Friday, 19 September 2014


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Scotland has voted to stay in Great Britain, the United Kingdom. What the 97% voter registration and the huge, unprecedented turnout of previously dispirited, disaffected, cynical, bored old voters and young new voters (16+ years) means for the future of democracy is that Party Politics will rapidly die and be replaced by Referendum Politics, across the world.

People will vote if their votes are translated into action.  We have had it with voting for gangs, liars, cheats & obscurantists in smoke filled rooms. You may like Obamacare but not his policy on Ukraine; so you deserve to vote on each policy. 

Each important issue should be and will be decided by referenda. The Internet has given us the tools for voting. This change will sweep the globe.


Monday, 15 September 2014




The Foodtubes Project Team are presenting and discussing this planet saving project with scientists engineers and students at Imperial College London, at 4 pm to 5 pm on Wednesday 3rd December 2014. Dave Wetzel who was Vice-Chairman of Transport for London will describe the impact on cities and citizens, Noel Hodson will outline the new project as a basis for a new global transport industry and new jobs, and Professor Taylor will respond to technical questions from the audience.

We need all those who are concerned about environmental issues - governments, banks, pipeline companies, freight companies, food companies, civil engineers, architects and concerned citizens etc. to attend and to badge the event, organize a reception at Imperial College after the discussion and help to create a 5 minute video. Event details are on the Imperial website and on Eventbrite.




(NB - I assure you that the planet Earth will be OK. But we might not be).

Disintegration of Larsen B ice shelf. The Larsen B ice shelf began disintegrating around Jan. 31, 2002. The ice was partly on land, sitting on the sea bed, so flotation will raise sea level slightly. It measures 3,250 square kilometres by 200 metres thick - and is one of thousands of carefully observed changes due to global warming.

15 September 2014 - This floating island of ice, which has slipped off the Antarctic continent, is about the size of Rhode Island. It is 200 metres thick and is melting. Most of Antarctica's 14 million sq km LAND area is covered in thick ice - up to 5 km thick in places. It is this land based ice melting at both Poles, on Greenland in the north, that is raising sea level - and that will cause more unpredictable extreme weather and coastal flooding. The US has an area of 9 million sq km. Losing the ice-shelf releases glaciers from inland to flow faster into the sea; a process which has been observed by NASA from satellites and by ground based teams.

Warmer Air Caused Huge Ice Shelf To Collapse Off Antarctica, Scientists Say

The global air and water temperature increase in the last 100 years is on average 0.5 degrees centigrade. The North & South Poles are warming faster than the world average but no scientists will yet predict how quickly the ice is melting. But it is melting - and will cause coastal floods where 5 billion of us have our homes. The other 2 billion will be overwhelmed when the 5 billion migrate. My opinion is that we cannot take the +0.5C back out of the atmosphere and oceans and that the planet has reached a tipping point, but the majority of science hopes that the process can still be halted - or at least slowed - by reducing the amount of global warming gases we humans are pumping into the air. 

Whether or not we can reduce the threat - some immediate Can-Do initiatives will reduce global-warming gases and prepare civilization for rising sea-level. 

1) PIPELINE SUPPLIES - Most major transport hubs are at sea-level - including, counter-intuitively, seaports; which will be submerged. Despite floods we must keep pumping vital Water & sewage, Oil and Gas. 

Fortunately there are today more than 1 million km of large diameter pipelines efficiently transporting these vital commodities across the world, over mountains and underseas. With
Part of Europe's large diameter gas pipeline network.
Over mountains and under seas. Dry goods are next.
intelligent modifications to low lying switching stations, these pipeline-lifelines will continue to function and continue to enable modern civilization. 

FOOD & GOODS - We have conceived, over 7 years, a most efficient way to enable dry goods to be auto-transported as cheaply ($5 per capsule) and effectively as Water, Oil & Gas; in lightweight capsules, through one metre diameter pipelines. 

The new system is called The Foodtubes Project and is being presented at Imperial College London on 3rd December (See notice below). 

Foodtubes has the advantage of being "shovel ready", simple to understand & to install in most countries -  in 100 km self-sustaining, individual, highly profitable loops, with fully automatic routing and it will significantly reduce global warming gases. It uses only 8% of the energy/diesel used by existing systems - and replaces 30% to 50% of freight transport vehicles from our streets, rails, airports and seaports. If your dad is a lorry driver, he won't lose his job. This is evolution, not revolution.

With FOOD, WATER, OIL & GAS supplies being secured via pipelines- humankind can survive and adapt to the coming changes. Can we install even more pipes under London & New York and between cities? Ever wondered what your great-great grandparents thought of the radical plans for the installation of London Underground or the New York Subway? Ever wondered how every home in our great cities is served with fresh water - without millions of water-trucks jamming our streets - and you never see or hear it, the heaviest of all cargoes, being delivered? 

Pipeline transport is 150 years well-proven and is flood-proof. Think of the Channel Tunnel. With modern no-dig civil engineering, pipelines are installed by moles, without digging surface trenches. There is no need for senior public servants to throw up their hands in horror, exclaiming as a lady at the UK's Ministry of Transport did 3 years ago "But its NEW Mr. Hodson - Its NEW! Public servants are overworked and underpaid trying to keep existing transport systems running week by week. New systems need new corporate muscle and resources alongside government support. 


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From Imperial College, London, Centre for Transport Studies, 

Dear Noel,


Thank you very much for your email and for the details. Please find your seminar live on our website and on Eventbrite.

The seminar will last 60 minutes and we will allow 40 minutes for your talk with a question/answer time following. I will send an invitation to our mailing list one week before the seminar. I will also confirm the room of your seminar closer to the event.

We are looking forward to your seminar.

Best regards,



2) Equally useful in addressing both global warming today and preparing the coastal margins for flooding, are the Dutch /Nederlands construction of homes and villages that float when the floods arrive. These are real buildings that exist now. All regions subject to flooding should build them. 

As my Utopian E-novel AD2516 - After Global Warming (see cover in right hand margin of this page) forecasts, such amphibious structures will lead to entire floating oceanic cities being built. The UK and US have world-renowned marine engineering skills that are up to the task. Such cities will be self sustaining and will put Noah's Ark in the shade, like a matchbox next to an aircraft carrier. Boris Johnson's London Estuary Airport plan ought to be for an amphibious airport complex. 

It is time to get on with it in our Can-Do society - regardless of whether the Scots, next week, lamentably, cut themselves adrift from Great Britain and drift away into the North Sea.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


NEWSFLASH - 25 MARCH 2015. Is it immodest or perhaps premature to say "I told you so". Following last week's news of China launching the Asian Infrastructure Bank and the UK clambering on board, which horrified America, and my speculation below that prodding the Russian Bear with pointed sticks could force Russia into new currency alliances - comes this: "The International Monetary Fund recently released the latest numbers for the world economy. And when you measure national economic output in “real” terms of goods and services, China will this year produce $17.6 trillion — compared with $17.4 trillion for the U.S.A. As recently as 2000, we produced nearly three times as much as the Chinese.

2015 is a pivotal year in an epic history making century for the human race. How can I stay around long enough to see what happens next?


What does the future hold for the new cold war between Russia and the West? If the US and EU persist in snapping at Putin's heels with personally irritating, if harmless, "economic sanctions" it risks stimulating Russia to turn to China, India, Africa and South America, perhaps also drawing in The Middle East, to form a new currency bloc. The entirety of what Bank of America, The Bank of England, The Central European Bank, Wall Street and The City do, with millions of employees; the paper we all shuffle so trustingly, could now be duplicated on a few powerful computers, situated anywhere on, or off, the planet.

The Electronic and Advanced Telecommunications Revolution, which we could say started when the average person or business acquired a desk-top PC and Sir Tim Berners-Lee explained the scope of the World Wide Web - say in 1988 - has made it possible to easily replicate the Anglo-Saxon Paper Economy, bookkeeping, at a fraction of current costs. The same functions could be easily automated, with far more efficient, up to date and useful rules and protocols, at about 1,000th of the prices charged by the great lumbering dinosaur of our present global system; evolved over 2,000 years and now engorged and incapacitated by hundred of thousands, if not millions, of work-shy, purblind, self-preening, self-deluding maggots, parasites, leeches and tape-worms.

The Electronic Revolution has also made it possible to replicate any manufacturing process, almost anywhere on the planet, from blue-prints that can be, and are, carried on a few disks or memory sticks across national borders. From primary industries to farming to manufacturing - it is now true to say that we, the human race, "have worked hard to abolish work and we have succeeded". A single combine harvester, some driverless, now do in an afternoon what 200 agricultural laborers used to achieve in a back breaking week. The laborers and their families lived an average 32 years before their bodies gave up the ghost. Cheap mass employment is rapidly disappearing into mankind's past. Slavery is becoming a rare event and distant memory. But the Anglo-Saxon Money Economy remains steeped in quaint 18th Century notions of Law, Land, Labor and Capital. It is blindsided to the societal implications of The Electronic Revolution.


We in The West, the Capitalists, have come to believe our own delusions; we have neglected the realities of raw materials, food acreage, clean and fruitful seas and the long future. We now cleave to usury, numbers printed in bright colors on high quality paper, paper title deeds, numbers momentarily alive on magnetic disks which can be wiped out by a single DELETE key, lunatic micro-second stock & share trading which is divorced from any reality, or indeed from any humans. Above all others, we applaud bankers, lawyers, accountants, CFOs, wheelers, dealers, stock traders, and a host of other clerks who maintain our paper mountains and our delusions that we can batten on other nations by imposing our bookkeeping system, credit cards at 30% per year and siphon out an effortless living from the whole mouth gaping, enraptured world. Will our smoke and mirrors stand close examination?

Could Putin launch a second Reserve Currency and an Eastern Bloc rival to the Almighty Dollar? Should he tremble at our limp handed posturing and our threats to the Russian economy? Are the world's valuable resources accurately reflected by our Anglo-System of Bookkeeping, our Paper Tigers? Do we really own what we we like to imagine we have globally acquired and control? A new system could emerge overnight. Who is the better chess player? Unlike Napoleon and Hitler, should we pause for thought before attacking the Russian Bear?