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Mild Mannered Jeremy Corbyn
30 September 2015.

So far, so good - Jeremy.

With the UK Labour Party Conference behind him, mild mannered Superman, Party Leader, Jeremy Corbyn is frightening the pants off traditional, warring creatures of habit, political journalists, commentators and opponents - who seem incapable of understanding or of believing his message of new, non-combative, non-personal-insult, intelligent-debate politics.  Maybe they'll catch on and catch up in a week or so after they overcome their confusion. In the meantime, Jeremy is carrying all before him. He is changing and redefining the political landscape. Perhaps the rest will have to follow - on both sides of the Atlantic.

To stay "in the frame" and hold the party leadership - and re-shape the next general election, I think that he will have to rise above his ingrained habits to embrace the majority's Love of Country and all the symbols and institutions that go along with it - and he will have to rise to the Defence of the Realm (or US "defense"). I'm a thinking, left-leaning, floating voter who agrees with much of Corbyn's agenda and I look forward to his coming Era of Intelligent Cooperation - but I do not want President Blair or President Cameron to replace HM Queen - and I do want maximum protection against crazed, stone-age, knuckle dragging Jihadists and all other international loonies who would take over our country, before imposing Slavery, Monetarism or Sharia Law and beheading all opponents and sinners.

PS - Like Jeremy, I think that God save the Queen is a pedestrian and crass National Anthem, with clumsy words and an awful tune - and I'm sure the Royal Family must be sick and tired of it and agree with me. It should be replaced by Elgar's  Land of Hope of Glory - Now ! there's a great piece of nationalistic patriotic music we can all belt out with pride and mash the words at full volume.

16 Sept 2015.  Oh Dear ! Oh Dear ! Oh Dear ! If reports that Jeremy won't join his fellow countrymen in singing The National Anthem, at The Battle of Britain memorial day, are accurate - then the old silly-billy goat is finished. I have just written about orphaned Hitler's permanent arrested development aged 14 triggering his fairy-tale belief in Aryan and Teutonic superiority - and his life-long hatred of all non-Germans, all religions, all Royals etc - Jeremy may also be stuck in his own egotistical teenage angst. If so, his 300 or so past rebellions against his own party would simply be an immature reaction against all and any authority. If he can't grow up and take authority, and join the other 63 million Britons who he might lead - he can never be an authority in this nation. Can a sixty-six year old gain self-knowledge and make an instant change deep in his childish psyche, in a week? It is highly unlikely; unless Mild Mannered Jeremy Corbyn really does have an alter-ego matching that of Mild Mannered Bruce Kent - who quick changes into - SUPERMAN ! Of course, today's news reports about Jeremy's petulant querulous behavior  may be false rumors spread by his many, many enemies. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for a month. But the signs are not good. Come on Jeremy, you have inspired the young and the oppressed - don't shoot yourself in both feet - GROW UP !



66 year old Jeremy Corbyn MP, one of the longest serving members of Parliament, today won The Labour Party election to be their new leader; following the ignominious failure and resignation of Ed Miliband in the May 2015 General Election; won by the present Conservative incumbent, Prime Minister David Cameron.

Jeremy Corbyn of Islington London - urban cyclist, bearded, sock and sandal wearing, pacifist, vegetarian, teetotal, lifelong socialist - confounded all political experts and all his colleagues, winning 60% of the votes of the recently doubled Labour Party Membership - now about 500,000 people.

I think he heralds a major watershed in British and US politics (stand up Mr Bernie Sanders), bringing to an end the conspiracy of the screwy free markets and bonkers monetarist economic era, dating from Thatcher and Reagan - whether or not he goes on to win an election and form a government.

MY DIVERGENCE FROM CORBYN'S ALLEGED POLICIES: (1) Defense - I would never want the UK to return to the barmy, purblind, defenseless state we were in as Hitler rose to power and secretly armed Germany. "Chamberlain's 1938 Peace for our Time". Until we have settled, reliable, sane World Government, there will always be another Hitler - another self-professed leader of some maniacal mythical or religious self-defined super-race waiting to rise to power, intent on slaughtering or enslaving all those who don't see "The Truth".  HITLER - MIEN KAMPF - ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

I want Britain, and me, to always have the power to stop marauding, primitive lunatics - such as Islamic State - with overwhelming, modern counter-force. (2) Allies - Our historic alliances exist for very good reasons, which young Mr Corbyn may not know. To ensure our peace and our security we urgently need allies - North America, The Commonwealth, the EU and, again harking back to World War Two I would like to see our old, undefeated ally Russia on our side. We must do all we can to keep NATO strong and to keep an influential position in The European Union. (3) President Blair - We have the most respected head of state in the world - Queen Elizabeth II. We have invested hundreds of years and millions of volts of political thinking power to create our good working relationship between our parliamentary democracy and The Royal Family (our most powerful draw for immense sums of tourist income). Let's not shoot ourselves in both feet, to experiment with some other constitution; if it works don't fix it! Apart from these three points, Mr Corbyn - get on with your agenda.

The huge swell of popular support for Corbyn from disenfranchised young and old alike at last, after 35 long, mean years, gives a voice to the suppressed and long conned ordinary voter, worker and citizen, He has broken the media-money-cartel gag of total silence about the extreme inequality of rewards, capital and hope. He shows that The Emperor Has no Clothes - he has called their bluff.

Corbyn also vows to regularly consult his 500,000 members on policies - now possible due to advances in mass communications. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of gangster politics, insatiable greed and blindfolded electorates - and the start of the beginning of referendum politics.

Stand by for violent reactions from the deeply embedded, seriously wealthy, seriously powerful incumbents and their vast right-bent global media. With about $32 trillion buried in 72 tax-havens around the world - the supposed "legal" owners will die rather than share or pay tax. $32 trillion is enough to pay off every deficit in the world. It is a hell of a lot of hidden treasure.

We are necessarily headed for the era of intelligent-cooperation, Strictly Come Voting and World Government. The youth of the world has at last opened their compliant, somnolent ears, eyes and minds and joined in - and they will sweep us forward to the miracles yet to be wrought by the Electronic Revolution. Mild Mannered Jeremy Corbyn has awakened them - Beware ! don't let him into a quick-change telephone booth.

Dead or Alive Jeremy Corbyn is in the vanguard of and has pointed the way to these historic changes.



Tom Clark is right to tackle the stampeding herd instinct of 55 “mainstream” economists who rail in the FT against Jeremy Corbyn’s ideas on top down or bottom up QE, Quantitative Easing. (Corbynomics feels subversive, but maybe not for long – Guardian 4 Sept 15). The 2008/09 £1.2 trillion crash, £55,000 per UK household, has been falsely and illogically blamed by City and Wall Street PR on poor sub-prime mortgage defaulters, not on rich feckless gambling bankers and illicit back-to-back capital flows to tax-havens (lose it in London – make it in Liechtenstein). Globally, the $32 trillion of illicit frozen tax-haven assets soared in the 2008-10 “collapse” by an immense $3 trillion, forcing austerity on OECD countries and bankrupting Greece. American and European and now Chinese QE policies are necessarily replacing a part of that $3 trillion. The ever growing transactions in the real-economy have to be matched by liquidity in the money-economy. Corbyn is correct; QE now needs to be bottom up - and all tax-haven assets must be repatriated to repair liquidity. Corbynomics QE gets my vote.

(Mr) Noel Hodson
16 Brookside, OXFORD, OX3 7PJ, UK 

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