Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Very Reverend Libby Lane is appointed as the 1st female bishop in Britain. 

17 Dec 2014

Dear Libby,

The good news is you are to be the first ever female Bishop in Britain. The bad news is you have to live in Stockport. 

However, many congratulations at being a symbol of evolution from misogynistic bearded, besandaled,  males only - to including females, who are 80% of the Church of England congregation. It has only taken 500 years since fat, syphilitic, wife-mass-murderer Henry the Eighth founded the church, to this liberal breakthrough. 

Stockport viaduct and Mersey Square.
Oh - Its raining again - what a surprise.
I survived being brought up in Stockport - just survived - so take hope and heart; you will also survive it. 

Live in Heaton Mersey. It is on high ground, with fine trees and views over the Cheshire Plain and it boasts a fresh wind. It is also the closest Stockport comes, a few miles, to the sins and sex pots of Manchester; where wailing despairing souls wait for your prayers, grace and rescue from their damning addictions.  Read Tales from Heaton Moor.

My previous blog articles, for some years past, have called for an end to gender discrimination in world religions. There is much yet to do to inject a little sanity into venerable ancient male habits. Maybe the answer lies in prayer.

Buy a mackintosh. And a brolly. And wellies.

Good luck and have a holy and a happy Christmas.  


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