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1953 - Great Britain
The Empire on which the Sun never set.
2016 - Isolation & Meltdown
by Mel Cooper 
8 Jul 2016

So here we all are thinking about the events of the past two weeks. 

Conspiracy or Cock-Up? I am beginning to fear the former but still vaguely lean towards the latter because of the stupidity and adolescent emotionalism of the Brexiters and the Remainers both. Either way, it seem to me that it means UK meltdown. It will get worse unless someone actually manages to shock people into stopping and taking a deep breath and doing some serious thinking. 

Also into realising that if you make a mistake you should not just carry on as if you were on an unstoppable express train, but do something to rectify it, pull the emergency brake.

Jeremy Corbyn feels to me as if he wants total meltdown followed by The People’s Soviet Republic of Britain, with the smug middle classes worked to death in the Nantwich salt-mines. I see no evidence that he wants to confront anything about the current situation, only tell people how clever he was to oppose the war in 2003. Oh, and that we should all join the CND and fight for unilateral nuclear disarmament in the UK. I get the impression that he has his own sense of priorities and that they stopped evolving around 1972.

David Cameron has his nice offshore money to fall back on anyway and is damned if he will address the nation now any more than he really did during his campaign. His party, especially his back bench, is just as blinkered, tribal and self-righteous as the Labour Party.

Boris Johnson is, I suspect, wishing he had taken the offer to join REMAIN and then get a cabinet post from David when they won instead of gambling on the British public to make it a close call but for REMAIN so that he would be in a position to take over from David in 2 or 3 years. But of course, if he had done that, both George Osborne and even Michael Gove might have been in place to stop him. So he chose Brexit. And did he mean a word of it?

So what caused all this and why don't we take a deep breath and stop it? Well, there is one glaring reason at least. As many people have been crying out for years, but not articulately or loudly enough, we should have redistributed the immense increase in wealth since 1980. The very rich, including Rupert the Murd-doch, a Mr Murdstone in David Copperfield if ever their was one, should have realised that there needed to be some compromise and humane help for the rest of us, instead of behaving like the wicked aristocrats in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. Suddenly Dickens appears to be less of a sour, dark satirist in that book and others than he is a prescient realist! 

So where are we? 

Iain Duncan-Smith’s Kick-A-Bankrupt-Cripple-Campaign is what we have all actually done or acceded to. We are truly all to blame. The bad things take over when the good people do not act to stop it. 

If you look carefully and think of the EU attempts to stop tax evasion and redistribute a fraction of the new wealth, the top VIP LEAVERS are desperately back-pedalling away from rapidly emerging EU (and UN  and OECD) laws against their offshore tax-evasion where they have hidden about £2 trillion in untaxed UK assets. (£2,000,000,000,000 = 8 million good jobs for ten years). It suits these super-rich to turn the UK into a banana-republic tax haven – like Greece. One begins to suspect their mindset is also that there is little point in being a WINNER unless you can lord it over millions of impoverished LOSERS. Furthermore, I think they believe that God told them that if they left the EU they would also probably get their Empire back.

The EU has been working slowly and carefully as well as painfully towards equalising wages and incomes across the 28 Member States – and in the long term to follow that with equal wages globally. None of this attempt to right things has been imposed upon the UK; we have, in fact, been in the forefront of getting these laws through the EU parliament and then debating and accepting them in the UK. The idea that we are living under a bunch of EU laws that are imposed upon us is total crap and a lie. As is much of what the Brexiters were saying. But the completely incoherent Brexit position had to have something behind their ranting, and I think this is it. This  inevitable-levelling of the mood and movements within the EU has led to a Europe wide reaction that is unanalysed and unthinking, the belief among the Le Pens of this world being that the cardinal sin of “socialism” is taking over, and this upsets all of us who feel superior to 3rdworld countries – compared to whom we are all “super-rich”. This very long term (100 years?) and quite complex programme needs to be managed, not left to “The Free Markets” and corrupt officials. The EU also needs rules and co-operative action to alleviate regional over-crowding, such as 427 people per sq km around London. 

There are many, many problems in the UK that can only be sorted out by co-operation with the other 27 countries now left in the EU. And then there is the whole question of access to the unified, EU market, the need for co-operation to stop the pollution of our atmosphere, the needs of genuine refugees who are looking to Europe for aid. Not to mention how the EU is reacting to having been betrayed by an ally that had the reputation of being tolerant and morally correct. David Cameron, over a referendum that did not need to happen at all, has thrown away not just the reputation and economy of this country, but its future, and the future of people under the age of about 40. For what? And of course, the Brexiteers are gloating. They have won. And there seems to be no one, especially not in the official Opposition, willing to sound the alarm or try to stop them. 

Need you ask ever again how someone like Hitler, Franco or Mussolini took power and kept it with the full support of the entranced mobs, and probably not even a majority?

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LIAR Farage spreading race-hate - Recruiting uninformed simple voters by
fraudulently lying that Syrian war refugees are part of  Europe's free movement of jobs.
The queue of Syrians were in fact going to a Middle-East refugee camp - nowhere near Europe.
5 July 2016.

In ten days since the 23 June vote, the main LEAVE  engineers and campaigners Cameron, Johnson, Farage  have all resigned and fled, having sabotaged the UK.  Except of course Labour leader, sly Jeremy Corbyn, a LEAVER who pretends to be a REMAINER who is intent on wrecking the Labour Party beyond repair, before he quits the scene. Et Tu Gove is sneaking round the back door - hoping to be Prime Minister; where will he hide, when this little backstabber loses?

Their sponsors, acolytes and co-conspirators are now desperately slamming the stable door to prevent the bolting horse getting back into its stable. They are spending fortunes to force all UK media to promulgate the lie that "It is now inevitable. There is no way back. We all have to live with it. The People have spoken".

But the narrow 4% margin for LEAVE, being mostly people who only "read" Page 3 in the Sun and don't even know where Europe is, never mind understand the thousands of intricate interlocking issues which need to be considered, is basically fraudulent - making the referendum null & void. All major companies, by law for good reasons, to make such fundamental changes must have 75% of shareholders' votes. It is idiotic to presume a 4% margin is sufficient to trigger exiting the EU after 47 years of careful, entwined and embedded agreements.

Fraud is illegal. Lying for gain is illegal. The Fraudsters and Liars must be held to account, otherwise society will splinter and crime will be the norm. These are the lies that simple folk believed:

LIE NUMBER ONE: The EU is to blame for all migrants into the UK, whether they are from Europe, or Syria and The Middle East, from Africa, The Far East, South America, Australia, the USA, Canada or anywhere. LEAVERS stirred up race-hate with this horrid racial lie, typified by their hateful BREAKING POINT poster, which was the main message of their fraudulent campaign.

LIE NUMBER TWO: The EU is to blame for the Tory policy of austerity, crushing the poor. The LEAVERS implied to the simple folk that all their woes - unemployment, reduced wages, lack of houses, slashed benefits, zero-hours contracts, Duncan-Smiths' Kick-A-Cripple campaign, sink-estates, and general misery - is all the fault of the EU. The simple people swallowed the poisonous lie and, thinking they were voting to unseat Cameron and his Bullingdon Club bully boys, they voted LEAVE.

LIE NUMBER THREE: That LEAVE will not ruin the UK economy. That the 20 or so world expert organisations who warned about the bad economic consequences are idiots - and only the infallible Michael Gove knows the reality that BREXIT will make us wealthier. This was a deliberate deception, by leaders who know better. The simple folk believed the lie - and voted accordingly. The facts, ten days later, is that the UK economy has already lost $1 trillion, Sterling is F*****d, house building is frozen, bank shares are decimated, and self-serving political idiots are jockeying to run or ruin the nation's finances. The REMAIN campaign told the economic truth - the LEAVERS repeatedly lied; this was and is fraudulent; making the referendum result, based on lies, null and void.

LIE NUMBER FOUR: The LEAVE camp are urgently broadcasting the lie that the referendum result is final and does not need to be ratified by Parliament. They are denying our democratic parliamentary and Court system. The fact is that the referendum has no legal force until it is voted on by Parliament. The UK made an Act of Parliament to join the EU and it must make an Act of Parliament to quit the UK. This is another fraud being foisted on the simple people by massive PR and advertising funds. The tax-evaders, Non-Doms, offshore companies, offshore media owners, and international super-rich criminals would rather trigger World War Three than risk interference by those bright people in Europe.

"UK.Gov" - whoever they are at present - is saying this is the biggest referendum ever and The Will of The People is Sacrosanct - they are suppressing the biggest ever Petition to recognize the illegality of the vote, with so far 4.2 million signatures - and are suppressing talk of the fraudulent disinformation by the LEAVE team. "They" clearly like fraudulent lies as a basis for UK policy. "They" will have to be removed from office.

London lawyers Mishcon de Reya have been hired by major UK businesses to try to ensure that the desperate LEAVERS cannot circumvent or short-circuit the UK's proper legal processes. Mishcon de Reya have applied for Judicial Review of our laws. The LEAVERS have committed enough fraud to see them all in prison - we must not now allow them to bluster and bully the nation into panicking through the exit.
Hitler clawed his way into power by inflaming the mob to hate foreigners and vote for him in referendums; since when Germany banned them. Cameron's referendum was either extremely stupidly arranged, or deliberately fixed - was it Conspiracy or Cock-Up?

THE PEOPLE - GLOBAL-POLITICAL EXPERTS. If this 4% majority is valid on such a complex question as the EU - The People will next be asked to vote on Atomic Fusion Power, Fermat's Last Theorem, Metallurgy for Airplanes, safe parts per million of CO2 in the air and when to instruct the Saturn rocket to fire its engines. Or should we just ask Mr Gove the Infallible?


Monday, 4 July 2016

Shakespeare Lives!: Brexit, Regrexit!

Mel Cooper
5 July 2016 

Forget the West End and regional theatre; forget the RSC and National. The UK at the moment is offering the greatest show on earth on its TV news channels and serious radio, 18 hours a day, developing with real style, gusto and endless twists of plot. It is called the Brexit Play. It features major and minor politicians (some of whom are becoming stars, and others who were stars ) who look as if they are about to burn out.  Some people, like Tim Farron (who runs the Liberal Democrats all eight of them that made it into Parliament in the last election) is trying to start a contemporary play to compete, which I call: Regrexit. If he succeeds, we will also see the annoyed 48% of the country's voters (Remain!) trying to reverse the decision of the 52% (Leave!) the EU.

I could write an essay on just how bad it is for the arts, and for entertainment,
too, but you can probably figure it out for yourself; the whole issue has become  the world's arts and entertainment itself  at the moment.

Recently, TV pundits were comparing Michael Gove to Macbeth, Mrs. Gove to Lady Macbeth (without the laughs), and Boris Johnson to Duncan. Julius Caesar seems to be playing itself out on TV screens as well: with some people appealing to the mobs to crown their Caesar, and others crying to the Brexit voters: “You blocks, you stones, you worse-than-senseless things. Knew you not Pompey?”

Mind you, we are not entirely certain who this Pompey character is at the moment. It sure ain’t Jeremy Corbyn (the Labour Party opposition leader), with his lean shanks and slippered pantaloons, still at this writing refusing to leave the stage though “Exit pursued by bear” has been in his script for days. He is also being likened to King John, who provoked his nobles and eventually signed Magna Carta against his will (are you listening, Jeremy?). Frankly, it's hard not to feel that Shakespeare is still living at this hour and somehow foresaw it all.

We had John of Gaunt of Richard II on TV today in the person of Baron Heseltine
(the Conservative who unseated Margaret Thatcher), pleading for this England,
“this royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, this earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, this other Eden, demi-Paradise, this fortress built by Nature for her self”;
and for its prime and moral position in Europe. Daily, as if creating material for new History Plays, or merely echoing them, we have betrayals, and we have evidence of loyalties; we have great shifts of support for one would-be political monarch after another from one moment to the next. And we may just have another female Prime Minister soon, the redoubtable Theresa May (for now, the Conservative Home Secretary), playing, according to her supporters, our very own stable and sane Paulina of The Winter’s Tale.

Of course, the most memorable and powerful speech on behalf of remaining in the EU was made at the 11th hour, and wonderfully, by the actress Sheila Hancock. I do hope it surfaces on the Internet. At the moment, mingy and stingy old ITV is blocking her speech for copyright reasons. Now if only she had said her piece on the BBC! (Which, of course, is under threat from the Conservatives, but that is another story from another place.)

At this moment the beleagured UK is living through what the Chinese call “interesting times”.  No one knows what's going to happen tomorrow. It's a political thriller; it's a political farce; it's also a soap opera and high drama, all at once. Europe is clearly seriously pissed off with the UK, and especially David Cameron, who swore over and over that he could win this. “If you are not 100% certain you can risk it, David, do not do it,” they advised. Years ago, Margaret Thatcher was pressurized into holding a referendum by her Eurosceptics but never would; David Cameron believed he knew better. He was told not to have a Referendum; he went ahead, leading the Remain Campaign, and he did not win. And so his little Conservative Party squabble cost him his job and his legacy and is costing the whole of Europe dearly. We may end up not only with the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, but also the withdrawal of Scotland and Ireland from the UK.  (Shakespeare was no stranger to bad decisions. Poor Brutus thought Cassius was right about how to solve the problem of preserving the Roman republic! And look at the chaos that that provoked!)

These are parlous and chaotic times; and this is (do not think I am exaggerating) the worst Constitutional Crisis in a very long time; some people say since the time of the Civil War and Cromwell. There is also the fear that David Cameron’s ill-considered attempt to bring the UK equivalent of Tea Party Republicans to heel has unleashed xenophobia of a very high order, and also the racism that is escalating daily. Has he put our toes on the first step of the ladder of Fascism? It sounds exaggerated; but people old enough to remember the 1930s are telling me that this is exactly what it felt like when it all began; and that Hitler sounded as plausible and not-so-very-racist as, let us say, Nigel Farage, the leader of the UK Independence Party (England’s new Oswald Moseley?). Mind you, Hitler had plans for genocide and territorial expansion. I suspect that the problem with Farage and his fellow bigoted Brexiters is that they have no plans at all! They just  don't like immigrants or the EU any more than Henry V liked the French or the Yorkists liked the Lancastrians with whom they fought the Wars of the Roses. Never mind that this is no reason to leave it but a reason to reform it; never mind that you are encouraging a country to betray all its friends and neighbours, remove its influence at a crucial time, and diminish its moral standing in the world.

Don’t believe the propaganda. The EU is democratic; the only laws we are living under promulgated by the EU were all debated and voted for in their Parliament where we have MEPs and agreed to adopt in our Parliament. They are only asking for a fair share of “fees” to belong to their club, and the reason the UK was the fifth-largest economy in the world (well, until last week) was precisely because of the growth and development achieved during the past 43 years as a partner of the EU. Basically, as with the crowds being provoked in Julius Caesar, Brexit's rationale was all a lot of demagoguery and downright lies. “Friends, Romans, countrymen: we come to bury the EU, not to praise it!”

There is a mythical £350 million we send to the EU every week that is actually more like £128 million when you consider rebates and so forth. This is our fee for belonging to the EU club; this is our tax. People who are complaining about those who will not pay their fair share of taxes in the UK are also complaining about Britain’s paying its fair share of tax to the EU and choosing to ignore not only the quantifiable benefits but the unquantifiable ones. One example: the UK has a huge lead in and great respect for its scientific research. For every £4 we put into the EU budget, we actually get back £6.5 for projects that also link us to, and are done in co-operation with, other EU countries. All that is about to go. And, for the arts, experimental theatre groups subsidized by the EU; exchanges of artists to work and exhibit their work within EU countries; cross-cultural musical festivals and shows: all that and much, much more is about to go, too.

But why should I bore you with our little troubles when you have an even greater clown to entertain you for months to come in the Presidential race? Perhaps sadly, we have just had our own blonde clown with a comb-over (Boris Johnson) withdraw from the race for Prime Minister. But never fear! He is very ambitious and a talented entertainer. He loves a crowd. You can’t keep such people down. He will probably reappear again in some other role very soon.
Unlike like the Fool in King Lear, who ends up dying for telling the truth, and who disappears halfway through the story.