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Dear John,

The Republicans openly vowed for 8 years to stop any Obama policies, regardless of merit – and to reverse them when he retired. It is now the Democrats duty to check Trump’s amateur and sinister team.

It will be a disaster for the world if Trump stays in power. He is following Hitler’s strategy – including re-arming to create employment – regardless of the fiscal deficit. He is tied to the KKK, the NY Mafia and other US and EU Nazis. He is trying to shut down free-speech by attacking the media and is pedalling hate against minorities. His tax budgets are barmy. His isolationism will bust the world system and impoverish us all. He is old, demented and out of his depth. He is so self-deluded that he believes he can move from building tin-pot casinos (that go bust) to wielding high-political executive power – without political experience or understanding. He might have committed treason vis-à-vis his Russian pals. What has happened to the Moscow Hotel bed-wetting orgy scandal? 

All good-men have a duty to depose him – before he does enormous damage. We must hope that he keeps taking his calming medication - as he did yesterday before addressing Congress. 



Subject: RE: The Trump Administration


It will be a disaster for the left, Democrats, if Trump makes a success of his presidency so they are doing everything they can do try to prevent that happening.

Includes left wing news media, quoting other left wing news media.

The Dems should cooperate with the new administration and put America first not themselves first.

The position of Soros funding in all this should be investigated.

It is deliberately divisive for Obama to be going back into politics with a states wide office network which is part Soros funded. Not normal for an ex Pres.

You can see how desperate they are to stop this admin being a success.

At least Trump IS putting America first. People who say he is a liar should reflect on the fact that he is putting his campaign promises into action.

How often does that happen, one commentator said never before.



Subject: FW: Trump Team's Ties To Russia Face Sharper Scrutiny Amid New House Probe And Explosive Report

TO John

TRUE-NEWS : This is what the Huffington Post makes of it. - Noel

3 FEB 2017 - TO John – All bantering aside, your incontinent hero, Mr Trump is this week (6 Feb 17) dismantling the EPA which he sees as shackling industry that will “Make America Great Again”.

The EPA was founded to tackle lead in petrol. Free market Big-Oil industry in 1923 waged a disinformation campaign for 25 years – while people died. “Mad as a Hatter”, Mercury poisoning, and lead poisoning from water pipes, had been known since early Victorian times – but Alt-Truth swept that common-sense knowledge aside. This is the “freedom” that Trump wants to restore. Now that we are told to reject “experts”, only one man, the intergalactic Brexit genius, Michael Gove, can judge the real science behind these events.

"The discovery of the anti-knock effect of tetraethyl lead in gasoline is among the most celebrated achievements of automotive engineering in the 20th century. It is often portrayed as the result of genius, luck and a great deal of hard work. Leaded gasoline allowed an increase in engine power and efficiency by raising fuel anti-knock quality — what is today called the “octane rating” based on iso-octane reference fuel.
The discovery has also been one of the most controversial. The 1970s – 1990s controversy over public health impacts of leaded gasoline is well known, but the 1920s controversy is not. When five men died in a New Jersey refinery in October, 1924, a storm of protest and scientific dispute surrounded General Motors, Standard Oil of New Jersey, and E.I. du Pont de Nemours Corp., the three principal developers of leaded gasoline. G.M. and Standard together had formed the Ethyl Gasoline Corp., and du Pont participated as a one-third owner of G.M. and as the largest tetraethyl lead manufacturer.
The refinery workers went suddenly insane from the cumulative effects of intense exposure to concentrated tetraethyl lead. To some scientists, this indicated a potential public health problem even when the additive was diluted 1000-to-one in gasoline. Experts in lead toxicology, such as Alice Hamilton of Harvard University, and respiratory physiology, such as Yandell Henderson of Yale, insisted that allowing the introduction of lead on a widespread basis would be a catastrophic mistake in public health policy"

1923 Sept - workers started dying in the DuPont TEL works… “sickening deaths and illnesses of hundreds of TEL workers… Gripped by violent bursts of insanity, the afflicted would imagine they were being persecuted by butterflies and other winged insects before expiring, their bodies having turned black and blue.” (Kitman 2000a)

Maybe Trump’s lead based gold-paint on his Trump Tower doors caused his insanity.

And… to return to Mar A Lago where smart Mr Trump has invested $200M – the sea is rising through the porous bedrock. It cannot be stopped by sea-walls. So, much as Tony admires The President’s beachside retreat – do be cautious about buying into that particular American dream. Trump is probably stuck with it – until a major, major sucker turns up. This photo in Fort Lauderdale is now a common occurrence – fun for a day, but what does it do to property values.  Noel

"Florida and the Rising Sea

Note: First published in the Miami Herald

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