Thursday, 25 August 2016


So, within a week of EU and UK threats to jail crooked accountants and lawyers, here come the legions who are hell bent on defending the inalienable God Given rights of bent accountants to continue to fiddle the books with "complex" (i.e. fraudulent) transactions. There will be multitudes of these folk rising from the sewers - who are embedded in the political, administrative, justice, business and society systems.

If only, if only, we could all send ourselves invoices, from our offshore companies, made up after the real transactions are known, to wipe out all our taxable income - what a wonderful, fairyland world it would be. If only we could all disguise our incomes, down to zero, with ENRON & Arthur Andersen bookkeeping entries.

Riding to the rescue of Crooks Against Communism - against those evil social forces who want individuals and companies to pay the taxes we all pay, that keep our nations functional for business - comes Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary, waving his mighty cavalry Sword of Truth. 

With tax-unpaid $32 trillion hidden offshore, he will find many allies, from every corrupt corner of the world, to join his gang, "For they are Legion". Jack Lew wrongly states that taxing multinational US companies will take money from US taxpayers' pockets. But, it will not, as all the major companies are holding their massive cash reserves off-shore, legally free from US taxes, until and unless they bring the cash home to invest in the US, and end US austerity.

My letter to The Guardian 31 Aug 2016:
The USA, Ireland, UK and all Crown Territories tax-havens fully support Apple’s divine right to cut its EU tax bills by $13 billion – by sending itself no-fixed-abode cyberspace invoices to wipe out £150 billion of profits (Guardian headline 30 Aug 2016). All our businesses and citizens surely have the same legitimate rights. To ensure a “level-playing-field” and promote “small-government”, I trust you agree that we should all send ourselves fantasy E-invoices to wipe out all taxable income and thus zero our tax-bills.

Noel Hodson - Director
Tax Reconciliations, Oxford UK,
Tel +44 1865 (0)760994 Mobile 07713 681216

Previous article - last week:

And here are today's reports, as the forces of darkness summon their demons, to condemn ordinary people to continued austerity and, in impoverished regions, to collapse into chaos.

US threatens to retaliate over EU crackdown on corporate tax deals
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Trans-Atlantic Spat Looms Over EU Crackdown on Corporate Tax Deals

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6 Apr 2016 - Pfizer's deal with Allergan is the second major deal it has attempted to ... immediate speculation on Wednesday that the US drugs company would turn its ... The US president described global tax avoidance on Tuesday as a ... Shire is now itself in the throes of taking over the Illinois-based .... Eu tax havens.

USA at war with EU: US warns Europe over plan to demand MILLIONS ...

4 hours ago - US warns Europe over $19bn tax crackdown on Apple · / about 3 hours ago. The US has warned it will be forced to retaliate if the European ... with plans to demand billions of euros in unpaid taxes from Apple. ... US companies over tax deals ahead of a ruling on tech giant Apple.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


"Complex Tax Avoidance - Which is of course strictly legal" - Bullshit, it is merely fraudulent, false accounting. For "complex" in accountancy, always read "fraud".

(25 Aug 2016 - What happens next: GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO FIDDLE THE BOOKS )

I think, at this news, 17th August 2016; to my past clients and friends who I have warned to "move your money onshore" I should now be permitted to say "I told you so".



Now we will have to wait to see how the Forces of Evil, selfishness and investor-apathy, armed with $32 trillion of offshore tax-free assets available for bribes at every level, twist these good intentions. If these UK plans go ahead, they will spread to all tax jurisdictions, repatriate the $32 trillion (= 80 million good jobs for 10 years) and kick-start investment into the next phase of human development.

In the news
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Thursday, 11 August 2016


Hinkley Point on Sea
August 2016. - Britain is continuing its decades long debate about paying huge amounts of money for the next 60 years to French and Chinese state owned companies, to build and operate a new nuclear power-station on the coast of Somerset, England. 

UK watchers will recall that two winters ago much of Somerset in the West was underwater from rain floods, which extended across the south to almost reach Heathrow and Gatwick airports in the East.

Climate Change watchers will be aware that due to polar ice meltdown, sea-levels are rising and will rapidly increase the rate of rising. 2016 "will be the hottest year on record"; polar regions are warming more rapidly than all other regions. Ice and permafrost are melting. In northern territories the permafrost is softening and giving up its dead - people and animals - that died of anthrax. Cases have been reported among local inhabitants and herds. 

Successive, half-witted  UK Energy Ministers and their deluded departments are counting the days to when the power will fail and the lights go out. These old fashioned, feeble minded, financially compromised old codgers see only last centuries' sources of driving the electric turbines - with steam, coal, wood, waste, oil, gas, and of course hot and dangerous nuclear fission. They urgently want to keep burning stuff - that heats the atmosphere, pollutes street level air, accelerates global warming and melts the ice-caps. 

Hinkley Point and all seaside installations will sink beneath the waves. Is it blind folly or a suicidal joke against the French and Chinese that the 7th largest economy on Earth is begging foreign nations to buy and own the last few pieces of the UK's energy production and infrastructure (most of it is already owned by other nations)? Will we smirk with snide diplomatic pleasure as Hinkley Point sinks beneath the waves? Or will our children and grandchildren be locked into 60 year agreements to pay out the dividends, irrespective of the useless, drowned plants? After Brexit, the UK will be cut off from or pay huge premiums for pan-European energy supplies,

This immensely stupid idea continues to dominate UK energy strategy despite our island nation having infinite amounts of wind, wave, tidal, ocean-currents, solar, geothermal (from Iceland etc) and hydro power freely available. 

As the recently stirred unthinking, unwashed, illiterate plebeian  mobs maraud across the world, waving 4th Amendment guns, charging over cliffs, into swamps, into wars; urged on by purblind extremist "leaders" and denying all scientific research, logic and solutions - we isolated Brits dither and debate, on our ragged knees with begging bowls extended, to replace our failing energy generators with last century, dangerous technology run by the States of China and France; built on our seashores, which will soon be underwater. 

Dumb - dumber - dumbest. When will the next generation take over from today's blindfolded "Free-Market" clowns?
Where are Britain's Marine Engineers, needed to build floating cities on the North Sea to replace 5 million homes in sea-level London?