island, Florida, and a ranch in Sun Valley, Idaho. Fuld has since started a consulting firm called Matrix Advisors LLC.ption

Meanwhile, the plague of executive parasites and tape-worms who suck their organisations dry then crawl off to tax-havens, as the corporations founder with immense debts, has spread to London. The master thieves, organised crime operating at its best, have even infested the public service sector. Are there any large organisations in the world that are not run by covens of fraudulent conspirators, whose aim is to steal from the company  - backed by crooked auditors and lawyers? This letter responding to a scandal at the BBC tells a very British tale: 

9 SEPT 2013 - Dear Sir - The BBC executives took money that was not contractually or legally theirs (BBC HEARING Pieces of Silver Guardian 10 Sept 2013). That was theft. If several executives were accessories to the crime, then it was a fraudulent conspiracy – of, I heard on BBC radio, £25 million - (today updated to an estimated £60 million). Such raids on corporate funds by officers whose main duty is to protect the integrity, structure and future of their organisations, have become commonplace since 1980. 

The BBC scandal coincides with a record £14 million fine on Deloitte, for malpractice as auditors of MG Rover, where 4 directors gouged out £42 million before collapsing the company, owing £1.4 billion to employees and suppliers – more theft. All such “rewards”, often paid via tax-havens, should be confiscated as proceeds of crime and the thieves and advisers jailed for decades. White collar crime damages nations more than any other. Most of the conspirators are left to freely enjoy their ill-gotten gains.

Not only do these exemplars of sociopathic, executive greed steal hundreds of times more than they could ever need or spend, but they also siphon out their loot via tax-havens, paying nothing back to society and depleting national treasuries via tax-evasion-capital-flight - destroying millions of jobs. It is time to get angry, jail the criminals and cap executive "rewards". In Britain, recovering from World War Two in the 1950's, struggling for social justice, top slices of such high incomes were taxed at 95% (sur-tax and super-tax) - and Britain experienced mercurial economic growth and full employment.

Saturday, 7 September 2013


Death of the Higgs
SADLY:- The HIGGS does not confer mass, says CERN; at least not much mass "approximately a fingernail of mass compared to the whole human body"

Letter to New Scientist - 7th September 2013.

Jon Butterworth’s Instant Expert,The Higgs Boson, New Scientist, 7 Sept 2013, is the clearest article I have read on The Higgs; and gives a good short summary of The Standard Model. He asks “What makes matter”?

My view is that there is no unbridgeable divide between energy and matter, micro and macro, there is a single universe and an organising principle which manifests in life forms and all phenomena - The Lifeforce.

Our daughter had a 34 weeks premature baby 11 days ago, which reminded me that a single fertilized ovum or cell, the size of a typed full-stop, drew energy from the mother to create and organize 2 trillion more cells and make a (very beautiful) new 4 lbs 10 oz life-form. He will grow into a 100 trillion celled, hairy 6ft 2in rugby prop forward and then an old man, like me; in the process of, say, 80 years, consuming 70 tons of food (energy) and several tons of air (energy) and an allegedly weightless amount of sunlight (which logically is not weightless). But, he will remain identifiable, as his template concentrates and dissipates these tons of energy.

It seems to me that all phenomena of every size, from Quarks to galaxies, are similarly dissipative organisations, governed by ever evolving universal templates. Where are these templates? I now think they exist and persist as data-dense (far more data-dense than DNA), legible radio (electromagnetic /light) waves in what pre-Einstein science called the Aether and which I now refer to as the Aether-Matrix.

The sentient baby “confers mass” on the energy it collects and integrates (all food is compressed sunlight) and dissipates, retaining enough energy to maintain its identity and integrity for 80 years – while every event in its body and brain, from quantum events, to thoughts, to punching the referee, are broadcast into the Aether-Matrix. These broadcasts are as legible and coherent as cell-phone signals, as TV and radio signals, as supernova signals. As they expand as globes from the site of any energetic event, these waves intersect with each other and with existing (older) waves in the universal energy field. These waves enable us to “see” the underlying event, the phenomena that caused the waves – from blazing Suns, quarks or so called single photons – we do not “see” the object, we detect/ receive its signal.

There is nowhere in space-time, in the entire universe, however apparently empty it may be, where we cannot see the entire universe, to the limits of our instruments. In any space sphere, from Planck’s minimum to the Observable Universe, each sphere is filled with a unique, “holographic”, radio-wave, data-dense “picture” of the whole, limited only by the size of sphere compared to the wavelengths observed. These holographs of cross hatched electromagnetic waves, constitute the Aether-Matrix, and, I think, hold the templates that govern and  in-form phenomena. Where the waves intersect, sub-atomic particles are formed; the type of particle we find at any such node depends on the characteristics of the waves. By following the creation by propagation of such particles, we trace a path and "see" a speeding particle - which is in fact a wave front. It is the gaps between waves and thus between nodes, that we define as the black-body quantum leap. 

As the baby broadcasts its presence, its signals in-form and re-form the dynamic, ever evolving Aether-Matrix. These radio forms reach to the limits of the universe and in human terms are eternal and remain legible “until the end of days”.

To complicate our view of the holographic Aether-Matrix and phenomenal universe, the whole is subject to Hubble-Expansion at every scale. If The Standard Model is, more realistically, re-imagined as consisting of broadcast electromagnetic spheres intersecting, instead of as particles, then Einstein’s spooky action at a distance, entangled particles, and our inability to observe without altering the particles, is perhaps explicable as the data-dense waves propagate at light speed and illuminate the intersections (make particles) which we currently interpret as particle paths. Observe (interfere with) any part of the wave-sphere, perhaps just “one-photon” strong, and the entangled particles will instantly change on each side (at any point) of the propagating sphere as we alter the wave form.

If all phenomena are collections of ephemeral nodes of intersecting energy waves, how is a screwdriver constructed and made to retain its hard fixed form, identity and integrity for, say, 10,000 years? Tangible, macro "real" objects, such as ourselves, have inertia (and gravity). They and their constituents resist change, despite inevitably slowly changing moment by moment - inertia resists rapid change. The observable universe resists change; despite constant change the night sky is reliably pretty much the same night after night, millennium after millennium. How pure energy (light) converts to, say, uranium, is THE central mystery for the Standard Model; how is straw spun into gold? Experiment tells us that uranium is made of light - we see it when we blow up the element in atomic bombs. We can disintegrate elements - elements as small as protons, in the LHC, but we are not able to integrate them. My view is that at the base of all sub-atomic particles, maybe quarks or even smaller, are the primary particles "fractals" which are revolving, tornado-like vortices; throughout all space. A primary vortex is formed by Hubble expansion, drawing light into a partially evacuated sphere. The light waves collide, spin and create matter - a vortex of matter is formed by in-falling light maintaining a partial vacuum (gravity) whose spin creates a revolving surface that repels other fractals; between these two forces inertia is created. Thus straw is spun into gold. The fractals spin, align, pull, push, integrate and disintegrate to form, maybe quarks (currently thought to make protons etc). Science proves that protons persist for tens of billions of years - and from them we make screwdrivers; which on human time-scales appear to be solid, unchanging and permanent. But, the (data-dense) energy waves, that make the fractals, are moment by moment re-formed and in-formed by all events in  the universe. We sentient beings are all also re-formed and in-formed moment by moment by these forces. Inertia is subject to evolution and it is in the underlying dynamic energy field (Higgs field?) that we can seek the templates that hold the data to make stuff - such as DNA - that makes the blueprints for babies. 

It seems to me that like my grandson, all phenomena are dissipative systems, absorbing and emitting energy, organized and governed by universal data-dense templates (maybe Higgs Field) which confer mass and persistent identity. These templates are intersecting electromagnetic broadcasting spheres which science can detect. We humans are built from or by these forces, as are sub-atomic and all phenomena. Because we are made from “the stuff of the universe” and are sentient – we have the capacity to eventually understand it.

I think that The Standard Model needs to be considered in the context of  Hubble-expansion, the Lifeforce, the wave formed Aether-Matrix, and babies (who do choose to be born), whose brains, as far as we know, are the most complex entities in the universe.