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New Scientist 27 May 2017 reports three items which I link together as indicative of more subtle forces being recognised by mainstream conservative science. 

FIRST: "Quantum tests could show if minds are matter - by Anil Ananathaswamy."  This reports on proposals to yet again test "spooky action at a distance" or entanglement, whereby sub-atomic particles that were once together (entangled) then split apart and whizz off to opposite ends of the universe; but mysteriously stay in communication and mirror each other's state - instantaneously, faster than light speed. My outline partial idea is that all energetic events broadcast their presence and behaviour as expanding spheres. The particles are patterns on, and of, the spheres. When one particle is disturbed, the sphere is disturbed, which changes the other particle. I draw a simile from accepted science, being the carrier wave that travels outside a telephone cable, while we suppose that electrical pulses race along inside the cable carrying the "real" signal. Faraday, one of the pioneers of the trans-Atlantic cable signals, realised this reality after other engineers several times tried to boost the signals by increasing the voltage and only succeeded in melting the cable. The mysterious, ephemeral electromagnetic carrier-wave is the reality that accurately transmits the message. The electric current focuses the data. I liken the carrier-wave to the surfaces of the expanding spheres. The author asks if the brain has the quality of "action at a distance"? My guess is that it does, as does the telephone wire. Our thoughts are energetic, coherent events that exist outside of ordinary-conventional-science-space and are broadcast as spheres. 

SECOND: "Electrical tweak lets worm grow two heads - by Jessica Hamzelou." It is relatively "old" conventional science that DNA is in turn organised by electromagnetic forces which link the atoms, that make the molecules and that probably switch on sequences of  allegedly "junk DNA" in Epigenetics. My guess is that there is no "junk" in DNA and that all DNA is potentially useful - with uses built up since the beginning of time - which are triggered by environment factors. We, humans, have the entire history of all of life in our genes. I conjecture that the DNA forming electrical signals exist in The Aether, as stable radio-electromagnetic-data, which is just as robust as signals our telescopes receive from the edges of the observable universe. These signals, these waves and wavicles are in-formed and re-formed by all energetic events - which, as in the paragraph FIRST, above, are broadcast in spheres to the horizon of the observable universe. In turn these patterns, these signals, this robust, legible data, forms our DNA. DNA is now known to change rapidly in response to the environment.

THIRD: "Narwhals may help monitor ice sheet - by Adam Popescu." What strikes me about this report of global meltdown, is the use of transmitters attached to narwhales (whales with a spear for a nose) and the scattering of many floating disposable transmitters, to transmit data to satellites about polar sea temperatures. Science takes for granted that weak, battery powered signals - less than mobile-phone or human-brain signals, are coherently transmitted from the oceans, to space satellites - and back to ground based laboratories for analyses. Considered with the FIRST and SECOND articles above it is astonishing and significant that such broadcasts remain legible, and of course, eventually fill the observable universe as do all broadcasts. An alien civilisation with instruments more sensitive than LIGO (searching for Gravitons - see my GRAVITY theory), could receive and read this data from our oceans. I think that all such broadcasts re-form and in-form the stuff of the universe, the Aether. All things, from galaxies to photons, broadcast their presence and processes - which is how we know they exist. 

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth Horatio..."

These notes link up with my Gravity idea:

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