Monday, 30 January 2017


Update 12th April - FACT "That nice man Mr Hitler didn't use chemicals to kill his own people" Sean Spicer, Trump's mouthpiece.   "PS - Ooops - Excluding gassing 6 million Jews, of course." 


The USA could have responded in many different ways to Assad's evil chemical weapons attacks on his own people. But, it has taken less than 14 weeks since inauguration for President Donald the Draft Dodger to apply Hitler's tactics and go to war - using missiles against Assad's airforce; ...and threatening to attack North Korea' s nuclear bomb capability. 

Trump's PR machine and fascist KKK apologists immediately roar with triumph that his attack on Assad, a close ally of Russia, is an attack on Putin - which "proves" that Trump is not in Putin's pocket or is the "Kremlin Candidate" subject to blackmail. 

Not true. Fake-News. Horrid. Terrible. I think the attack is a ploy to deflect American prosecutors from investigating the Trump-Putin alliance to warp the election outcome and to mask Russian secret service attacks on Hillary Clinton; which might find Trump & Co. to be guilty of treason. It has done Putin no harm. Was Russia warned in advance? 

Making serial-liar Trump, suffering Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful armed forces in history is a grave mistake. For the world's sake, and for God's sake America, LOCK HIM UP. 


10th January 2017 


Your hero, President Trump, is demented. He is aping Hitler.
  1. Stir the angry neglected mob with false promises
  2. Fail to meet your promises – blame others
  3. Identify persons to hate – Muslims or Jews or Cripples or Women (not Saudis).
  4. Isolate your country, Re-Arm & Start a war
  5. Take Emergency powers as dictator – indulge your evil sexual perversions
  6. Abolish or kill all intellectuals & opposition to your mad ideas
  7. Herd the hated into concentration camps or drive them abroad
  8. Torture dissenters (Or, it’s amazing! Torture their children – Wow! job done!)
  9. Nuke millions of human beings, destroy culture and civilisation
  10. Kill yourself when faced with reality

John, You have assured me many times that despite his vile rhetoric Trump would become benign in power. Do  you now accept that he is demented and will risk WW3 rather than admit he is wrong? He means all the crazy things that he said and is now repeating, without Cabinet or departmental consultation. His (terrified) wife is from a part-Muslim country – is she to be deported? Along with his kids? Drumpf is a German immigrant. Will he deport himself? Congress must arrest him and put him in a secure asylum. He is completely mad. Noel


Answering your points (below) in order:

It’s because I and several million other old (and many major) users strongly and publicly objected that MSoft extended support for XP. They’ve learned that it is better business to be nice to long-term, loyal customers.

Calming down is what Chamberlain did – 50 million died.

My friend Mel hopes Trump can’t be another Hitler because of the USA checks and balances – but all he needs is an Emergency – to take emergency powers. As Hitler did. Today, despite the high-court judgement to admit visa holding visitors – the border guards are complying with Trump’s executive order to ban them. He is head of the armed forces and thugs will follow wherever he leads. The German aristocrats were certain they could control The Little Austrian Corporal, who controlled The Mob; whenever they chose. Hitler murdered many of those aristocrats and became dictator. He was also completely mad. Mobs like mad leaders – they offer certainty and revenge on the old order.

Trump is famously a bully – from childhood. Read his biographies. He is also ill with narcissistic personality disorder. He also brags that when attacked he retaliates with “15 times the force”. He is vengeful and belligerent. He attacks weak and harmless persons, like the disabled journalist he mocked, and like his very sick nephew – who died. In his private and business life he has never met a superior, wealthier opponent. 

As a billionaire playboy he has done whatever he liked, whenever he wanted. He has a gold-plated door, dyed hair, dyed skin and bleached teeth. His NY gangland tactics have worked for him since childhood. This vengeful, mentally fragile, unintelligent, aged quasi-gangster now has the most powerful weapon ever. He is challenging the Chinese, Mexicans and ISIS and probably other nations – Putin will quietly withdraw from association with this madman. When stopped and frustrated Trump's infantile narcissistic rage will be uncontrollable. It is because he is crazy that he is so dangerous. Only Congress can contain his madness. They should do it now, immediately; before Trump triggers a major catastrophe.

Only the Alt-Right and Fake-News sites think (want) the EU will break up. It is the largest, richest trading bloc ever; 60 years established. The Euro has withstood all the speculators who want to crash it. It is the 2nd most powerful and reliable free-market currency in the world. It is America that wants to kill the EU’s influence and return to world dominance. Maybe California should opt out of the American Union.

Trump is not merely “imperfect”. He is a dangerous megalomaniac who lies and shifts his ground half-day by half-day. He needs urgent medical treatment. He should not hold any power.


Now is not the time for appeasement.


From: John 


You are over reacting, remember your reaction when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP. And I am still using it. 

Calm down, Trump does not want war. Trump wants detente. As a business person he knows how expensive wars are and he does not owe the warmongers a war, unlike Hillary who would have taken the USA into a war to repay her backers.  

You have got that part of it upside down. 

If you want to see how EU is falling apart, start doing some research. Google will do it, just type in various things like "death of EU", "EU failing" and use your fertile (over fertile?) imagination to think of other search terms . If you can't find any articles based on the search terms then maybe the EU is OK. 

Trump is not perfect, nobody is, but don't worry about him and the button. 

Actually I think the failure of the EU and its banking system will affect us more than Trump.



Friday, 27 January 2017


Narcissistic personality disorder is one of several types of personality disorders. Personality disorders are conditions in which people have traits that cause them to feel and behave in socially distressing ways, limiting their ability to function in relationships and other areas of their life, such as work or school.
If you have narcissistic personality disorder, you may come across as conceited, boastful or pretentious. You often monopolize conversations. You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. You may feel a sense of entitlement — and when you don't receive special treatment, you may become impatient or angry. You may insist on having "the best" of everything — for instance, the best car, athletic club or medical care.
At the same time, you have trouble handling anything that may be perceived as criticism. You may have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation. To feel better, you may react with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make yourself appear superior. Or you may feel depressed and moody because you fall short of perfection.
Many experts use the criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, to diagnose mental conditions. This manual is also used by insurance companies to reimburse for treatment.
Read More about this mental illness. 


IMMIGRANTS: Trump's ban on Mexicans and Muslims entering or being forced to leave the US could debar his 3rd wife, Melania, who comes from Slovenia, which has an active Islamic community, as do other states on the eastern Adriatic coast bordering Asia. If her passport and visa rights are in question - where does that leave Melania & Donald's children? 

AUTHORISE TORTURE: Trump hasn't forced his demented need for torture through his Cabinet, yet. And he might have difficulty persuading Congress to back the executive order he wants to impose. Most if  not all primitive and savage societies throughout history have used the most terrible tortures to impose their will. Britain and America used to hang or burn "witches" alive; some of Trump's imagined "nasty women" perhaps? 

Recently, Hitler loved to torture, as did Stalin. Many tin-pot dictators who are "friends of the West" still torture their citizens - most notably the Saudi Arabians, who Trump has exempted from his ban on Muslims, despite their Jihadist-suicide destruction of the Twin-Towers. But then, the Saudis are also billionaires; who like to flog people to death - and they have to get their perverted sexual kicks somehow. Maybe they'll invite Trump to watch.


Thursday, 26 January 2017


I have been puzzled for a few years about otherwise intelligent doomsayers predicting and actively promoting the collapse of The European Union (EU) and of the Euro currency. Numbers of pundits have desperately tried to start a run on the Euro. Many millionaires have hacked away, via the media and The Markets, at the cohesion of the 28 Member States, with 550 million people; the biggest, wealthiest, most sophisticated market ever formed. 

There were obvious, high-profile nutters, such as City millionaire, deeply disturbed drunk Nigel Farage - and several obvious hedge-fund gamblers who are shorting (selling in advance) the Euro, who want it to collapse. There are the usual offshore tax-free, non-dom suspects such as The Barclay Twins (Telegraph) and Nazi lover Lord Rothermere (Daily Mail) and soft-porn king Richard Desmond (Daily Express) and of course stateless Murdoch (News Corp, The Times and Sky) - who all have obvious motives for sowing chaos among strong organisations that might one-day tax them. 

Euro could collapse says man tipped to be US EU ambassador | Daily ...
22 hours ago - The euro 'could collapse within 18 months', says the man tipped to ... Trump's ambassador to the EU predicted the euro 'could collapse' ... and attended an interview with the President's team at Trump Tower earlier this month.

And, because of my oldest profession, forty years as a tax-planner and adviser, I supposed that it was the tax-evaders, with $32 trillion stashed away in dodgy tax-havens, who were behind the endlessly tedious and persistent sly gossip and rumours - trying to destabilise the 67 year old cooperative in Europe.

Farage - we now know - has partly succeeded. On his say-so alone (his fascist "party" UKIP has only one MP in Britain), the UK, the world's 7th largest economy and a founder member of the EU, which has forged more than 600 trade-agreements via the EU bureaucrats, is currently going through the pantomime of Brexit. 

This vote by The People was engineered by trust-fund-babe David Cameron - whose inherited wealth is in tax-havens - and who therefore also has a vested interest in small, weak, feeble government - that cannot tax him and his offshore pals. So, the UK is wasting immense resources that should be devoted to doing future business, in tearing up 50 years of treaties and deals - and setting out to remake them all. It has already cost the UK citizens $100 billion - and we are not yet at the Brexit starting gate. It will bankrupt this sad, lonely, ageing can't-do island nation.  

Tax evading is a major motive, a $32 trillion motive, for disempowering and neutralising all governments - but I now realise there is a larger motive. 

Since Trump arose from his Atlantic City graveyard of failed plastic casinos and was anointed POTUS (...Pesident of ...etc ) and started attacking trade deals - it is clear that the only force large enough to reassert sanity on the waves of insanity and lies emanating from The White House, is the European Union. The 550 Million EU citizens can outgun the USA commercially and globally impose sensible trade terms.   

Trump and Farage and co-conspirators are determined to sabotage intelligent cooperation and to destroy all semblance of civilised government. Trump was raised in the world of New York gangsters. Gangsters like chaos and abhor rules. It also suits Putin to weaken the rest of Europe - but he still needs us to buy his gas & oil.

Trump wants freedom from all rules. He was raised as a billionaire spoilt brat and that is how he will stay. He is delivering the unbelievably awful things he said he would - that his apologists hoped "he didn't really mean and will change in office". He meant all those mean and evil things. 

The last strong beacon of ethics, social rules and intelligent power, after Trump destroys America, is the EU. The Rulers of the Universe want to demolish it. If that means war, pestilence and  starvation - what the hell, we'll still be the richest guys on Earth. Europe challenges America's power as the supreme commercial engine. It offers  a sane alternative, with sensible rules, that protects ordinary people. Trump is a symbol of the class of people who believe they are extraordinary and above all rules. So dismantle Europe.  

Wednesday, 25 January 2017


According to The Making of  Donald Trump, by David Cay Johnston, who has followed Trump's career since teenage, Donald J Trump is not the super-intelligent "smart" businessman he claims to be. 

Trump had a huge income from birth as a Trust Fund Babe, an Ivy League upbringing, then inherited a large fortune, mostly rented flats in New York, courtesy of his dad, Fred Trump, and his canny Scottish mother, Mary Anne Mac'Cleod, who was for a time the CEO of the Trump properties. 

Donald's grandfather, also Fred, Drumpf, a German migrant, established the property empire, after World War One, after an up  and down career as a grocery-store-brothel-hotel owner. He amassed enough to set up his son, Fred, as a builder of homes in New York, who expanded rapidly after World War 2  by applying US government grants to building New York apartments, which he retained ownership of and rented out. 


Being landlords in New York, probably made it necessary to do business with the New York Mafia and Union bosses. This became Donald's business background. Donald's lawyer and "mentor" for 20 years was Roy Cohn, chief lawyer to the Mafia.

Donald's induction into the family business was as a rent collector. When his mother and father died he inherited from $100 to $200 million in well established New York housing - a boost to any young entrepreneur. Inflation of 10 times in New York prices, would put him in the billionaire class, $1,000 million, without any effort or risk. Prices have risen from $8 per square foot in 1940 to $1,200 per square foot in 2000 - multiplying New York house values by 150. "Thanks Grandpa, Thanks Mum & Dad. And a big Thanks to the US taxpayer's post war housing grants." 

It is no wonder that brash Donald felt he could take risks that other builders would avoid. Most of Donald's flashy and risky ventures have failed, particularly his casinos and leisure clubs. 

Until he publishes his Tax-Returns and audited accounts - nobody knows how much he has borrowed against his apparently successful Trump hotels. Has he hung onto his inheritance - or is he in hock to the Russian Mafia?

Not paying any tax, ever, is probably not due to  him being "smart" - it is more likely due to him losing millions on property speculations that wise men would avoid. He is probably a dumb-ass, as they say in America; a rich, spoilt, wilful Trust Fund Babe.

Monday, 23 January 2017


Friday 20th January 2017.



“This was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration — period — both in person and around the globe,” Spicer said. And he added a scolding about widespread reports that differ from his evidence-free assessment: “These attempts to lessen the enthusiasm of the inauguration are shameful and wrong.”
1933 - “To all the millions of discontented Hitler in a whirlwind campaign offered what seemed to them, in their misery, some measure of hope. He would make Germany strong again, refuse to pay reparations, repudiate the Versailles Treaty, stamp out corruption, bring the money barons to heel (especially if they were Jews) and see to it that every German had a job and bread.” (n.b. - jobs re-arming for World War 2).

DRUMPFGerman surname Trump is from a Bavarian word for "drum" (Middle High German trumpe).[1] Trump is a contemporary German surname (comparatively rare, with 382 phone book entries as of 2016),

"AWESOME - The largest crowd ever assembled in the history of the entire World. 500 million billion people came to Washington to cheer Trump ascending; a Saint, uplifted on a heavenly beam of light. 
It did NOT rain. We never lie. We issue adjusted alternative realities
1933 - Hitler had lost no time in exploiting the Reichstag fire to the limit.   On the day following the fire, February 28 1933, he prevailed on President Hindenburg to sign a decree “for the Protection of the People and the State” suspending the seven sections of the constitution which guaranteed individual and civil liberties. Described as a “defensive measure against Communist acts of violence endangering the state,” the decree laid down that:      Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications; and warrants for house searchers, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed.   In addition, the decree authorized the Reich government to take over complete power in the federal states when necessary and imposed the death sentence for a number of crimes, including “serious disturbances of the peace” by armed persons.   Thus with one stroke Hitler was able not only to legally gag his opponents and arrest them at his will but, by making the trumped-up Communist threat “official,” as it were, to throw millions of the middle class and the peasantry into a frenzy of fear that unless they voted for National Socialism at the elections a week hence, the Bolsheviks might take over.” 

Friday, 20 January 2017


21 Jan 2017:

Mobsters have taken the White House.

God Help America.

The usual course for failing narcissists is to start a war and take emergency powers.
As the war is lost – narcissists commit suicide rather than face reality.
Trump has the nuclear button. 4 minutes from Armageddon.
Congress must confine their deluded and demented  new leader.

Noel HODSON - Author

20th Jan 17 - Lee – this confirms our previous conversation. Trump has “the button” and can trigger nuclear war in 4 minutes:
FROM the moment Donald Trump is inaugurated on Friday, he will be accompanied constantly by a device that launches nuclear missiles within 4 minutes – widely known as “the button”. Is it safe under his finger?
Many have been worrying about that question ever since Trump first seemed likely to become president. His mercurial nature and contradictory policy statements make him an unpredictable custodian of the US nuclear arsenal.
The stakes are high. “The use of even a single nuclear weapon, anywhere in the world, would be a global humanitarian, environmental and economic disaster,” says Derek Johnson, head of anti-nuclear group Global Zero, for reasons ranging from nuclear winter to a lowered threshold for subsequent nuclear attacks.

Dear Mel et al

20 January 2017 - Today, inauguration day, I feel depressed and tired and unwell.

Do you receive these US briefings from The Center for Public Integrity? I hope these journalists can keep Trump and his assorted Cabinet thugs in check.

Thanks for your passionate essays on the perils of Demented Donald; which I agree with. The parallels with Mein Kampf & 1934 are chilling.

Trump supporters seem determined to not take Trump at his word, but, as in Orwell’s 1984, to believe the opposite, that underneath his hate and warring speeches he is a really nice man. Most “nice” men I know don’t have orgies with Russian prostitutes and piss on hotel beds. Nor do they “grab ‘em by the pussy”. Nor advocate more torture. Nor do they exact revenge at “15 times the hurt” including on terminally sick nephews. Nor do they dodge the Draft, evade taxes, evade creditors, recruit Russian election hackers or data-leakers, support KKK and round up millions of “wet-backs” for concentration camps.

Trump is correct that mob disaffection is due to unprecedented income and wealth gaps – globally. 34 million Americans on Food-Stamps, 20 million still without health-cover despite Obama Care, etc.

Davos refuses to address this possibly revolutionary threat. A handful at Davos growing richer, literally by the second, and refusing to re-invest (e.g. in green-tech, like the Chinese). Money MUST circulate to keep economies healthy. You are right - YES – if the frozen $32 trillion tax-haven-capital-flight (80M good jobs) is reinvested in the countries of origin, with re-distributive taxes, ALL national deficits and most global tensions would dissolve (Piketty). Will Trump re-distribute the wealth? Mrs May and Christine Lagarde are calling, at Davos, today, for such re-distribution. Whistling in the wind?

Brexit – All major UK players will turn to Europe. Influential grinning idiots are bankrupting the UK. Their main personal selfish motive is to escape the tightening EU and USA tax-net. Tax-haven, Low tax and Small government will make us a banana-monarchy, as we try and fail to re-negotiate about 600 trade agreements made over the past 47 years. We will be diminished and side-lined for centuries.

Boyz night-out. I’m up for it. But this morning I  am too gloomy to agree dates or an agenda. If Donald does not trigger WW3 this weekend – let’s pick up the Boyz-nite arrangements on Monday.

In God We Trust (or do we?)


Noel HODSON - Author


From: Center for Public Integrity []
Sent: 19 January 2017 20:05
Subject: Change in administration brings new challenges

New challenges lie ahead.

For journalists, a change in administration presents new challenges.
John DunbarGiven the controversy surrounding the President-elect Donald Trump’s Cabinet nominees, it’s clear that credible investigative reporting will be necessary now more than ever.

Leading up to this week’s inauguration, we tracked the candidates, political committees and nonprofits that made this presidential election the most expensive in history. In late December, we were the first to report that Donald Trump’s sons were behind a nonprofit selling access to the President-elect during inauguration activities in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions. The trumped-up fundraiser with the pending first family imploded.
Earlier in the fall, our Carbon Wars project featured new analysis about America’s super polluters. Where most states have one super polluter, our team identified four in Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana. Since the election in November, climate-change skeptics have mocked respected scientists. Trump transition team members are threatening the landmark Paris climate accord and President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

In addition, a plan to significantly increase the defense budget means that more money will flow to services and contractors that support them. It will be critically important to know who’s getting these contracts and what America is getting in return.

We’ll need to keep up the pace on filing FOIA suits to ensure that the Center remains, according to the FOIA Project, “a notable pioneer in creating and sustaining a new model for the delivery of investigative reporting.” The country, indeed the world, will need the Center’s highly experienced reporters, data journalists, and digital experts.

We look forward to serving democracy by revealing abuses of power, corruption and betrayal of public trust by powerful public and private institutions using the tools of investigative journalism.

Thank you,
John Dunbar, CEO

Friday, 6 January 2017


Huffington Post - Trump accused of bribing or bullying the FBI and the New York Police to attack Hillary and suppress investigation into Trump's treason; "which gave him the election".  

Be very afraid. Trump rises.

13 JANUARY 2017 - Three days after I had comfortably settled into my familiar ranting mode and was sounding off on my diverse topics of maximum irritation that I would correct if I were World Dictator for a year, comes Christopher Steele's report on Russian hacking of the US election and of Trump's bed-wetting problems. 

Mr Steele, 53, is a secret service agent who specialises in Moscow secrets. He was trained and worked for 25 years or so at M.I.6 (British military intelligence) and is highly regarded by US and UK agencies. He was hired in June 2016 by Republicans to investigate Trump. The brief was then passed to the Democrats when the Russian hacking and Hillary's email stories surfaced. I have no more understanding of the technical, computer hacking than does any other 70+ befuddled grandfather, who writes unsubstantiated polemic - then tweets it to the world. However, I can still grasp and evaluate a shockingly good sex scandal - particularly about the elderly, peroxide blond, groper Mr Trump, cavorting with Moscow prostitutes.  


Just one short paragraph of Mr Steele's 35 pages long spy factoids dated 30 December 2016, tells us that in 2013 Trump visited Moscow, hired the Presidential Suite at the Moscow Ritz Carlton, selected the bed that the "hated" Obama's had once slept in, hired prostitutes - and paid them to perform orgiastic perversions with him on that bed, including urinating (golden-showers) on it. The sources for this "intel" are claimed to be the person in Trump Inc who organised the travel - and senior Russian spies, charged with tracking Trump, who visited Moscow several times to discuss business opportunities (and to piss on expensive hotel beds). 

The Presidential Suite was and is known by the global community of spies to be routinely bugged by Russian spies - so recordings probably exist, which leave Trump open to blackmail. Steele assumes that Trump knew the suite was and is bugged - but what is common knowledge to spies might not occur to international, blundering, US billionaires-from-birth. 

The bulk of  Steele's report deals with the hacking allegations - which I leave to the younger digital generation to analyse. I rely on what President Bush Senior said about the Internet in its early days "Forget privacy. Privacy is dead." Trump seems not to have heard or heeded this. Steele, a quiet, anonymous, unknown person until this week, has taken his family into hiding. Sensible and sober experts say that his life is in danger; they put him in the same danger category as triple-agent Litvinenko, poisoned with a radio-active fluid.

My view of Trump's incontinence and perversions is that as a Mafia linked, hotel, casino and club owning billionaire-from-birth, he can indulge in any behaviour he likes - as long as he doesn't piss on my bed. I would not know of Trump, or follow any news of him, or read books about him - if he did not want to rule the world. I happen to live in the world and I don't think he is a fit person to run or even to influence it. 

His greatest fault, in these latest facts from the gangster gutters, is that he got caught - in this case by Russian spies; and is therefore open to blackmail. He cannot keep his mouth or his pants buttoned-up.

Trump is both incompetent and incontinent. Not presidential material. Not to be trusted with the nuclear-button. 

FAVOURITE RANTS - 10 JANUARY 2017 - It is a mad, mad world - multiple madness that most of us could put right over a few pints of beer in the local pub. Here are a few of my favourite rants.

1) Britain serially insulting the European Union and walking away from 47% of our best customers, without the faintest clue of how we will make up the lost trade. EU Quitters denying that the 17% fall in Sterling has any effect on our wealth or import costs in 2017.  10 Jan 2017 - Sterling has dropped another 1% making 18% down. We have a $100 billion deficit on trade, so it (the Brexit chaos) has now cost us $18 billion: so far. It is just the beginning.

2) Britain breaking up the United Kingdom, as Scotland votes to remain in the European Union and the rest of us slump away in a deep sulk.

3) Deranged, demented, blustering, aged, peroxide Donald claiming more understanding of computer hacking than all the US security services. 10 Jan 2017 - Donald has taken to tweeting insults at Meryl Streep. He is crazy - and in 8 days he will have the Nuclear Button. Surely Congress will intervene - NOW!

4) Slippery, dippy, grinning, beer swilling, Fifth Columnist Nigel Farage - still paid $130,000 tax-free by the European Union; employers who he knifed in the back - then mocked.

5) Massive investment into driverless cars, when everyone over 18 can drive quite well. The UK has only 0.009% of car-journey accidents. Computer guided cars will hand computer companies an endless, massive income stream. Wait  for the next fatal accident.

6) Endless persistent calls by very rich politicians for increases in interest rates - to gouge more money from the poor and give it to the rich as risk-free, effort-free, extra income into their tax-haven accounts. 

7) Filthy diesel engine vehicles polluting all our cities and motorways. Hundreds of millions in China and India cannot breathe - and Oxford Street , London is "the most polluted street in the world". Go electric!. 

8) Blinding lights war waged between vehicle makers, dazzling all oncoming drivers - especially in urban areas already fully illuminated by street lights. When urban "dipped headlights" were made law in the 1960's, the lamps had a special low-light and low-beam setting. No driver can see into the black space behind a modern oncoming full-beam vehicle - so cyclists and pedestrians are invisible and vulnerable. 

9) Taxpayers still bailing out failed and continuously failing City and Wall Street banks and firms - whose executives still claw out multiple-millions per year - "rewards" for gambling with and losing Other People's Money. 

10) Green energy programs held back by fossil fuel lobbies. Solar, Wind, Wave, Tidal, Geothermal. China will beat the rest of us as leading manufacturers of alternative energy systems - while Donald passes USA laws for coal-driven-cars. 

That's a start for 2017. I'll be back.