Friday, 22 September 2017


Mrs Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has just addressed the European Union on BREXIT in a speech in Florence (Firenze) Italy. Her tone was conciliatory. She spoke slowly and loudly enough for even the most un-English alien wog foreigner to hear and understand. Mrs May asked for a two year transition, implementation period, after March 2019; she said NO to the single-market, No to the Customs Union and repeated that the EU needs our trade as much as we need theirs. Political commentators think she wants a Canadian-EU type deal. 

[23 Sept 2017 - "I told you so."  Moodys downgrade UK credit rating. We are failing fast on world markets.]

Nigel Farage MEP, fascist and fanatic Leaver, is outraged. He wants us to leave now, today, because "The People Have Spoken". This beer swilling, cheerful cheeky-chappy, City millionaire has offered no suggestions as to the divorce proceedings or settlement. He wants to sweep aside 60 years of cooperation and carefully negotiated agreements overnight, with a wave of his beer soaked arm. Then, he says, the UK will be free, free, free and will find Happy Valley, Father Christmas and where the little elves and fairies practice their magic and mend our shoes while we sleep.

TV commentators are largely agreed that the EU will not and cannot let the UK quit to enjoy a better business arrangement with the EU than the remaining 27 Member countries (500 million people). If they did that it would lead to the break-up of the European Union - which is of course what Farage and the extreme right want. They want chaos, such as Hitler fomented in his rise to power. They are fascists verging towards Nazism - all of whom pay little or no tax. (Remind you of Donald T?). Farage, the 5th columnist traitor in Brussels, is paid $120,000 a year by the EU - tax free, which he applies to stab the EU repeatedly - to death if he can. 

They are backed by media moguls who are offshore non-dom tax-evaders - who are agitating for Great Britain to become a banana republic tax-haven - even though we have no bananas. These media owners include Lord Rothermere, Daily Mail, fascist supporters in 1938, who claims to be French for tax purposes but pays no tax anywhere; the strange Barclay Twins, The Telegraph, who lurk offshore in a private castle in the Channel Islands and pay no tax; Mr Desmond a past-pornographer who owns the Daily Express; and of course the Australian Mr Murdoch, News International, The Sun, The Times and Sky News etc. who changed his nationality to the US after he had increased his inherited fortune via his infamous UK, Page 3 Tits and Bums assault on Britain in The Sun - Britain's most widely drooled over newspaper. He also pays no tax here. No doubt, the other 130,000 UK owners of British Virgin Island secret companies are all Brexiters as they also back-pedal rapidly from EU laws that would shut the tax-havens and make them pay tax - like the great unwashed ordinary people. 

After Mrs May's overture to the EU, the pound fell - again. Why? What are The infallible Markets seeing?

1) Sterling collapsed 20% after the June 2016 vote to leave. The vote was 52% to 48%, mostly won by the neglected underemployed, underpaid, underclass who have been oppressed by the super-rich tax-evaders since Thatcher's Big-Bang in 1983. 34 years is a long time to wait for a job or a living-wage. Devaluation now costs us $19 billion a year - every year - because we have a $150 billion import/export deficit. UK living costs are rising fast.

2) All respected business and finance organisations do not want Brexit. They are unanimous that it will greatly harm our exports and push up the costs of imports and block good employees from the EU. There are NO trade agreements even drafted, never mind agreed, to replace our EU arrangements. Our "friends" overseas, such as America, will make polite noises before circumventing us and dealing with the EU - the largest and richest trading bloc ever seen.  We are quitting our pivotal role in its affairs. Crazy or what?

3) The City of London has to keep its Passporting Rights to trade in Europe. It will lose such rights. It is a sitting duck that Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the other EU members are rapidly picking off - one by one. The City will be ruined after hundreds of years of being a world leading financial centre. 

4) Large parts of the UK where people have been taught to read, write and count voted overwhelmingly to Remain in Europe. Scotland will probably quit the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland will probably join Southern Ireland as an EU member. London is 70% Remain. Can London leave the UK and join the EU? All our political parties are split and hamstrung.

5) Civil servants - public servants - estimate that there are from 7,000 to 70,000 major and minor agreements in place with the EU that will have to be re-negotiated, first with the EU then with the world. The task stops Britain from tackling any other business. We are frozen to the spot. Our political negotiators are in chaos. The UK is on hold for many, many years before we can attend to any new business. The list of 60 years of long hard fought for agreements is endless. Here are some of the issues:

1) Fishing rights
2) Agriculture and approved food sales
3) City Passporting Rights
4) Manufacturing specifications on millions of components
5) Transborder security, defence, terrorism
6) UK residents living in the EU and vice-versa
7) Travel documents - visitors
8) Interpol
9) Drugs and Medicines - transborder health-insurance
10) Tens of thousands of approved chemicals
11) Tariffs
12) Telecoms
13) Energy import and export
 etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. 

6) Other nations will not be able to conclude agreements with us until our position with the EU is clear. We are well and  truly f****d. 

[STOP PRESS: 28th September 2017 - America First - Sod BREXIT.
The U.S. Department of Commerce has clobbered aerospace giant Bombardier with a hefty 220 per cent duty on the sale of its CS100 commercial jets to a U.S. airline following a trade complaint from an American rival.
The department ruled that Bombardier benefited from improper government subsidies, a finding that deals a blow to the Montreal-based company.]

...And a portend, under repair, Big Ben has stopped ticking and sounding its bells - for several years; perhaps forever.

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