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Dear John,

Contrary to your critique (below) of my vision, direction and actions; for 15 years, I have put much positive energy into my green transport projects and my books on global warming-warning and in lobbying UK.Gov to prepare for coastal flooding - particularly by using our very marketable marine-engineering skills to build amphibious cities. If you read AD2516 you will learn of my very positive, economic, practical vision for the future. While you are positively cheering on and wishing for the next Ice-Age, the short term evidence (our lifetime) is that the ice is melting - read the news. …And move to higher ground. Do not sink money into Mar A Lago – the clue is in the name.

See Doggerland a huge marine-engineering green project - which the UK should be leading – but isn’t:

In the meantime selfish shallow monetarism, greed, grasping and aggression will bring chaos – characterised  by the US appointing an elderly obese paranoid sweaty bewigged groping incontinent narcissistic gold-leaf NY mafia-trained vengeful trigger-happy idiot, with the attention span of a gnat, as its president. What a role-model. For whom you ask me to “be grateful”. (I missed out "bullying").

"The Markets" "The City", now migrating from London to Europe thanks to Brexit, will be made redundant by computers. If all the UK can offer is global gambling & usury via bytes & bits of paper - the Russians. Chinese, Indians and Japanese – and the EU’s - computers can do it better - overnight. Wait for the Asian-Rouble-Dollar to emerge. The UK needs real industry; not casinos for blinkered demented soft bellied off-shore early retirees.

Your deep-frozen Trumpland is a most negative not positive future to aim for. My AD2516 Utopia is better than your wished for frozen wastes. Global warming cannot be reversed for the next few hundred or thousand years. Get used to it. And get working to achieve a great future of intelligent co-operation for human-kind. We owe it to our children – and our children’s children; unto the Nth generation.


PS – You at least acknowledge the need for world governance of all vital commodities via “all Western Nations working together”. Good thinking.
Thus endeth my Easter Address.

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EU collapse, reform of monetary system like the Plaza Accord.

All western nations agree to work together inc UK.

That's what will actually happen.

UK will be saved by not being caught in debris of EU.

UK will also be saved by its finance hub being even more important after EU collapse, and the trade arrangements UK makes with rest of world especially Asia, the rising power rather the than EU the fallen power.

This is the future.

Your mental health will be better if you adopt a positive attitude instead of your constant glass half empty rhetoric. That's been proved. People find what they look for in life.

Sp first of all look at all the positives in your life and develop gratitude.

Be grateful every day.

Spend your energy in working out ways you can help your country to succeed and thank your lucky stars you live in a democracy.





> On 17 Apr 2017, at 10:38, Noel Hodson <noel@noelhodson.com> wrote:
> Confirming that 75% are dumb,
> unthinking, unrealistic and uninformed.
> We will be bankrupt by 2027. The City
> will migrate to the EU. All big trading blocs will move round us. -
> Noel

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