Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Communist Plot - Bleeding Heart Leftist Liberal Doctors refuse
to work more than 90 hours a week. 

UK Hospital doctors announce more strikes - in April 2016. 

Following fast on the heels of Ivy League UK Chancellor George Osborne's budget campaign to "Kick A Cripple", designed to take £1 Billion from the mobility allowances of cripples - and give it to his pals in the richest sector of society - comes the announcement that UK Government insists on imposing an onerous and unsafe contract to force hospital doctors to work even longer hours, at normal day rates, to meet Tory Party demands for a 24 hour, 7 days a week service, without increased staff. Most doctors already work 90 hours a week, for less pay than a plumber or train driver - and far less than an airline pilot or Member of Parliament. Many services are now running on half-staff. Millions are being squandered on emergency medical temporary staff recruitment, costing 3 times normal salary, to plug gaps. Doctors claim that this under-manning and overworking brings real dangers for patients and medical staff alike.

HM Government has suspended negotiations and talks - presuming that the 30,000 young doctors, with mortgages and families to pay for, will have to cave in - and sign the contract. If not, many Tories will be delighted to invite US Health Insurance giants to step in - at any price - and wreck the NHS.

As America at last embraces a civilized health system (below) - in a nation bamboozled into paying twice the costs of all other OECD nations' health services - UK capitalists are upping their war on our National Health Service - trying to destabilize it, get their sticky fat fingers on the taxpayers £120 billion health budget - and sell the profitable parts off to private interests - leaving an impoverished, under-staffed rump to serve the vast majority of low and middle-earners.

Posh boy, Old Etonian, George Osborne, two days after announcing his Kick a Cripple campaign had to beat a hasty and apologetic retreat - as at last some "compassionate Conservatives" kicked up a major rebellion and kicked his mean, bullying budget into touch. Here's hoping that posh boy, minor aristocrat, Ivy League, Old Etonian, health-minister Hunt will have to back down on his "Work Doctors to Death Decree".

See below what the American system means for ordinary folk - when the insurance industry pulls the "pre-existing condition" scam.


12  January 2016: All the 30,000 hospital doctors in England are on strike today; with the full support of all medical consultants, nurses and medical staff. This unprecedented strike is part of the Conservative Government's plot to disrupt the NHS (national health service), create chaos, break it up and hive off the profitable parts to their City & Wall Street chums in The Free Markets - who will charge double the price and pocket the profits - as happens in the USA.

The partial strike means that about 12% of procedures - emergency and planned - will be delayed until tomorrow.


The supposed crunch point in the breakdown between the Conservatives and the NHS is the insistence of the Secretary of Health, ivy league rich-boy Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, who has made a mess of all his government jobs, that hospital doctors must be on duty for more than their current 90 hours a week   - for far less pay. The doctors are already over-stressed, get little sleep, neglect their families and are paid less than a train driver, or a plumber, and half as much as a Member of Parliament.

Old Etonian & Oxbridge slave-driver Hunt schemes to freeload on the doctors' goodwill towards patients, to whip them into even longer hours, with fewer resources and less salary. The BMA (British Medical Association) says that piling even more work onto the doctors is dangerous for patient care; and the BMA, one of the most conservative organisations in the world, fully backs the doctors. Scotland and Wales have made new agreed contracts with their NHS doctors. Many English doctors are emigrating to Australasia, Canada and America - which suits Hunt's scheme, as the NHS will have to lure in sub-contract temporary medics at ludicrously high Free Market prices - from the private sector.

Why is Hunt attacking the NHS? He is driven by his, and his pals', monetarist and free market ideology. His previous failed attempt to wreck one of the world's greatest public services was as Minister of Kulture - when he attacked the BBC and attempted to sell it off, in bits, to Rupert Murdoch's empire.

(Also today - a singer-actor called David Bowie or Stiggy Stardust died aged 69, occupying about a third of all UK media space; and President Obama will make his last State of the Union speech. Oh... and by the by - North Korea has got nuclear bombs).

23 MARCH 2016 

"Pre-Existing Condition" - Catch-22 that pours billions into US corporate profits.

Today marks the sixth anniversary of President Obama signing the Affordable Care Act into law -- making health care more accessible and affordable than ever before for millions of Americans.

But the GOP has opposed Obamacare since day one, and repealing it remains their top priority. We can't let that happen. Let Republicans know Obamacare is here to stay.

Noel --

Six years ago today, President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law.

For me, it couldn't have been more personal. As a breast cancer survivor, I thought of all the women who would now have the peace of mind of knowing they would be able to afford treatment and wouldn't be turned away down the road for having a pre-existing condition. As a mother, I thought of my children, and breathed a sigh of relief that they could go out into the world without worrying about whether they will be able to get the care they need.

And today, the Affordable Care Act is no longer a law to be debated -- it is woven into our daily lives and how we care for each other as Americans. And even though the GOP is as committed as ever to repealing this law that has helped so many, the cracks in their opposition are starting to show. Not one of the Republican candidates for president has offered any sort of real alternative for Obamacare -- and the American people aren't going to let that slide.

The direction that most Americans want to go is the way that Democrats have taken them. There is no better example of that than the achievement of health care reform.

So to celebrate this anniversary, add your name and commit to continuing this progress by electing Democrats who understand just how important this is:


Thanks for all your help, Noel. We truly wouldn't be here without you.


Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Democratic National Committee