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Al Capone - Gangster Economies.
9 OCT 2017 - (a conversation; start a the bottom of the page).

Dear John


The EU is not a political union - it is a trading-bloc. It has no powers to intervene in Members' governments. You and all Brexiters would complain bitterly if it did. All 27 EU members have a veto. Over 60 years, we have mutually made the 70,000 items detailed trading agreements that the deeply stupid UK is now abandoning. It will take 20 years and all our bureaucrats' energies to replace them. Twenty years of a paralysed, hamstrung UK.

Greece was/is different because it asked for huge EC grants to save its economy and banks etc. The European Central Bank is still a minor player in world terms.  

Low interest rates are worldwide - remember it started in Japan 30 years ago, when that Yakuza gangster-economy siphoned offshore all Japan's liquidity and then started to borrow it back. Other sociopathic-gangster regions, all hugely enriched by advances in science & technology,  followed suit, siphoning out assets which the gangsters hid in tax-havens. This immense surplus of cash/assets washing round the world, searching for safe havens with guaranteed returns, now means that any such investment offered is swamped with offshore funds - driving down rates. Think what would happen if the UK put its Base Rate up to 7.5%. We would end-up pouring trillions into gangster-tax-haven-deposits, of overseas rogues with London bank-accounts. 

Public Private Partnership loans and Student Loans funding at +6% are examples of dirty-money pouring into Government guaranteed loan-sharking, where billions of criminal funds can be laundered and protected under secret "Commercially Sensitive" contracts.  Southern European countries such as Portugal (once, like Greece, a no-tax gangster-economy) have benefited hugely from EU programmes, to educate, build infrastructure and build industries. I was involved in such programmes 1990-2000 in the EU-UK teams. Brussels does not impose on Europe, but it does. by mutual-agreement, promote stability and long term growth across what were once hundreds of warring primitive gang-territories - run by gangsters such as the Mafia. 

Fascists like Farage want to return to chaotic and cruel gangster-economies. The EU stability policy extends to all its borders - even into North Africa; with mixed results. Mobile phone coverage and controlled low charges is an example of the policy succeeding.

Why doesn’t Farage, and his fellow fascists - promote the break-up of The United States of America? Home Rule for New York City. That would open the door to hundreds of (armed) gangster-local-governments and the rise of new gangster-oligarchs.

Let us pray that it never happens.



Dear Noel,
The power in the EU is Merkel and the ECB and Juncker and the IMF. These 3 rule the roost. Merkel invited the immigrants with no consulting any of the other 27. The consequences ricochet around Europe. The ECB does its own thing and the low / negative interest rate policy has decimated pension funds all over Europe - public and private.

It is totally undemocratic.

The point of Maastricht was ever closer union. That's when Brexit really started. The full outward manifestation came later in 2016 but the move started with Maastricht.

It is not democratic. It puts its Brussels centre above the people. Look at how it has sacrificed the common people of the Southern European countries.

It's policies contain the seeds of its downfall and sooner rather than later.



Dear John,
They have to persuade 28 member states; all who have veto power. Let's stick to what is reality not to what might be in 50 years. The UK is giving up its veto and all influence - it will bankrupt us.
Noel Hodson - Author

Dear Noel -  Not so. The EU wants ever closer union. An EU army. An EU budget. The EEC was based on trading terms but that is a long time ago. Compulsory quotas for immigrants. That's one of the reasons Poland and Hungary are not happy. The EU intent is a European super state. Listen carefully to what they say. - John

Dear John - EC /EU does not govern Member states. It only arranges agreed trading terms. "Loss of Sovereignty" is silly Brexit propaganda for the moronic masses. Defence, Tax, Housing, Pensions, Education, Transport, NHS, Law, Police, Parks &  Grass Cutting ... what parts of our Budget do you think the EU rules? - Noel

Dear Noel,
It was a trading block as the EEC but now it sees itself as the European government. Surely that is self apparently obvious. The EUs only response to any problem is "more EU"  It will do all it can to stop states leaving, read Variofakis for the modus operandi of that one. The time comes when more and more people decide that it is against their interests - and countries leave, or there is civil war to try to stop them leaving.
States coming together and states moving apart is cyclical and we are in the moving apart phase of the cycle now. This applies to the USA as well.  You're right I am anti EU. - John 

Dear John - I thought you wanted to reduce the influence of the EU - not increase it as a political overlord. It is a trading-bloc not the government of Europe. What legal right does it  have to intervene in Catalonia?  Home Rule for Brookside! - Noel

Dear Noel
Regardless of when the ideas and desires for separation started, they are alive now and it is the way that the EU responds to them that will matter.  The EU has failed to condemn the terrible violence inflicted by the Spanish National police last weekend, I think that will rebound and also rebound on the Madrid govt. It's a recipe for civil disorder & maybe civil war.  Business and finance will run away from the EU if this happens, and in fact this has already started. The EU increasingly shows itself by its actions to be anti-business, that will not help the EU to grow and prosper. Without international investment the EU will shrivel.

Dear John 
If the Catalonia struggle started in 1737 - doesn't that predate the EU?
Or, is everything the fault of Angela Merkel? That way madness lies.

From: John
Sent: 06 October 2017 09:41   To: Noel 

Catalonia referendum: Interesting map. Some separatist movements very serious. It's one of the ways the EU breaks up.

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